Sunday, May 1, 2011


We are also going to talk about these Fake "slip ups" where the reporters say "Obama" instead of "Osama bin Laden is dead".  Straight up Mind Control Bullshiot!!!

Wow!  Don't Fucc With Obama!  I guess he is UNTOUCHABLE!  People who try to throw dirt on Baracka Flacka come up missing or in Trump's case humiliated and investigated for tax fraud, lol!

Thats wassup tho, it's ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!  That's the Order of the Day.

Hilarious: Obama & Seth Meyers From SNL Destroying Donald Trump With Jokes About His Birth Certificate While Hes In Attendance Watching! (Trump Looking Serious)

Go to the Bottom to get a quick breakdown on what is really going on!

Barackaveli just Hit em up!

Baracka Flacka Flames

Here is what is happening on Two Levels.
There is a small network of multinational corporations representing the interest of several families who have been hoarding the wealth of the world to themselves for years.  These people understand that their TIME IS UP!  They have been able to make contact with multi dimensional beings who have been advising them on strategies for survival.  These beings are above and beyond their petty worries so any advice they receive or have received from them can be considered questionable at best.

They are so desperate to hold onto power that they have they have followed the advice (received from mulit dimensionals) to place a Black Family in the White House before THE SHIFT (check this out as well).
  These wealth hoarders understand that the Indigenous People of the Planet Earth are Awakening from their slumber and taking back the wheel.  They have been tricked into believing that they can somehow live through Obama and still maintain some form of Rule over the People of the Planet Earth.  (This won't work ultimately, as even Obama and Michelle are undergoing DNA transformations that will not allow them to carry out the plans of the wicked wealth hoarders)

Now that I have explained that it should make sense as to why the wealth hoarders desperately need to protect Obama.  They are desperate and running out of choices.

This is why all the conspiracy theories we hear about have not happened and are not going to happen!
We are constantly shown FEMA camps, body bags, plans of horrible death, destruction and all types of other horrible plans to hurt the people.

Too Little Too Late!

Anyone who has dirt on Obama has either conveniently come up missing or murdered, FLAT OUT!
I'll list some examples...

I advise CAUTION.  I know a lot of black folks tend to get real sensitive when it comes to Obama.  None of this stuff phases me.  I know this is what it takes to be President of the grimiest, most Powerful Nation on Earth...Modern Day Babylon!  All of the Presidents have these skeletons in their closet.  They have gay relations, a trail of bodies surrounding them, drug use, orgies, and a whole bunch of despicable shit that they can never let get out into the public.  Trying to be apart of high society circles is like joining Crips, Gangsta Disciple or some other gang.  They make initiates commit a crime before they can join.  This way everyone in the gang has dirt on them and it is meant to foster some sort of loyalty to keep people from snitching on each other.  So to be President of America you have to do some dirt, plain and simple.

Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up

Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club


What just happened to Trump was a Social Execution!  People do not talk like that to Trump!  He has wealth and according to him, assets in excess of a billion dollars.  Anyone who has seen the show The Apprentice knows that Trump like to show himself as a Shot Caller.  He does not like to appear weak or foolish (funny, considering his ridiculous hair piece).  In the video he was looking serious and caught off guard.  Then to make matters worse he got roasted in front of his colleagues, all the big shots who were invited to the White House dinner.

Here is an account from New York Magazine:
He admitted that he had not expected to be attacked in such an unrelenting manner.
"Well, I really understood what I was getting into -- I didn't know that I'd be virtually the sole focus," Trump said, adding, "I had no idea it would be to that extent, where you know, it was just joke after joke after joke. It was almost like, is there anyone else they could talk about?"

All of Obama's Jewish friends seem to be getting in on the action as well.  Comedian Seth Meyers joined him in the roast.  The list goes on:
  • David Letterman joined the anti-Trump group recently.  He even called Trump's actions racist.  "It's all fun, it's all a circus, it's all a rodeo, until it starts to smack of racism. And then it's no longer fun." Letterman
  • Bob Schieffer, host of CBS' Face The Nation He implied Trump's a racist for insinuating that Obama may not have had the grades to get into Harvard.
  • Jerry Seinfeld had some jokes about Trump a few days ago.
I could go on and on about this BUT I WON'T!

That's what happens when you go after the Anointed One, OBAMA!  Barrack is their Trump Card!
So the people who are "In The Know", are Pro Obama!  That doesn't mean they love Black People it just means that they know better than to try to go Against The Universe.  A few white people in positions of power are aware of this and they are trying to align with the coming SHIFT.

All of the white people against Obama represent the ignorant amongst their people.  The do not have a deep enough understanding of the Occult to know WHAT TIME IT IS.  They are fighting against the inevitable because they do not want to lose their grip on power and world domination.

It's like this.  Picture an ant colony.  They dig tunnels, build an ant hill and have a whole ant society going on.  They have food and all the items they need.  The ant feel like they are running things.  The thing is they live in an ant farm.  One day the owner, a kid, decides just to leave the ant farm under a UV lamp and watch them die. 

That is kind of like the position these guys are in.  Don't feel sorry for them.  Their world is coming to an End and they know it!  The ones who are smart are trying to align with the order of the universe (All Black Everything) and the stupid ones are scared to see the Original People taking over.  They are simple minded and caught up in their hatred and fear of a Black Planet.  They can't get past their anger over having a Black President.  This is why they will keep fighting against the inevitable until they take their last breaths.

UPDATE!!!  1st OFF...WE Wouldn't even know about these so-called "mistakes" if it wasn't for the internet and the people we talk to online.  SERIOUSLY.  This stuff gets no air play where we live in the Southern Hemisphere.  Just letting you know how it is in other Parts of the World.

Just saw several news clips with people (including Geraldo Rivera saying that Obama is dead).  It's like the announcement that Osama bin Laden was killed has been used as an opportunity to try to subconsciously implant in everyone's mind that Obama is in trouble.  Not gonna happen!  Obama has too much energy going with him.

This is ridiculous!

As explained earlier, the people who do not understand WHAT TIME IT IS are trying hard to fight against the new reality.  They will keep fighting until their death.  All white people do not get along or agree with the racists who want to keep everyone in the world under the false doctrine of white supremacy.  There are two major factions fighting amongst each other right now within the networks that control global resources.  The enlightened who have a good enough understanding of the inevitability of the Original People rising up and the ignorant who want to hold onto their false grip on power.  Some people accept their fate while others live in denial.  Many people fear death, but a much smaller amount of people do not harbor this fear.

Okay MAYBE if ONE PERSON made the mistake but the way this is being done, they are trying to make sure everyone in the USA hears this "slip up".  This is mind programming.  Once you hear it, if you are not aware of the BULLSHIT that is being attempted, it just goes directly into your consciousness and your mind makes it Become REality!  It is Important that we Call out This Crap and Break it all down!

The people who are scared of US Original People Rising Up are Extremely Desperate Right Now!  Their Backs are Against The Wall!

Now on to LEVEL TWO
All of the things happening have symbolic meanings.  These events are being played out on a worldwide scale.  This stuff is deep.  On one hand you have a African American family in the White House.  They are Moors.  This is why no matter what Barrack Obama says or does he is always being accused of being a Muslim!  No matter how many times he says he is a Christian they are accusing him of secretly being a Moor!  Just like what took place in لأندلسAl-Andalus with the Expulsion of the Moors from Europe.

Everything is coming full circle.  He is being accused of not being a US citizen.  Anyone who is paying attention to what is going on with the modern day Moors in America would know that this is no coincidence.  Just listen to the Liberator Speaks on BlogTalk Radio (a whole bunch of other shows too) and you'll understand.  The Moors in America have been saying they are not US citizens for a long time now.  Matter of fact a lot of Moors have or are renouncing their citizenship right now.

In the latest issue of Action Comics










Superman renounces U.S. citizenship  Superman is kinda like Obama too, lol.  He is their last hope. You know it's bad when Superman is giving up, lol.

Superman's name is Ka-El.  I think that can translate into Word of God from Hebrew.  Anyway, he's from the House of El, which means he is a Moor and he just renounced his U.S. citizenship.  Everyone is not aware of the Moors and what is going on within that community so this is how OUR STORY is played out on a Grand Scale for the entire planet.  Obama can't dodge the Muslim charges or whether or not he has a US birth certificate.

So back to the point I was getting at.  Everything is being played out in front of us.  Most people are unwitting participants.  There are InterGalactic Hands Pulling the Puppet Strings helping all of this to take place.  Everyone, including the "illuminati" are under their control.  Ultimately they are under OUR control because We, as the Original, Sentient Beings of This Planet Are Connected to Our Galactic and Ultra Dimensional Selves.  There are some MAJOR CHANGES that Have to Take Place NO MATTER WHAT!  This Thing is's InterGalactic, InterDimensional!  The time is now and WE play a Major Part in it all!

Bear with me if this post jumps around .  It's not easy for me to write this (b/c I have a life outside of the internet).  Right now I am holding a baby for example.  I keep having to leave and try to come back and remember where my train of thought was at where I left off.  No Excuses though, it is what it is!  Hope you see where I am coming from.

THIS IS WHAT TIME IT IS!  The wheels are set in motion.  Right now we are reaching the peak of the roller coaster ride at your favorite amusement park.  There is No Turning Back now!  It's too late.  This is the Point of No Return!

Have No Fear!

Check Out These Videos Below To Get a Better Understanding of What is Really Going On!

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  1. nice to see the Barack Flacka Flame reference. I been feelin' the energy of that for sometime. Still play "head of the state" erry now an again...!

  2. How are you two doing there? Are there in African American villages there? How about in the surrounding countries? Do you plan on forming a sustainable living village?

  3. Peace,
    There aren't any AA communities here that I know of, but there are plenty of African Americans who live down here. I don't know about the surrounding countries though. There are large Expat communities in Mexico and Belize but they are mostly white Americans.

    That is something that I would like to help organize, if not an actual village, at least a network so that we know who else is living down here and we can all keep in touch and work with each other.

    We are planning on forming a sustainable home for ourselves and our family. Anyone who is on this same wavelength is definitely free to link up with us and build as well!

  4. I am very interested in sustainable living with the ultimate goal of getting away from capitalism. I believe a sustainable village would be better also have a relative who would like to join in. It is of course necessary to organize (land, what to build with, gather resources). It would be great if you knew some people already there who could contribute. Also thinking about Guyana. What do you think of this country? Suriname also.

  5. I am throwing ideas around with diff people but as of yet no definite plans on the table. Guyana seems cool, we know people from there and they speak English. However the infrastructure is even farther behind than Brazil's and at best 60-70 years behind the USA. I have never been there or to Suriname tho. If you want more info on Brazil tho, check out my other site

  6. Extremely low cost housing ideas.These range from $1500 to $3000 to $5000 (plus price of solar panels, cement foundation, etc..) Just need some land and time to put in the labor. There are alternative to underground plumbing. A lot of do-it-yourself however very inexpensive.

  7. Really like this idea also.

  8. We need to have a Serious discussion with others who are interested in going in this direction. I heard there are some people in North Carolina with a decent amount of land who are open to building with other like minds.

    We need to call a Round Table Conference for real and not just for show.

  9. No press, no lecturers, just getting down to business with the other serious minded people.

  10. North Carolina or South Carolina? And are you talking about moving back to the United States or people looking to move to South America? I've ran into a bunch of dead ends here or places trying to start something however no ones ready to do anything / you'll be one of two out there. The United States is turning into a police state and organized stalking/gang stalking (google it) is terrible here now. Like right now, I have low lifes watching what I'm doing on my computer and no one's doing anything about it but encouraging it. This is Babylon/Sodom/Gomorrah (as the Bible described the cities, I'm somewhat Gnostic) and they're giving any low life power over decent good people as long as they're willing to do their dirty work and evidently there is plenty of dirty work to be had.

  11. **I know there's not much they can do about computer hackers however they're letting everyday civilians thoroughly invade people's privacy breaking privacy laws left and right and it is being encouraged by the people who should be stopping it.

  12. Peace I was talking about a group of Moors in North Carolina with land who are building a self sustainable community. Personally I am not limited to one place. I can be in South America or North America easily.

    That isn't everyone's reality though, so I put the info out there so those who are interested can look it up. There is no one solution for us all! Seriously everyone needs to do whatever works for them. We all have diff situations.

  13. This is my 1st time hearing about gang stalking. I'm not saying it isn't real but I wouldn't put to much focus towards it. If you are worried about it you will draw that experience to you.

    With all the problems the gov't is having how can they have the resources to hire people to start messing around with millions of regular people's lives? It sounds like paranoia and I wouldn't feed into it. We have much greater things to focus on. The USA has BEEN a police state as far as MY PEOPLE are concerned for AT LEAST 150 years! Maybe longer!

    This is nothing new for me. Only difference now is that the problems are trickling into Middle America. In other words, white folks. We aren't scared!

  14. We EAT problems like this and come out stronger...
    yelling "NEXT!"

  15. Well I will not go into it if you do not want to manifest it however it is very real whether you think about it or not. We do not always manifest our experiences. An example is harm being done to a child. Children do not know much about the world however the world's problems seem to end up being put in their lives. If it was as simple as manifesting everyone starting from the age of 6 or so would be princes, and princesses, grow wings and fly. Children have the greatest love and spiritual energy and not even their energy can create what they dream of. We have to change our world before real manifesting begins (raise the earth's vibration).

  16. Haven't found anything about the Moors in North Carolina although I think it would be great if we could get together and build elsewhere. You've probably been looking longer than I have and know more about who's taking action, we do need to go ahead and set something up.

  17. I hear you. We can't change our world if we can't even change our own lives!

    I'm not about being weak or a victim. We are in control of our lives, whether we realize it or not. I have four little children and I know how much potential they have. The world, including our own parents, tend to beat us down by telling us what we "can't do".

    Ultimately each person has to change their own mind and take control and responsibility for their own life and future. There are lots of experiences that I did not feel like I wanted to happen in my life at the time but now that I am older, and wiser I can look back and start to see that everything happens for a reason. I create my reality.

    Everything starts out as a thought. Change your mind and you can alter your reality. We can't worry about what everyone else is doing b/c everyone else is not concerned with these types of subjects. Raise your vibrations and slowly but surely you will raise the vibrations of everything in your radius. The Earth is already raising its vibrations, that is why we are having the quakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. Change gone come whether people are ready or not!

  18. Here is a link with info and pics from the Moors in NC:

  19. I am about moving forward although you do have to be careful how you move forward. Runaway slaves knew to be free they couldn't move to a piece of land in Mississippi. You have to find the most suitable area for what you are trying to accomplish. The United States is turning and/or has turned into what it has always preached against, communist. Why do you think just about every cell phone has a locator on it now, something most people never leave home without. You can't even take out the battery on the iphone and that's just a small piece of what's going on.,2817,2385038,00.asp

  20. It's a tough decision. You have to weigh the pros and cons. It would be great if some of those people in North Carolina wanted to expand to South America just in case things didn't work out in the states. A few like minded people ready to put in the work it would take to build a decent little village.

  21. Here's something I wrote and posted on a couple different sites a few months ago; My stance on sustainable living: AOL’s Blackvoices – Faith and Religion Board – General – My blog “Sustainable Living/Eco Villages

    Nov 26, 2010 05:56 PM
    As a people, we should seriously think about becoming more self reliant and not depend so much on capitalistic society (gov't, jobs, etc...) to give us what we need to survive, especially in this day and age with the economy being so bad and jobs becoming more and more scarce, maybe we should think about living off the land more like our grandparents didto include today's technology(solar panels for electricity, rain catch water systems for water, gardening/farmingfor food, etc...). Living in this manner will cut the bills down to 25% to nonexistent depending on how much you feel you need. You do not need to have an expensive mortgage to have a house. There are earthbag homes, container homes, various kit homes, earthships (earthships are a bit more expensive),you can also make your own bricks to build your own home with just a $1500 machine and some dirt. If we worked together (like minded individuals) we could start our own sustainable living communities / eco villages so we wouldn't have to worry so much about how we're going to pay the bills this month and how we're going to find our next job we already know we're probably not going to be happy with anyway. We are always the last to know and act, others have been doing this a while now, and look at how many communities they already have: . Maybe it's time to actively do something about our situation. Here's a short list of black ecovillages trying to get started that you can help or you can get together with other like minded individuals (network) and start your own near your current city/town. The initial expense will pay off fairly quickly seeing as how you'll have little to no bills in the end including mortgage not to mention the initial expense would usually be less than the regular 20% down payment on a house. Remember to landscape and make it beautiful whatever you're working with to make your new house a comfortable home/community.
    Forming African American centered communities:

    Kujichagulia Villages - - IL
    Khalifa Estates - VA
    Kimble Farm - LA
    You can find more in formation on these communities at:

    The Washitaw (black) tribe are also working on a sustainable village.

    Alternatives: - African village in SC
    Noble Uguru (he's on Youtube and Facebook) has also set up a community .

  22. I would have tried Noble however he has this thing about women and is for polygamy and is getting a little too out there (perverted) on his page. He was doing really well early on.

  23. Wow that was a great share. I will repost that info on the black eco communities to help spread the info.

    Preciate that Sis.

    About the Noble dude, I am not info following anyone else. I wouldn't advise anyone else to be a follower of anyone, you'll only end up disappointed in the shortcomings of the leader guys.

  24. I'll leave this comment up so that everyone can see how intelligent you are.


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