Monday, December 5, 2011


 UPDATE: This is no longer going on, however the brother who offered his services does have a system that can be implemented to assist you in acquiring funds for your business.  Email me if you are serious and would like more details.

I recently spoke with a brother who helps people get money for projects, finance events, find sponsors for their organization, and generally sponsor businesses to help assist you in your endeavors.  If you would like more information email me at

I will put you in touch with Mr. Sabir, Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation, so that he can help you accomplish your goals.  Read what he had to say below:

"Ultimately, if you need money for any project, I can help you. You don't even need a product. If you're trying to help a neighbor, I will put that into the contract description for sponsoring you and getting you additional sponsorships.

By... design I can not be taken advantage of in a negative way according to the status and conduct I have addressed in the acts of competition and selfishness due to the use of money. My requirement eradicate these motives.

If I can confirm that you have spoken to four people to announce that they have a Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation that can get them the amount of funds that they need and more, then I will work with you and assist you."
-This is your Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation

Details Below:

If you need sponsors for your organization, your next event or project then you need to know that you have a Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation on your side. I will get you the support that you need.

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