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Written by Sakkara Ali while in the Alpha mindstate: 
As above is also below.
The I in me Sakkara Ali

In the All of the heavens we have Dark matter.   Dark Matter is the triple blackness that of witch everything comes from.  This is the great mother also known as the Holy Ghost.  Then there is the great Sun.   The father, the center of the heavens witch all things dance round for the warmth and fertilization.  The planets, moons and stars are the children, the sons and daughters.  This is the great cycle in which everything comes from.  WE may know it as the tree of life, the holy trinity and so on.
I am the son of the Father.  I being the Sun or Soul and father being God.
 I being the flesh the Soul being the Sun.  It is all part of the All continuing life cycle so one is always connected to the other. 

The Sun Is the Person the Flesh Which God is within.  The Son of God Is Also God .  The Father Son and Spirit or Mother is present in the All.  In everything there is and ever will be. 

The Holy Trinity represents the Cycle of Every Universe of universes.  WE, as soon as we are born from the mother personalize and characterize the first I,   God, The spirit for we are born in to flesh to experience the cranial body on the 3D Earth.

 We are born of man and woman to evolve from the present state that we are aware of in all dimensions.  This Earth represents the training and battle grounds for change.  We are in the dimension where only here we can change the all but when we come here it’s not so easy to stay focused

 Many Souls choose to wait it out on their present dimensions where they stay praying for the Nu Heru’s of God to come in under the Sun and Be born with the strength and wisdom to remember and transform from flesh to Soul working as one under God the I.  And Change the Dimensions for every one until we meet again in the next Cycle.

This Cycle is on going it will eventually need to be changed again when everyone has had their turn.  That’s why there’s a saying the first shall be last or what goes up must come down.  We who are born with God consciousness have risen and fallen and risen again and do not wish to fall any further.  That’s why We are born here and now.  The Ones Who Know, the one’s who no matter what we find out and hold on until change comes in our name The Christ’s the Sons of God, The Heru’s.

 God There is only one The I that is in the We that are here to play the game over and over again until it is exactly how we want it to be.  The ones that wish not to let someone else make the changes and decisions for us but to have it exactly our way.  Our paradise  created in our minds from our suns.   Straight from our Souls the Gods of the universe.   The Knowers and seers and the changers.

 After you Get this be very still send love and Gratitude and Receive the best blessings ever from this universe! Amen!
Sakkara Ali

My name is Sharif Mika’El Ali. I’m from Toledo, Ohio by way of Memphis, Tenn.  I have always been conscious to a certain degree but my quest for knowledge of self really took off as a young adult after meeting my future wife, Sakkara who is from Brooklyn.  Neither of us had parents who raised us to be conscious of self.  Both of us gravitated towards this knowledge on our own.  Together we formed like Voltron and took off @ lightspeed.  We both had a love of hip hop which led to us starting our own independent record label,
and many subsequent adventures that took place after that.  I think one of the biggest steps we took towards letting the world know our state of mind and where we stood on things was converting to Islam in ’06.  We were pretty much the only muslims in our respective families.

Not long after that we began to have a series of eye opening (literally 3rd eye opening) personal, spiritual experiences that led to a rapid growth in our consciousness.  I have been led by a genuine desire to know my purpose in life and gain a greater understanding of the universe.  As they say, “Ask and ye shall receive”, we both have been blessed by the Most High to continue to grow in consciousness and understanding in such a small period that it was comparable to starting kindergarten and getting a college degree in a matter of weeks.

To cut a long story short, we decided in 2007 to move out of the country, in particular to Bahia, Brazil.  En route to Brazil, while living in Miami, we made a series of videos aimed @ raising consciousness/awareness in our community and the world in general.  We were led to name the videos Tha 144,000 (I see this number 144 everyday).  We packed the videos with as much info as we possibly could and tried to connect the dots as far as who we are as a people, where we come from, and what lies in our immediate future.

After that we moved to Brazil for a while.  Now we live in the US and travel all the time.

We are always growing and learning.  Part of our journey has led us to create a system, The 40 Day Master System, aimed at helping people to realize the incredible potential within us all.

We share our experience to help give back, or pay it forward, and help others.  Feel free to use the resources on this site to your benefit.  Send us a comment or message anytime.

Sharif Mika'El Ali
Tha 144,000



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  1. Greetings! I really appreciate your study and the actions you've taken, which are the fruit of the consciousness represented on your website. Visit my blog, Knewz From Meroe West when you have time, and scroll down and through the Older Posts. It is my effort to also contribute to the expansion of awareness amongst people of African descent, and all humanity interested in Being a greater expression of the wholeness of Life. Knowing that you continue to be a magnet and expression of all that is symbolique of a rich, fulfilled life.

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  3. Oi, como estão? O número 44 está todos os dias, de várias formas presente na minha vida e na vida do meu marido. Você sabe o que pode significar? Vi que acontece o mesmo com você com o numero 144. Agradeço se puder responder.


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