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I was just reminiscing about an event that happened a few years back that could have turned out devastating but instead worked out in my favor AND taught me a lesson.  Shout out to the homeboy DV for his post Denmark Vesey: Driving While the Blackest Man On The Internet that brought back the memory that inspired this post.
Basically here’s what went down:
I had an independent record label called BlakkDiamond Cutz from Memphis, Tennessee.  We were travelling from Memphis to Cleveland and then to Detroit to be participate of this rap contest that was being filmed for Mtv.

While driving through the country in my home state of Ohio we got pulled over by the state trooper.  The thing is it was 7 African Americans in a Denali SUV.  Six dudes and one female.  On top of that we were riding two cars deep because there was another car following us with two black dudes and a white guy.

We were riding and everything was cool.  Everyone was chilling.  We were watching a movie on the DVD player and next thing I know the state trooper pulls me over.  He said I was speeding.

Now for those who don’t understand.  In America we have a saying called DWB.  It stands for Driving While Black (not to be misconstrued with FWM, or Flying while Muslim).  It’s official, even has it’s own Wikipedia page.

Driving While Black refers to alleged racial profiling by police officers that stop, question, and search drivers simply because they are black.  This practice causes many black men to have a paranoia about police when driving.  In other words they are constantly checking the rear view mirror when they see police cars because they fear that they will be pulled over.
dwb driving while black

I know this because I used to do this all the time.  I also used to get pulled over at least once a month.  I’m not kidding.  As I later became exposed to the Power of Thought (Sciences of the Mind) I started to think that maybe I should stop expecting the police to pull me over every time I spot them on the road (duh).  Seriously, the less I started to think the police were out to get me the less often I got pulled over.

Now, back to the story.

Okay, we were in Ohio somewhere surrounded by nothing but farms and fields (probably in Amish country or something like that).  The trooper stops us and says I was speeding.  He goes to run my information and then comes back to tell me that I was driving on a suspended license.

The 1st thought in my head was No Way.  My wife, who was sitting in the passenger seat, started to get mad at me for not paying my tickets in Tennessee.  I couldn’t accept that.  I knew my license was not suspended.
I handled it calmly though.  When the trooper, who was a white dude, told me this I explained what we were doing, that we had to be in Cleveland soon and that we were hip hop artists.

The trooper looks at us and tells me to let my wife drive the rest of the way.  He didn’t even give me a speeding ticket.  He could have been a complete jerk about the situation but he wasn’t.  Apparently you can be arrested for driving with a suspended license, just ask Jim Jones.

The moral of this story is this.  NOONE IS OUT TO GET YOU!

However if your attitude and way of thinking is that people are out to get you and that you have enemies then those people will continue to do things that work against you.

By the same principle, if you recognize the Source or the Creator as being in everyone and everything then you can use this knowledge to make all the events in your life ultimately work in your favor.

If everyone and everything is a part of GOD then everything is GOOD because God is Good.  Everything has the same creative spirit in it and can work in either direction.  Why not direct that energy in a positive direction in how it relates to you?

I’ll leave on this note.  Here is a quote from Your Forces and How to Use Them by Prentice Mulford.  Have a great weekend!
A Supreme Power and Wisdom governs the Universe.
The Supreme Mind is measureless, and pervades endless
space. The Supreme Wisdom, Power and Intelligence is
in everything that exists from the atom to the planet.

The Supreme Power and Wisdom is more than in everything.

The Supreme Mind is everything.

The Supreme Mind is every atom of the mountain, the sea, the tree, the bird, the animal, the man, the woman. The Supreme Wisdom cannot be understood by man or by beings superior to man. But man will gladly receive the Supreme thought and wisdom, and let it work for happiness through him, caring not to fathom its mystery.

The Supreme Power has us in its charge, as it has the suns and endless systems of worlds in space. As we grow more to recognize this sublime and exhaustless wisdom, we shall learn more and more to demand that wisdom draw it to ourselves, make it a part of ourselves, and thereby be ever making ourselves newer and newer.

This means ever perfecting health, greater and greater power to enjoy all that exists, gradual transition into a higher state of being and the development of powers we do not now realize as belonging to us.

We are the limited yet ever growing parts and expressions of the Supreme Never Ending Whole. It is the destiny of all in time to see their relation to the Supreme and also to see that the straight and narrow path to everincreasing happiness is a perfect trust and dependence on the Supreme for the all round symmetrical wisdom and idea which we individually cannot originate.

Let us then daily demand faith, for faith is power to believe and power to see that all things are parts of the Infinite Spirit of God, that all things have good or God in them, and that all things when recognized by us as parts of God must work for our good.

Your Forces and How to Use Them by Prentice Mulford

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