Thursday, November 16, 2017

everyone that is successful is in the illuminati

hollering out illuminati has become an excuse for failure now, in the past, and future failure. everyone that is successful has sold out to the illuminati on some level.


because that line of thinking helps small minds continue to feed their own fragile, over-inflated feeling of importance and accomplishment.

anyone that doesn't agree with this line of thinking is called naive. people that are high achievers had to do nasty, gay shit or sacrifice someone's life to get to that point.

this is easier to accept than dealing with the fact that nobody is holding you back from high achievement and that you control your own reality.

we're not denying that crazy, weird and twisted stuff goes down behind the scenes, just that people that are failing at life and blaming the outside world for their failures have a HUGE fatal flaw holding them back from achieving the success they secretly desire.

the refusal to accept responsibility for their own reality and place power outside of self is the only culprit for lack of achievement. regardless of how large someone's following is, if they're blaming others for their failure they are exhibiting a level of spiritual immaturity that (from my perspective) should disqualify them for any level of "teaching" or leadership role in society.

in other words...don't listen to anyone that's still pointing fingers out at the world blaming "them" or the illuminati for their own personal failure.


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