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Abd El Hakim Awyan (Hakim for short) is an indigenous wisdom keeper, recognized Elder of the Awyani tribe (Eye clan of Egypt), and Keeper of the Keys.  Hakim grew up near the pyramids of the Giza Plateau and The Sphinx.  Hakim is a griot who learned the oral tradition of the ancient Egyptians.   Hakim is a master of the ancient Al Khemitian wisdom tradition.  He obtained degrees in Egyptology and archaeology, and over sixty years of professional field experience.  As Hakim taught us, “Egypt is not part of the Middle East. Egypt is part of Africa,” and he was proud of the living African oral tradition, which he so lovingly shared.

Abd El Hakim AwyanHakim decoded the origins of ancient Egyptian symbols through tracing the linguistic roots of words. Trained as an archaeologist in Scandinavia, Hakim was able to bridge modern archaeology with indigenous wisdom offering a well-rounded perspective on ancient Kemet.  Hakim was one of the first official Egyptologists and he proudly guided groups of tourists to sacred sites and to the Egyptian Museum for 5 decades.  His legacy continues as many of his children are also wisdom keepers.

Hakim did not subscribe to the idea of linear evolution.  He taught, from oral tradition that everything occurs in cycles or stages.  There were periods of high science, spirituality, as well as ages of decline and ignorance.  His traditions taught him that humanity extends back thousands, if not millions of years.  Hakim was able to recount the last 65,000 years of history for all the tribes of the world.  He represents an unbroken line of griots extending back indefinitely.


Little is known about one of the most powerful mystics of the modern era.  We have his first name, Abdullah, and his description from one of his most well known students, author and lecturer, Neville Goddard, "He was as black as the ace of spades, my old friend Abdullah, with his turbaned head." What we do know about Abdullah is that he mentored authors/lecturers Neville Goddard and Dr. Joseph Murphy.  Abdullah was an Ethiopian rabbi who lectured on Esoteric Christianity.  In order to properly understand the impact Abdullah's philosophy had on the world we have to look at the works of his students and people indirectly influenced by his teachings.

Perhaps Abdullah looked like this?

or this?
Who was this mysterious mystic who left behind few clues as to who he was other than descriptions from his students?  He taught that no matter what the circumstances going on in the world you ultimately have control over your reality.  This Ethiopian man, whom Neville described as black as the ace of spades was able to do as he pleased in the middle of Jim Crow era America.  Abdullah would visit the opera and sit in the front row without any disturbance whatsoever.  This was in the middle of segregation!  People from all walks of life, doctors, scientists, bankers, would seek an audience with the eccentric old Ethiopian.

It's highly possible that Abdullah was an indigenous wisdom keeper in the same tradition as the master Abd El Hakim Awyan, mentor of author Stephen S. Mehler, who wrote the book The Land of Osiris to take Hakim's teachings public.  Mehler and Hakim helped popularize the phrase Kemetology, based off of the ancient name of Kemet, from modern day Egypt.
The Great Wisdom Keeper Hakim

Indigenous wisdom keepers such as Abdullah and Hakim represent an unbroken chain of keepers of ancient knowledge literally dating back thousands of years.  These adepts started going public with their teaching around the beginning of the 19th century.  Their teachings have been kept secret as oral traditions for thousands of years.  Only initiates of the ancient mystery schools had access to this knowledge base.  This is why the spread of the Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), Sufism (esoteric Islam), and the Gnostic scriptures (esoteric Christianity) all started to penetrate the Western World around the same period.

Adepts such as Hakim for example could recall oral traditions and histories for tribes all over the world dating back over 65,000 years.  Around the same period in time (early 19th century) these adepts started taking on new pupils.  This was new because they have thousand year old traditions of only revealing this info to initiates.  Initiation was a lifelong practice that starts in childhood or adolescence at the latest.  There was an increased urgency to release this information to the world because of a coming shift or new age in humanity.

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Here's another person you never hear about in Black History Month.  A lot of us, especially the Hip Hop generation, use the word "peace" as a greeting.  Believe it or not, but this man is the one who originated that.  Not only that but he had an impact on the man who would later become known as Father Allah, creator of the Nations of Gods and Earths, also known as 5 Percenters.  That alone is a lot of Hip Hop history right there, just think of how many rappers say "Peace God" on the mic.  Father Divine helped introduce many people (not limited to the black community) to the concept of God in man.

Father Divine (1876-1965)(aka: Reverend Major Jealous Divine, The Messenger and George Baker) founder of the International Peace Mission Movement, was one of the first black preachers to preach the power of positive thinking. Consuming Harlem, New York in his aura, his phrase "PEACE!" was always met by "Thank You Father!"  He was one of the first black preachers to have a luxury sedan and even had a throne placed in the middle of it. He owned multiple businesses and was said to never have collected an offering (publicly). He believed he was God "condescended" to man and was the only true expression of God's Spirit on earth. He was arrested for lunacy in 1914.

"Then I say, in reference to the condescension of GOD to Israel, this was merely an expression to the Israelites and to those who were called Jews. GOD appeared to them at that time, in the time of need, the same as I appeared in this dispensation, in and at the time of great depressions, lacks, wants and limitations; at the time of your need..."When every human agency and every human possibility shall have failed you, then and only then will GOD appear; for GOD cannot work effectively, neither can HE appear to be seen distinctly wheresoever other things are represented and considered. Therefore those things must come to their destination, and man must come to his complete extremity, that GOD might have an opportunity to come; even so much as to come, and especially that GOD might have an opportunity to be ushered into expression and be considered before the masses. For this cause, it was essential and it has always been, for GOD to appear at the time and in places where HE is most needed. That is the mystery."

Most are unaware of this connection.  It is hard to ignore the growth and development of the hip-hop movement, especially the elements of the 5% Nation to the influence of this man. Why and how? Well, it was the teachings, influence and personality of Father Divine that went on to effect Clarence 13 X (Clarence Edward Smith 2-28 ~ 6-69) who was the founder of the 5 Percenters. Not only was he also from Harlem, he was also called "Father Allah" remember the Five Percenter Nation greeting..."PEACE GOD!" As referenced above, this was a signature greeting of Father Divine.  Jay-Z has adopted this saying and incorporated into his music and persona also. So we can readily see the influence of these men that still lives on.

Lil Wayne said "I AM God" recently at a New York party.

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Right now Jeremy Lin is one of the most popular people on the planet.  He is living proof that if you believe in yourself, have faith, and don't give up you can achieve anything.  This guy bounced around to three different NBA teams in only 2 years and was constantly being cut and sent down to the D-league (developmental league).

How did he get to the spotlight?  He kept going no matter what.  When he spoke with reporters he said all he desired was to finally make a roster and find his spot on an NBA team.  Now he has received that and more.  Jeremy Lin is the starting point guard for the Knicks and quickly becoming the team leader.  His success in such a short time has been nothing short of phenomenal.

His first 5 starts have all resulted in impressive wins.  He went up against veteran point guards such as the Net's All Star Deron Williams, Utah Jazz starter Derrick Harris and former no. 1 pick John Wall and had great games each time scoring more than 20 points and 7 assists.

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Paschal Beverly Randolph

Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph, Egyptian Alchemy Master, while not well known amongst the general population is popular and respected amongst Western occultists.  Randolph is the greatest metaphysician of the 19th century.  Much literature has been written about him.  Randolph is credited as the first to establish the Rosicrucian Order in the United States.  An inexplicable amount of occult knowledge and understanding is owed to Dr. P. B. Randolph.

Paschal Beverly Randolph ( October 8, 1825 - July 29, 1875) was an Alkhemist, Sex Magician, Supreme Grand Master of All Rosicrucians, Abolitionist, Doctor, Lecturer, Archeologist, Aristocrat, Soldier, Poet, World Traveler, Writer, Keeper of the Ansairetic Mystery System, and Prince of Madagascar. Paschal was an initiate and Grandmaster of major masonic lodges all over the world.  He was the founder of the Freedmen's Bureau.  Randolph was a foremost authority in Western Occultism whose influence has been largely ignored. He had a huge influence on Aleister Crowley, Sex Magick, and Western Occultism as we know it today.

Randolph travelled over much of the old Moorish lands through Turkey, Arabia, North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Ireland. His meetings with Sufis, Dervishes and other Muslim mystics definitely influenced much of his writings. In these Randolph refers to the Muslim “Ansairs” (also known as the Nusairi and Alawis), the “Ansairetic Mysteries”, and the secrets of “the Syrian mountaineers.” From his solitary travels in the Orient, he claimed to have brought back arcane knowledge and practices that revolutionized Western esotericism. Randolph’s biographer says his ideas “left their traces on Madame Blavatsky, her Theosophical Society, and many practising occult organizations in Europe and America today.”

It is unknown whether he was born in Ohio, New York, or Virginia.  He died in Toledo, Ohio (big ups to my hometown!).  Paschal was an African American (Moor) of mixed race decent.  Many tried to say he was the descendent of slaves however Paschal denied this assumption about his background.  He asserted that his ancestors were not slaves.  His mother was a free woman of Spanish, Eastern Indian, French, Oriental and Royal Madagascan blood (in other words she was a noble Moor).  Paschal's father, William Randolph was a plantation owner.

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This young master is a great example of applying universal law to achieve your desires.

Olawale Mohammed "Brian" Belo (born 10 July 1987 in Nigeria) 1st came to the public's attention by winning the eighth series of the British version of Big Brother.   He is the 1st and only series winner who did not enter the House on the series' launch night.  All eleven other winners entered the contest on Day 1 of their respective series.

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Before you read this post I feel that it is important to say this.

I do not in any way support or agree with the ceremony involving Bishop Eddie Long.  I want to clarify that because Eddie Long is in no way a good example of a black man.  It is a heinous and disgusting act to place a person like Long who abuses their position as a spiritual leader in a position of prominence.

The purpose of this post is to show that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.  It is way bigger than race or culture.

This shows that the people who made this decision are devious and interested in embarrassing Black Americans by placing honors on the worst example of our people.  Not to mention the "Jewish" converts to the religion of Judaism are actually pretenders who act as if they do not know that black people are the real Hebrews.  Enough on that.  There are plenty of resources online if you want to find out who the REAL Hebrews are.  Click this link if you are interested in researching that.

There are plenty of GREAT examples of powerful black men who are doing positive things to make the world a better place.  Any one of these men would have been a better selection for this type of ceremony.  However this post is meant to explain the real meaning behind that ceremony and how it can be applied to the time we live in.  The people who decided to carry out this ritual with Eddie Long did not want to choose a shining example of a black man who deserved to be placed on his throne.  Their motivation for doing this was self-serving, devilish, and ultimately about self preservation.

The energy that is rising up within us and the entire planet is aligned with the Original King and Queen retaking their rightful throne!  Everyone has to move in accordance with this kundalini energy that is rising up or find themselves obsolete and left behind.  The planet is not going to wait any longer.

The people who have dedicated their entire lives to studying Kaballah, high up initiates from the Order of the Golden Dawn, and other organizations like the Rosicrucian Order have foreseen this time coming for a while.  They have been trying to figure out how they could survive and thrive with this upcoming shift.

This is all about you.  Everything from here on out is about you rising up.  It's not about the Illuminati or what anyone else is planning because ultimately everyone is inside of creation and has to follow certain rules.  Black Americans have to rise up and take their rightful place at the head of the world.  Even people who want to embarrass and make fools of black people have to be in alignment with the Black Man rising or they will become obsolete!

Even this scenario of the Black Man rising to return to his throne as ruler of the world is symbolic of something that is taking place inside of everyone, regardless of their race.  Read further to understand...
Wow, this was amazing.  Especially if you take a deep look at it and put your feelings aside.  That was a powerful ritual.  A messianic rabbi just crowned Eddie Long King!  The rabbi said that the land of Israel was within Long and that he went through slavery and was returning to the throne.  That means so much on so many levels.  This physical ritual was played out on camera for many to see but this is really about what is taking place within you.

You must place the king back on the throne within yourself.  We are coming into a new age and it is time to upgrade.  Symbolically the Black American has gone through the process of ruling the world to becoming subject and detested by all.  Few people seem to understand this but the people who are now called African Americans where once the shining light of the world.  The Black American has been humbled and even forgotten that they ever ruled.  The new ruling class is afraid of the true king remembering who he/she is.  They present a false reality to the world with fake histories and many other lies to keep everyone from realizing the truth of the matter.

This current set up was not built to last.  It was only a temporary phase or period while the true king wakes up and regains consciousness.  Once the king retraces his steps and remembers how to rule anyone who opposes will have to get out of his way.  Anyone who is wise would align themselves with this energy!  Just like messianic rabbi Ralph Messer did when he anointed Eddie Long as king and wrapped him in the Torah (he apparently pissed off the ADL, lol).  Even good ol' boy George Bush had a smile on his face as he showed Barack Obama around the White House for the last time.

It's not about race because this process is actually occurring within us all!
As above, so below.  Or in this case as within, so without.

The Creative Force/Collective Consciousness/Most High lives through all of us.  Every man, woman, and child is a king that is the creator of their reality.  However the king within everyone is not sitting on the throne.  It has forgotten who it really is while the emotions of the individual run the show.


Naazir Ra dropped some great advice for anyone with the patience to listen.  This is great, especially for anyone wondering what to make out of all the info now available via internet and media outlets.

(Nah'zeer Rah) author, lecturer and peak performance coach
Naazir Ra has been a student of metaphysics, religion and psychology for over nineteen years. He has studied Arabic, Hebrew, and the Kemetic Hieroglyphs in his quest to understand spirituality. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Georgia State University in history and science. He also holds a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from the University of West Georgia. Naazir Ra has over ten years experience as a teacher and lecturer.

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"The Presence of God-in-me blesses the Presence of God-in-you, beloved child of God." Rev. Ike
rev ike metaphysician
 We are going to take a break from the usual script of people discussed during Black History Month (Much respect to MLK, Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver, etc) and place the focus on black people around the world who have flown under the radar of most.  Our focus will be on the contributions of black people in the sciences of the mind.

Rev. Ike (June 1, 1935 — July 28, 2009) is one of the most misconstrued and misinterpreted geniuses of the 20th Century.  He was so far ahead of his time that his message was often distorted by the media who often mocked his dazzling style and bold, open-minded philosophies.

Fast forward to 2012 and many preachers have integrated prosperity into their sermons versus preaching that poverty was virtuous and people would get their reward in heaven after death.  The Secret became a cultural phenomenon championed by Oprah that went on to introduce millions of people worldwide to the New Thought approach to reality.  Also the widespread acceptance of quantum physics/quantum mechanics into the mainstream science community which advocates that “thoughts are things” has opened millions more up to the possibility that there may be something to the New Thought movement.  (Check out the film What the Bleep Do We Know?)

The world is finally beginning to catch up to the lessons that Rev Ike has been teaching for over 40 years!  Ike was so advanced that he was able to relate revolutionary ideologies to people who many times had a superstitious, very narrow-minded view of spirituality.

“This is the do-it-yourself church,” he proclaimed. “The only savior in this philosophy is God in you.”

Rev. Ike was a master metaphysician who decoded the Scriptures in an astounding, emancipating way.  Presently, Rev. Ike's true genius is acknowledged as his lessons are widely recognized as universal truths.  He is known as a Master teacher, a mentor, and an inspiration by many famous motivational teachers and authors such as Bob Proctor and Dr. Michael Beckwith, from The Secret and Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Listen to what the latter has to say about Rev. Ike.  Mark Victor Hansen, who created the mega-bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, cites Rev. Ike as an inspiration, “I went bankrupt and was WIPED OUT financially. I was sleeping in front of a door, when somebody said, ‘What you need to do is hear Rev. Ike. I went to hear him at his church, and I was ‘WOWED!’ At that time I had NEVER heard anybody preach and teach Positive Self-Image Psychology and Self-Motivation like Rev. Ike. I sat in the pews of his church and worked with his ‘stuff’ and now I am blessed to live in a fine house with my lovely wife and two daughters. We live in dignity and style and I am successful and prosperous beyond my wildest dreams.”
Rev. Frederick Eikerenkoetter, better known to millions as REV. IKE, “The Success and Prosperity Preacher,” has been Minister, Teacher, Motivator, Evangelist, Counselor, and Pastor to millions of people, for over 40 years.

Rev. Ike had the guts to go where most theologians, Bible teachers, and preachers would not. As an evangelist, on TV, radio, and at mass meetings, he had the “audacity” to PREACH “Prosperity NOW!” — long before it became popular to do so.  Even more shocking and audacious was the lesson that Rev. Ike taught the world: God Lives Within You!

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Dumas stories, while on the surface are tales of courage, romance, and adventure are also masterfully woven with transcendent symbolism that applies to every man, woman, and child on the planet.

We are going to take a break from the usual script of people discussed during Black History Month (Much respect to MLK, Marcus Garvey, George Washington Carver, etc) and place the focus on black people around the world who have flown under the radar of most.  Our focus will be on the contributions of black people in the sciences of the mind.

Who better to start off with than Alexandre Dumas?  He has created many timeless novels that have been adopted into plays and movies.  No matter what your age is you have been exposed to his work through cartoons, literature, television, and movies.

The crazy thing is most people have NO IDEA that these stories were created by a black man!

The great Alexandre Dumas, one of the most widely read authors in the world, and without doubt the most widely read French author in the world contributed numerous literary works to the world including many classic novels.  Some of his most famous novels include The Count of Monte Crisco, The Three Musketeers, and The Man in The Iron Mask.
Dumas father, nicknamed "Black Devil", "Diable Noir" in French

Dumas had aristocratic bloodlines through his

Check This Out

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