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Right now Jeremy Lin is one of the most popular people on the planet.  He is living proof that if you believe in yourself, have faith, and don't give up you can achieve anything.  This guy bounced around to three different NBA teams in only 2 years and was constantly being cut and sent down to the D-league (developmental league).

How did he get to the spotlight?  He kept going no matter what.  When he spoke with reporters he said all he desired was to finally make a roster and find his spot on an NBA team.  Now he has received that and more.  Jeremy Lin is the starting point guard for the Knicks and quickly becoming the team leader.  His success in such a short time has been nothing short of phenomenal.

His first 5 starts have all resulted in impressive wins.  He went up against veteran point guards such as the Net's All Star Deron Williams, Utah Jazz starter Derrick Harris and former no. 1 pick John Wall and had great games each time scoring more than 20 points and 7 assists.

Lin grew up in Silicon Valley and was not highly recruited out of high school.  He went undrafted out of college.  Although it appears that he came out of nowhere he actually has always had confidence in his ability just rarely the opportunity to showcase it.  He attributes part of his going unnoticed to his strengths being a good team player and most recruiters only wanting to run 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 drills.  He was not used to playing in those type of situations.

This Is What Can Happen When You Dream!!!!

All he needed was the right opportunity to come his way.  Lin's first NBA team, his hometown Golden State Warriors, had two dominant ball-handling guards, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, in front of him.  They cut him three times and sent him to the D-league before releasing him.  He bounced to Houston and then New York where he was again sent to the D-league.

Lin succeeded by keeping a positive outlook and seeing his demotion as a chance to improve his game and play instead of sit on the bench.  Finally his faith paid off when the New York Knicks, desperate because none of their point guards proved able to run the offense, decided to give Lin a try.  The Knicks were losing and beginning to lose hope in the season.  Carmelo Anthony, while still a great scorer, had not been able to make the Knicks a superior team.  Everything seemed to be going wrong and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, whom many felt his job was on the line, let Lin run the point.

Jeremy Lin has not looked back since.  Lin was tested early.  He recently squared off against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.  Lin passed with flying colors as his Knicks won impressively.  By the end of the game Lin and Kobe were matching each other play for play until Lin hit a 3 pointer that helped put the game out of reach for the Lakers.

I can't believe I left this out but Jeremy Lin led the Knicks past the Lakers without the two best players on the team, Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony.  The Lakers were not shorthanded their stars.  They might have been tired from back-to-back games but their key players were all present.  Lin stepped up to the plate and had his most incredible game yet, topping Kobe Bryant.

All Kobe had to say about the "player who came out of nowhere" was, “Players don’t come out of nowhere.”  Basically the talent, will, desire, is always there.  When you activate these abilities and focus them on your goal anything is possible.  No matter how talented you are or how hard you work there are still circumstances seemingly out of your control that have to work out your way in order for you to succeed.  In Lin's case he needed to be on the right team, with the right coach, system, etc.  When it all comes together nothing is impossible!

 “I believe in an all-powerful and all-knowing God who does miracles.”
-Jeremy Lin

jeremy lin

I had to check out the Knicks/Lakers game myself to see what the hype was about and I wasn't disappointed.
Hall of Fame player Magic Johnson said, "The excitement [Lin] has caused in [Madison Square] Garden, man, I hadn't seen that in a long time."

j linJeremy Lin did it again.  "J Lin" hit the clutch three pointer in Toronto point guard Jose Calderon's face to win the game for the Knicsk.  WTF!  Six wins in a row.  He hasn't cooled off yet.  Calderon gave Lin a couple of feet of space and tried to force him to drive left towards the basket.  "J Lin" dribbled down the clock, took advantage of the space and nailed a cold-blooded three pointer to win the game for the Knicks.  Check out the game footage below.

Baron Davis, Knicks point guard who's injury set up the opportunity for Jeremy Lin to play had this to say after Lin's clutch shot against Toronto:  "He's not one to get caught up in this stuff," Davis says. "I don't see how this will change his perception of where he is. He's a spiritual person and he's very grounded, he's a very humble kid. I don't think all of the hoopla really has any effect on him at all."
But has Davis, in all of his 13 years in the league ever seen anything like what he's currently witnessing? He laughs heartily and answers quickly. "No, not at all. This is ridiculous. It's crazy."

1st Magic now another Laker Legend has cosigned on Lin's talent:
    “My God, he's a tremendous player.”
- NBA legend and current adviser to the Golden State Warriors Jerry West on Jeremy Lin, who was cut by the Warriors before the season. (too bad Jerry West didn't realize this before the Warriors cut him from the team)

The message in this incredible story transcends beyond basketball.  Create your own path, have faith or believe that you can achieve your goal, and work hard.  Everything else will come together in your favor.

Believe the impossible dream.
If you believe it you can achieve it.

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