Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Real Talk | "Holiday Nigger Lip" With THEGOD720, Red, K-Blao, Chris & Anhkkakek

God720 "Niggas is Carton Banks with the red, black, and green wristbands."

Just click the play button to listen.

Underground Railroad Radio (URR)
Hosted by: Tony Robinson El
Title: "Holiday Nigger Lip" With THEGOD720, Red, K-Blao, Chris & Anhkkakek

Monday, December 16, 2013

UPDATE | Tha 144000 | Must View For Anyone Dealing With The Conscious Community

Back from the tropics...

The reason I'm calling this video UPDATE is b/c I'm bringing a lot of things full circle from the videos we started posting back in 2008 (Tha 144000). This video is like a wake up call for all the viewers.

This video is a must see for anyone dealing with information from the Black "Conscious Community". This video is also helpful for people of all races and backgrounds who want to change their life for the better, looking into conspiracy theories, and people who are beginning to question their reality.

This video features commentary by Sharif Ali, author of The 40 Day Master System (http://www.40daymastersystem.com), and Sakkara Ali, (http://www.mamiknowsbest.com). We've just returned to the United States after living almost five years abroad in Brazil and want to share what we've learned with the fam!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays| Wake Up Call | God720 | Im An American

 Much Needed Real Talk!
Quit Complaining.  Get Money & Make The Most of Your Opportunities!

Peace 2 The God720 for putting this out!
Check out his YouTube channel.

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Voice of Reason in the Madness

Video below
Pay attention black people.
Ladies, you look good but really?  Is this all you have to offer?

This guy shares some hilarious and much needed REAL TALK.

Listen up...

Personally I don't know if it's really that big of a deal.  This lady appears to be having fun and possibly promoting her own adult brand.  She is getting a lot of attention so if this was part of a marketing plan it was smart.  Props to her on that!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Warrior-Poet


The Warrior-Poet is the ancient tradition of dedication to developing the body and the mind as one.

The Shambhala teachings of Tibet, the chivalrous knights of medieval Europe and the ancient Greek warriors are all examples of this proud tradition.

The Warrior-Poet retains a mysterious and ancient aura, a member of the leadership class who guides with wisdom and courage.

They are defined by their dedication to their crafts of warfare, and intellectual study and reflection.

The Warrior-Poet learns to develop the mind and the body as one, using each to guide the other. The Warrior-Poet is also a spiritual warrior.
The Warrior-Poet understands their true relationship to the heaven and the earth. They understand that they embody the heavenly representation to the earth, and the earthly representation to the heavens.

In other words, it is up to the Warrior-Poet to balance the cruel realities of the earth, while living by the standards of the heavens.

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