Thursday, February 1, 2018

Black History | Black Puerto Rican Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

“Blacks Have No History!”

San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 24, 1874 – June 8, 1938

January 24 is the birthday of black historian, writer, and activist who researched and raised awareness of the great contributions of black people worldwide, especially Afro-Latin Americans and African-Americans. Arturo was born in the town of Santurce, Puerto Rico (now part of the capital San Juan). While in grade school, one of his teachers claimed that blacks have no history, heroes, or accomplishments. Inspired to prove the teacher wrong, Arturo Schomburg determined that he would find and document the accomplishments of continental Africans and those throughout the diaspora, and became an important intellectual figure in the Harlem Renaissance.

Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Jr Was a Warrior! Respect Due

Happy MLK Day! Check this out for the real deal history lesson on this great man. (since some of y'all are shitting on MLK)

MLK Jr. may have been pushed towards ending segregation BUT trust me, that is the soft, candied up version of what he was fighting against. For the most part, freedom fighters like MLK Jr. and Malcolm X's fight was to end Jim Crow. By Jim Crow, I'm talking about terrorism against blacks, including lynchings!

As messed up as things are right now, they were way worse. MLK and others were not sell outs like some fools say. These people put their life on the line to try to end the terrorism that we were going through. It's still fucked up but man, we've come a long way. I talked to my granddad and he witnessed some super fucked up people hanging from trees. Lynch mobs, these good Christian white folks were hell on our asses.

Even though it's still open season on blacks and regular bum ass white people like Zimmerman and foul, nasty cops can just kill an unarmed black person (even a child) and not even get charged with murder it used to be way worse. I'm not talking about a hundred years ago either. Only 50 years ago we were getting straight up murdered, burned alive, and even hung from trees for no reason by regular, Christian white folks. Some of you, and for the younger people, your grandparents, witnessed this mess.

Check This Out

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