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Little is known about one of the most powerful mystics of the modern era.  We have his first name, Abdullah, and his description from one of his most well known students, author and lecturer, Neville Goddard, "He was as black as the ace of spades, my old friend Abdullah, with his turbaned head." What we do know about Abdullah is that he mentored authors/lecturers Neville Goddard and Dr. Joseph Murphy.  Abdullah was an Ethiopian rabbi who lectured on Esoteric Christianity.  In order to properly understand the impact Abdullah's philosophy had on the world we have to look at the works of his students and people indirectly influenced by his teachings.

Perhaps Abdullah looked like this?

or this?
Who was this mysterious mystic who left behind few clues as to who he was other than descriptions from his students?  He taught that no matter what the circumstances going on in the world you ultimately have control over your reality.  This Ethiopian man, whom Neville described as black as the ace of spades was able to do as he pleased in the middle of Jim Crow era America.  Abdullah would visit the opera and sit in the front row without any disturbance whatsoever.  This was in the middle of segregation!  People from all walks of life, doctors, scientists, bankers, would seek an audience with the eccentric old Ethiopian.

It's highly possible that Abdullah was an indigenous wisdom keeper in the same tradition as the master Abd El Hakim Awyan, mentor of author Stephen S. Mehler, who wrote the book The Land of Osiris to take Hakim's teachings public.  Mehler and Hakim helped popularize the phrase Kemetology, based off of the ancient name of Kemet, from modern day Egypt.
The Great Wisdom Keeper Hakim

Indigenous wisdom keepers such as Abdullah and Hakim represent an unbroken chain of keepers of ancient knowledge literally dating back thousands of years.  These adepts started going public with their teaching around the beginning of the 19th century.  Their teachings have been kept secret as oral traditions for thousands of years.  Only initiates of the ancient mystery schools had access to this knowledge base.  This is why the spread of the Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism), Sufism (esoteric Islam), and the Gnostic scriptures (esoteric Christianity) all started to penetrate the Western World around the same period.

Adepts such as Hakim for example could recall oral traditions and histories for tribes all over the world dating back over 65,000 years.  Around the same period in time (early 19th century) these adepts started taking on new pupils.  This was new because they have thousand year old traditions of only revealing this info to initiates.  Initiation was a lifelong practice that starts in childhood or adolescence at the latest.  There was an increased urgency to release this information to the world because of a coming shift or new age in humanity.

It's no coincidence that Noble Drew Ali (USA), Aleister Crowley (UK), and Rudolph Hess (Germany), three people who were heavily involved in the occult, all lived in Egypt at the same time.  Noble Drew Ali of North Carolina for example, traveled throughout the Middle East and Africa.  He claimed to have met with high priests of Egyptian magic, been initiated into the mystery schools, and given secret teachings that later became the Holy Seven Circle Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America.  Aleister Crowley claimed that he "received" the text The Book of The Law from a divine source while he was staying in Egypt.  Crowley believed he was charged with the task of informing humanity that it was entering the Aeon of Horus.

All three men alleged to have received instruction while in Egypt and returned to the Western World with ancient wisdom to share with their colleagues.

Around this period adepts in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East began teaching Westerners visiting their homelands as well as traveling throughout the Western Hemisphere and Europe teaching this ancient knowledge to people who showed sincere interests in learning.  There is a belief among the adepts that the entire world is entering a new age of enlightenment.  They believe the knowledge has to be revealed now as humanity is undergoing a transformation where man will ultimately realize his true self.

The only info we have about Abdullah is from his students Neville and Dr. Joseph Murphy.  Both men held him in high regard.  Judging from the far reaching effect that Neville and Murphy had on people around the world its obvious that Abdullah was a master metaphysician.

Adullah taught the true meaning of the scripture.  He lifted the veil and let it be known that the Bible, Koran, and all other scriptures are actually to be interpreted as psychological dramas that apply to all people verses actual historical events.  Adbullah taught that the true Christ/God lies within and instructed on how to access the higher self.

When Neville Goddard first met Abdullah it was under protest.  Neville was urged to attend Abdullah's lecture by a friend who in his eyes had questionable judgment.  His interest into metaphysics had already been peaked by some books that an acquaintance had given Neville on the power of thought.  After running out of excuses not to attend the lectures of the eccentric Ethiopian priest Neville finally caved in and went to hear Abdullah.  In Neville's own words:

"When I first met my friend Abdullah back in 1931 I entered a room where he was speaking and when the speech was ended he came over, extended his hand and said: “Neville, you are six months late.” I had never seen the man before, so I said: “I am six months late? How do you know me?” and he replied: “The brothers told me that you were coming and you are six months late."

Abdullah appeared mysteriously and left behind little details of who he was besides these accounts from his pupils.  That was more than likely by design.  However whenever you look at the works of Neville or Murphy you are looking at Abdullah.  His reach goes even further than students he taught directly as teachers such as Rev. Ike and Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret have all been immensely influenced by Neville's work.

Neville studied with Abdullah seven days a week for five or seven years learning Hebrew, the Kabbalah, and the hidden symbolic meaning of Scripture.  This new outlook on life helped Neville gain a deeper understanding on the mystical spiritual world and develop a new approach to the problems facing man.  It was Abdullah who showed Neville how to employ the law of consciousness and how to comprehend the Bible psychologically. As Neville started to see the world as a picture world, projected from within, his faith in himself grew.

"Live as though you are there," Abdullah told Neville, "and that you shall be."

Neville realized what would ultimately become characteristic of his philosophy: It was essential to assume the feeling that one's goal has been accomplished already.
 "It is not what you want that you attract," he would later write; "you attract what you believe to be true."
Or as Rev Ike put it,
“The feeling gets the blessing!”
One day Neville went to Abdullah and told him that he was homesick and wanted badly to go visit his family in Barbados.  He did not have enough money to travel.
“Live as though you are there,” Abdullah told him, “and that you shall be.”
Neville struggled to comply with this way of thinking however Abdullah held firm to the belief that Neville went to Barbados and had traveled first class.  Neville explained best in his lecture Thinking Fourth Dimensionally:

It was the year 1933, I was unemployed and had no place to go except a little room on 75th Street. I went straight to my old friend Abdullah and said to him "Ab, the strangest feeling is possessing me.
For the first time in 12 years I want to go to Barbados."

If you want to go Neville, you have gone." he replied.

That was very strange language to me. I am in New York City on 72nd Street and he tells me I have gone to Barbados. I said to him, "What do you mean, I have gone, Abdullah ?"

He said, "Do you really want to go? "

I answered "yes."

He then said to me, "As you walk through this door now you are not walking on 72nd Street, you are walking on palm lined streets, coconut lined streets; this is Barbados. Do not ask me how you are going to go. You are in Barbados. You do not say 'how' when you 'are there'. You are there. Now you walk as though you were there."

I went out of his place in a daze. I am in Barbados. I have no money, I have no job, I am not even well clothed, and yet I am in Barbados.

He was not the kind of a person with whom you would argue, not Abdullah. Two weeks later I was no nearer my goal than on the day I first told him I wanted to go to Barbados. I said to him, "Ab, I trust you implicitly but here is one time I cannot see how it is going to work. I have not one penny towards my journey, I began to explain."

You know what he did. He was as black as the ace of spades, my old friend Abdullah, with his turbaned head. As I sat in his living room he rose from his chair and went towards his study and slammed the door, which was not an invitation to follow him. As he went through the door he said to me, "I have said all that I have to say."

On the 3rd of December I stood before Abdullah and told him again I was no nearer my trip. He repeated his statement, "You are in Barbados."

The very last ship sailing for Barbados that would take me there for the reason I wanted to go, which was to be there for Christmas, sailed at noon on December 6th, the old Nerissa.

On the morning of December 4th, having no job, having no place to go, I slept late. When I got up there was an air mail letter from Barbados under my door. As I opened the letter a little piece of paper flickered to the floor. I picked it up and it was a draft for $50.00.

The letter was from my brother Victor and it read, "I am not asking you to come, Neville, this is a command. We have never had a Christmas when all the members of our family were present at the same time. This Christmas it could be done if you would come. "

My oldest brother Cecil left home before the youngest was born and then we started to move away from home at different times so never in the history of our family were we ever all together at the same time.

The letter continued, "You are not working, I know there is no reason why you cannot come, so you must be here before Christmas. The enclosed $50.00 is to buy a few shirts or a pair of shoes you may need for the trip. You will not need tips; use the bar if you are drinking. I will meet the ship and pay all your tips and your incurred expenses. I have cabled Furness, Withy & Co. in New York City and told them to issue you a ticket when you appear at their office. The $50.00 is simply to buy some little essentials. You may sign as you want aboard the ship. I will meet it and take care of all obligations."
Abullah firmly believed in the ability of man to create his own reality.  He did not see any circumstances as out of one's control.  Abdullah's teachings can be better understood by this excerpt from Neville's lecture Changing the Feeling of "I":

the place where I spoke, in that audience was a gentleman who sought an audience before the meeting. And we went across the street into the little park there, and he said to me that he had an insoluble problem. I said, "There is no such thing as an insoluble problem. "But", he said, "you do not know my problem. It's not a state of health, I assure you; it is look at the skin that I wear" . I said, "What's wrong with it; it looks lovely to me". He said, "Look at the pigment of my skin. I, by the accident of birth, am now discriminated against. The opportunities for progress in this world are denied me just because of the accident of birth, that I was born a colored man.
Opportunities for advancement in every field, neighborhoods that I would like to live in and raise a family I couldn't move in, where I would like to open up a business I couldn't move into that area."

Then I told him an experience of mine in New York City. If I were called upon to
name a man that I would consider my teacher, I would name Abdullah. I studied with that gentleman for five years. He had the same color skin, the same pigment as this gentleman. He would never allow anyone to refer to him as a colored man. He was very proud of being a negro didn't want any modification of what God had made him. He turned to me and he said, "Have you ever seen a picture of the Sphinx?" I said, "Yes".

He said, "It embodies the four fixed quarters of the universe. You have the lion, the eagle the bull and man. And here is man that is the head. The crown of that creature called the Sphinx, which still defies man's knowledge to unriddle it, was crowned with a human head. And look carefully at the head, Neville, and you will see whoever modeled that head must have been a negro. Whoever modeled it had the face of a negro and if that still defies man's ability to unravel it, I am very proud that I am a negro." I have seen scientists, doctors, lawyers, bankers, from every walk of life seek an audience with old Abdullah, and everyone Who came thought themselves honored to be admitted to his home and to receive an interview. If he was ever invited out, and he was, he was always the honored guest. He said, "Neville, you must first start with self. Find self,
don't be ashamed ever of the being you are. Discover it and start the changing of that self".

Well, I told this gentleman exactly what Abdullah had taught me, that there was no cause outside of the arrangement of his own mind. If he was discriminated against, it was not because of the pigment of his skin, though he showed me signs as large as all outdoors denying him access to a certain area. The sign is there only because in the minds of some men such patterns are formed and they draw unto themselves what now they would condemn; that there is no power outside the mind of man to do anything to man, and he by the arrangement of his own mind, by consenting to these restrictions in his cradle and being conditioned slowly through his youth, waking into manhood believing himself set upon would have to be set upon, but "no man cometh unto me save I call him".

So then someone comes to condemn or to praise. They couldn't come unless I call them. Not a man called Neville, but that secret being that is not called Neville. The secret being that is the sum total of all of my beliefs, all of the things that I consent to, that form a pattern of structure, that secret being draws unto itself things in harmony with itself. Well, that man went away and wrestled with himself. He couldn't believe everything I told him, not that night, but last Sunday morning in the lobby, he came forward and we renewed the friendship. He took me next door to show me the fruit of this teaching.

He said, "Neville, it took me almost three years to really overcome that fixed idea that I, by the accident of birth, would be a secondary citizen, but I overcame .it. Now here is my office on Wilshire Boulevard. I picked this one not because it was the only one offered; four equally wonderful spots were offered me. I took this one because it had greater telephone facilities, but the others were equally good. Now here is my office.

Now you couldn't judge my income from this office, lovely as it is. Everything is nice about it, but, Neville, this year I will net a quarter of a million dollars". Well in America that is still a fabulous sum of money. It would be staggering in any other part of the world, but even in fabulous America a man to net a quarter of a million is really up in the very highest of brackets. And that was the man that a few years ago told me the
whole vast world was against him by reason of the accident of birth. He knows now he is what he is by virtue of the state of consciousness with which he is identified, and the choice is his to go back to the restrictions of his childhood when he believed the story or to continue in the freedom that he has found.

So you and I can be anything in this world we desire to be if we will clearly define our aim in life and constantly occupy that aim. It must be habitual. The concept we hold of self that is noble must not be put on just for a moment and taken off when we leave this church. We feel free here; we feel that we have something in common, that's why we are here, but are we going to wear the noble concept we now hold of self when we go through the door and enter that bus, or are we going to return to the restrictions that were ours prior to coming here? The choice is ours and the hardest lesson to learn is that there is no one in this world that can be drawn into your world unless you, and you alone, call him.

You can start now from scratch and choose the being you want to be. You aren't going to change the pigment of your skin but you will find your accent or the pigment of skin or your so-called racial background will not be a hindrance, for if a man is ever hindered it can only be the state of consciousness in which he abides that hinders him. Man is freed or constrained by reason of the state of mind in which he persists. If you persist in it, well, then I will say, "persist in it", but I warn you no one cares and that is an awful blow when a man discovers that no one, no one but himself really cares. So we find ourselves weeping with ourselves in the hope of getting others to weep with us. And what an awful shock when the day arrives we discover that no one really ever cared. They will give us some little listening ear for a moment just as they were passing by, but they really didn't care.

Abdullah's students, Neville and Dr. Murphy, went on to write books that have sold in the millions as well as deliver lectures all over the world.  His influence has been far reaching and powerful.  This master metaphysician preferred to stay out of the limelight however his impact on the New Thought movement cannot be denied.  We are forever grateful for the work he put forth.
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  1. There seems to be a lot of EGO on here. LOve Neville and Abdullah. I AM at a point where I AM leaving the separation or separtist thinking to itself.

  2. Thanks for such an informative article. I discovered Neville and Murphy three years ago which led me on a search and the reading of many other new thought authors and metaphysical authors. I was always intrigued by Abdullah and googled him but could never find much. This is the first time I have found such a lengthy piece about him. Lately I have read and reread Florence Scovall Shin's 'The Game of Life and How to Play it' which I find very inspiring as well. I have some great resources that tie in with Abdullah's teachings. His teachings are the true meaning of the Christ within and the out picturing of ones beliefs. I have tried his methods successfully many times but it is a constant effort to keep it up consistently and so easy to fall back into normal human belief that things, good and bad, just happen to you. Reading your article has reminded me to try again to constantly keep in mind that I create my own life, good and bad, including health, wealth and happiness. And also that an attitude of gratitude makes a huge difference. I am about to go to sleep and will meditate as I drift off and wake tomorrow with a whole new attitude and a determination to stay on track this time. Thanks so much Sharif. Peace and Blessings.

  3. I already know about him. Very interesting person. need to check out My Guru...Satya Sai Baba. He will make you forget all about this person.

    1. Lol......looked him up, very much Neville and Abdullah still. Not much on Abdullah but Neville blows Satya away! Thanks for the suggestion though

    2. Perhaps you would care to do some research on Sai Baba, such as this article titled "India would have been a better place without Sathya Sai Baba" which can be found here:

    3. Why would you want to meet a person who would make you forget about another who helped pave your way? Egotistical?

    4. Thank you , still trying to find out was Abdullah Ethiopian or North African I read somewhere Neville saying both.

  4. Very good article, congratulations for your site.
    Love from Chile

  5. rev. i.k.e. those whom murder him made deal wit bule italain i.r.s.h celtic and other bulr blood/vien maonic 930 a.m. radio look for amir andreson on face book
    got invit at 318 beach 85th street ask m.j. and red hawk natoin nypd is involed in his death 20-30 seagirt bivd apt a-a far rockaway new york beach 19th street hospital in vol look fo pat in cp 4 and tower 4 under civer c.i.a/ serect serice uncover f.o.i./m.g.t pro grand master al moses jr. president sherly challagern was muder by same people i was their in n.j in the 1970's and 1980's call 1304 fulton brooklyn

    1. what are you talking about?
      this was a confusing message

    2. Rev Ike wasn't murdered, he died of a stroke.

  6. I thank the Christ in me for answering my prayers this is exactly what I was looking for, I have had some of his books in my kindle for many years I didn't even know who he was but the timing is just perfect, I never could understand to live at the end but I got it now. from this day on I will start living my dreams like if they were already materialized....I will keep you post it... blessings

  7. Neville and Joseph Murphy are absolutely my 2 favorite and I never knew they both were taught by Abdullah. WOW... what a wonderful human being Mr Abdullah was to have trained (in my opinion) 2 of The Best teachers of Truth in modern times. If The Brotherhood would receive this ,I THEODORE am asking for your assistance in my training to teach TRUE TRUTH. Much Love and Gratitude, THEODORE

  8. thanks for this interesting and informative article.

  9. I have experienced what you say individually on many levels, but sometimes doubt takes over. To prove myself i time and again i try to manifest something whose manifestation cannot be a matter of chance and can be a standing proof of this law. In this process i also re-read books by these authors and have stumbled upon some in-congruent facts written in these books.

    Take for example :-

    NEVILLE GODDARD in The Power of Awarness says that “there was someone he knew that wanted to get out of the army who used this law to get out of the army”
    very similar to the story of himself ” when neville himself was in the army “.
    It does not end here there was one more story about a business man who’s family he knew intimately and that the following story was told by the son; it was about a man going in front of a building and imagining his name in front of that building everyday when one day finally he manifests what he wants.The person name or rather the companies name was J.N Loddard (the name closely resembling to Goddard) and again in later lectures he tells about the same story only this time it was his brother who had done this manifestation whose name was J.C Goddard.
    Why would he lie?

    JOHN ASSARAF he is very famous for his dream board manifestation about the house he bought without knowing that he had once put that very same house on the manifestation board.
    Now here is where everything gets a little weird in Larry King show he says that he had lived in the house for about a year without knowing that it was that house he wanted to manifest. But in his later interviews he says that he had just moved in to the house and he realized it was the very same house he wanted to manifest. I can give you all the links to these videos but can be found out by doing a little self research.
    john assaraf scraps the law of attraction in his later tutorials he barely talks about it and talks more about other ways of setting goals and motivating yourslf to achieve them.
    Why did he lie? Why did he detour from LOA teachings?

    I do not say they are lying for sure but you have to agree as a matter of proof that the facts are in-congruent. I have myself experienced these miracles therefore i am confused it would be great help if you can explain these things or at least look through them .

    1. I've actually met John Assaraf and can attest that the man is very spiritual and walks the walk. He's not all talk and I doubt he's lying about manifestation.

      As far as Neville, he told stories and later on decided to give more details after getting acknowledgment from people, including family members to be able to give out their name. Neville is another one who walked the walk. He lived the Law and the Promise.

      It's not about them though. Make it work for you. The Christ is within and you have to prove it in your on life.

    2. Hi

      Been studying Neville for quite a while and I have never heard of him mentioning the sign saying JN Loddard? ~ anyway you can perhaps point me to the source? Also Neville brother that did it was Victor Goddard, not sure where JC Goddard? In fact victor I think saw the sign saying Goddard and sons (Which it eventually (2 years later) did)

  10. I spent the whole day today listening to Neville. Of course I had to search around for anything on Abdullah. Thank you for posting this article. I am wondering since there are historical records of a certain Israeli tribe went to Ethiopia (w/ the Ark of the Cov??) would there be any evidence of this mystic there- this goes back to the 30's in NYC- I wonder if a good geneaologist cd back track Abdullah starting in NYC and then back to Ethiopia. Most likely he was a shape shifting angel of sorts. Has anyone searched thru Jos Murphy writing with a fine tooth comb? I am now going to dig into Neville's promise. Blessings to you Sharif Ali Jan

  11. Abdullah would visit the opera and sit in the front row without any disturbance whatsoever. Abdullah was based in New York so not that hard to do. Would of liked to of seen him try that on in Alabama.

    1. Trust me, New York was segregated too.

    2. Hi,
      A person with the name Abdullah would likely be Muslim (the name means "servant of Allah), it may well be immaterial as what he taught is essentially true to all of the sufi/gnostic aspects of all monotheistic religions, it is the same message everywhere....

  12. Thanks my friend. Just started listening to Neville Goddard...oh my god...his information is amazing. Life changing. I know it's an ongoing process and you have to practice this all the time, but it does work. It's just a matter of spending the the time on imagining what you want. We have to eat every day too. This is spiritual nutrition. Thanks again.

  13. Tudo isso é simplesmente maravilhoso!!!!! Bênçãos à todos.

  14. This is simply awesome, I'have been studying a lot of teachers and never really stopped by neville ans Murphy. The timing was good for me to understand various mystical explanations of the scriptures so that I could really detach from my old theological mindset and be ready to afford the big chunk .... now let's live it, let's experience the Christ within which is really all that matters ...

  15. Thank you from 2017! Great article.

    Let the truth shine on brightly within us.

    I send you light, love, and gratitude.

    Stay well. Amy x

  16. many bless ups and ins i was listening to Wayne Dyer who mentioned Neville Goddard in one of his lectures i immediately youtubed Neville and yup he is right on point , that is the way i do if i read a book or listen a lecture and the presenter mentioned a Guru i go for the guru , Thanks for posting .

  17. Neville said abdullah was a orthodox jew who followed all the rules until he received his esoteric knowledge later in life through revelation. So no tradition or unbroken chains.

  18. Thanks, Sharif Ali, for a word about Abdullah. I know of Abdullah from Neville readings/audios, have also loved Joseph Murphy writings for clarity and brevity, so to learn that Joseph Murphy also studied with Abdullah makes much sense. Thank you for the research.

  19. Greetings from Brazil, my friend! Thank you for the explanation!

    1. Paz e amor! I lived in Bahia for 5 years. That is my second home.

  20. It is the year 2018 and I am just discovering Neville Goddard. All I can say is he has opened my eyes to the Truth and I am diligently letting go of the idea of a god apart from myself.

  21. Gratidão Shariff... eu procurei muito a respeito de Abdullah e não encontrei nada... acompanho os videos de Neville e me esclarece muito. Pelo menos um pouco de Abdullah agora eu já sei. Gratidão e muita Luz.

    1. Voce e Brasileira? A gente mora a la mais de cinco anos em Bahia! Beijos amor!

  22. Greeting from Dallas Tx! Came across while looking for history on Abdullah. Thank you for taking the time to research and write this article. Love and Peace!

  23. Hi all :) I've been studying Neville's work in depth for almost three years now. It has absolutely changed my life. Here is a poem I wrote on Dec. 31st 2016, and was inspired almost entirely by daily diligent studies of Neville's books and lectures.

    I Resolve

    To make better use of my imagination and to be available to help others do the same
    To remember that my consciousness is God and that physical life is a school for image making
    To walk in gratitude with every step and in that gratitude reclaim my status as the Creator
    To imagine great things about other people and sustain my focus on who and what they would like to be
    To remember not to identify with states I am in and to master moving from one state to another

    I Resolve

    To be aware that everywhere I go people show me who I am
    To remember that the entire world is myself pushed out
    To notice that everything I see and hear mirrors and illustrates to me the good use or misuse of my imagination
    To consistently and passionately invite the God within me to awaken fully and completely
    To reactivate my ability to create exactly what I desire in life by sustaining the memory of imaginal power as God

    I Resolve

    To cooperate with the process of The One Being awakening from its' self imposed amnesia
    To choose noble thoughts and actions and by example inspire others to take the high road within and without
    To feed and nurture the beautiful impulses within me by dwelling on them and in them
    To always remember that I have the capacity to believe things into being and to use that capacity for Good
    To listen when the voice within me says "I Am God" and to overcome the habit of invalidating that idea

    I Resolve

    To use all of my senses as vividly as possible to clothe the assumption and feeling of my wishes already fulfilled
    To rise above the habit of giving away my power to anything outside of myself by remembering it is ALL Within
    To never let the sun set on my anger
    To focus on lovely things and on my goals and ideals as already realized as I drift off to sleep each night
    To remember that the mouth of God is the mind of Man

    I Resolve

    To believe in the power of belief itself and to overcome all habits contrary to this most fundamental truth
    To use my imagination and faith to create paradise by shaping the clay of my consciousness into that image
    To help others to Enter the Kingdom by walking in the assumption that their desires for ascension are fulfilled
    To recognize that there is only one Being playing all the roles and that holographically we are ALL that one Being
    To see God behind each and every mask on each and every player on the stage in this play called LIFE

    I Resolve

    To Create Heaven on Earth by Believing It Into Existence

  24. Truly amazing..In search of the truth, I have discovered Neville and Joseph Murphy.

  25. Students, clearly we all are seeking TRUTH, thats what draws you to Neville, Murphy, Rev Ike, and Bob Proctor, but its very important & our responsibility that we take their truth and lay upon our bed of meditation to fully examine everything that is being taught to you, meaning, make sure it all fits together & that it is well with our soul.There are so many different beliefs & religions in this world & at one point we come to a crossroad in life asking ourself which one is really the TRUTH, and this is the most important question we will ever ask ourself during the whole course of our life on earth. So having said that, i take teachings from others very seriously, i have to slice it & dice it & do much research & meditation to come to the conclusion if i will bet my very eternal life on the teachings of others & their interpretation of scripture. Mind you, no one has asked more questions as i have, much research & study, i have traveled to Israel 4 times,and after all these yrs, i still am seeking the TRUTH! I very much appreciate the teachings of these men, because i believe we can learn from everyone. But again, when it comes to will i bet my very life believing on their teaching, i'm just not 100% there yet, there still remains many questions no matter how open minded i am. You see, i do believe that GOD is within me, and that the Kingdom Of Heaven is within me, and that i have been with GOD from the beginning of time, however, lets not get it twisted or confused, GOD is the Big "G" and we are the little "g" yes, we are god's but only because HE chose us to be, but make no mistake about it, he is our life support system, everything was made by Him, we came out of Him by His choice! Its just like this example, lets say that i am a stove and the only way i will be of service to you is if you take my plug and plug me up to the electric switch, in other words there is a source in which to make me alive!The same with us, we can consider ourselves god's but only because we are plugged into the main source which is "GOD". I and my father are one, but because i emerged FROM Him, i didn't create GOD He created me!In a nut shell, we all got just one shot at life on this earth, so we can't afford to get it wrong, its a fearful thing to just take someones belief system & just say i know 100% that i can bet my very life on his/her teachings. Wonder, just wonder if their wrong about a lot of it. I have heard so many testify of their death experience & came back to life to tell about their experience, and most all of them testified very differently then what Neville teaches. And according to their death experience Angels & demons do exist, Heaven & hell do exist, they didnt just float into another world to get a chance to relive their life. And to be honest, i don't personally find any security in thinking that "I Am" all god and power within myself, it gives me security knowing that "GOD" is the head cheif! Lets not fool ourselves. It may sound good, but the truth is, THE CREATION WILL NEVER BE GREATER THAN THE CREATOR"! Again, yes, we are gods because we came out of GOD Himself, just like we humans have features or traits of our parents because we came out of them. Again, i am open minded, i too seek TRUTH, i still read Neville and Murphy because there are some truths in what they teach, but there are a lot of other things they teach that misses the mark, so therefore can i say at this point that i can bet my very life on it???? No! And so this message is just food for thought, come to your own TRUTH not just the experience & writings of Neville & his own personal experience, work out your own salvation not based on someone elses truth. Thank you for your time! Sherry

    1. Waiting for more truth, but their writings on imaginations are absolutely correct.

    2. Wow what a great detailed eye opening reminder of our power to create our lives. I'll be rereading this again and again I'm sure. Awesome job

    3. The infinite “BEING” is like a Great and powerful, Everlasting and infinite puzzle! And we are all the manifestations of individual pieces of the puzzle created as pieces of the puzzle with the same powers as the Larger puzzle. We live in this form to ultimately find our way back (reawaken to our true divine self)to the puzzle as a Higher “Being” to reconnect to the Infinite Powerful Higher “Being”, so as to infinitely expand on the “Greater Puzzle” - The INFINITE “BEING” which has forever been “BEING”, “Is” “Being” and will forever “Be” “BEING”. Infinite Love Divine soul❤️❤️❤️

    4. You make a big distinction between God and You, saying the Creator cannot be the created. But can the Creator dwell within the created and see though those eyes, experience life thorough that body? Why not? Perhaps the soul of the Tree likes to experience life as a leaf from time to time? Or all the time? And as roots too!

  26. Beautifully written and I am so grateful to have found this page! I love Abdullah, Neville, Rev Ike, Noble Drew Ali, and Dr Hakim 😊 Feelifn so grateful and blessed by their wisdom 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  27. This could not have come at the better time than this, much appreciate the lecture. Pastor Gordon from South Africa.

  28. So incredibly grateful for this article! I already resonate deeply with Goddard and Murphy's teachings--- but now, as a Black person, I do even more so. Thank you!


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