Thursday, April 3, 2014

Voodoo Sucks | Seriously It's Wack, Outdated | More Rants

Voodoo is no more enlightening than any other religion.  It sucks on so many levels.  The worst part is that black people are the main ones who shouldn't be practicing it.  I'll explain why.  One more thing before I explain.  I'm catching flack for writing this.  My wife is Puerto Rican and Haitian.  Voodoo is part of her culture and she will find this offensive.

Voodoo is a religion of conquered people.  It didn't work in the past.  The crazy thing is that some modern-day descendants of slaves actually hope to empower themselves by trading the shackles of mainstream religion for a system that failed their ancestors.

I understand why you want to escape the church and break away from Christianity.  I get it.  Voodoo is so wack though.  It has no practical use and keeps black people in a weak mind-state that helped get them into their current conditions.  Case in point.  A few years ago, this voodoo priest dude got upset at me over some petty argument and threatened to send the Orishas (voodoo gods) after me.  I laughed at his ass, told him he was a joke, and to do his worst.

Its now 7 years later and they didn't get me.  This is sad people.  This is an example of the mindset that got African people conquered.  On one hand this voodoo guy was acting like an emotional female but that's a whole other story.  The main point is the reliance on something outside of you that has no real power.  Voodoo only works because you believe and/or fear it.  That is called a placebo effect.

I don't believe in that bullshit and neither did the European who kicked the African's black ass.  The white man was like, "Oh you're going to put a curse on me if I rape your village?  Well we have guns and we'll just place trade embargoes on your nation that will curse you for generations to come.  For real."  Whose voodoo was more powerful?  Not that bullshit, place a coconut on your alter, slaughter a chicken crap.

None of the gods from the voudun pantheon seemed to care enough to assist their practitioners while they were being enslaved, raped, families broken up, getting their asses whipped for learning how to read, and hung from trees.  They didn't offer any help while the land and resources were stolen from their loyal followers.

This is the Orishas

I mean they borrowed a page from MLK and straight turned the other cheek while all this shit was going on.  In the meantime followers had to make sacrifices, kill goats, chickens, sometimes people, do all types of weird shit, sing, dance, have all these elaborate ceremonies, and leave food out to appease these dudes (ahem, gods).

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