Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miguel Piñero Puerto Rican Play Write

I have always loved Both sides of my heritages.  Growing up in America half Puerto Rican (Boriqua) and half Haitian was very interesting.  My family on both sides are great so I always had confidence and pride of who I was.  That made me who I am today.  As I advanced in consciousness I took a look around and saw that my people as a whole on both sides weren't shaking any buildings.  You know making enough noise.  Yes we are known for wonderful music, delicious food, and good looks but where are the Puerto Ricans and Haitian success stories that came up for using there minds?  The ones that were open to the truth and expressed it in their teachings, and left footprints in the sand?  The ones that spoke about prosperity and abundance and lived in that state of MIND?  

  Well here is a great man Miguel Piñero.  I was just introduced to his work by my mentor and Godfather.  I want to share some knowledge with you. May He Rest in Positive Energy with the ancestors.

Check This Out

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