Friday, September 28, 2012

Lil Wayne Deposition VS Moors In Court

First off I just want to make it clear I am NOT really comparing Moorish nationals standing on their beliefs and grounds to Lil Wayne's court case against Quincy Jones.

lil wayne deposition video
"He can't save you!" LOL

But with that said you can see the similarities in the way that both parties are fed up and do not believe that they have to respect the court "authorities".  Its like they are all saying the same thing to the judge and lawyers, "I never gave you authority over me."

The Lil Wayne deposition video has quickly gone viral.  This has to be the most interesting clip to hit the internet since the Moors in Court a couple years back.

moors in court

Maybe Lil Wayne has been watching the Moors in Court videos on YouTube?  Who knows, lol.  In the Lil Wayne deposition video he asked for the lawyers name instead of answering his question.  In the Moors in Court clip below he wanted the names and nationality of everyone who worked in the courtroom.

Here are some of the facts.  The videos are below.

Check This Out

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