Thursday, November 16, 2017

everyone that is successful is in the illuminati

hollering out illuminati has become an excuse for failure now, in the past, and future failure. everyone that is successful has sold out to the illuminati on some level.


because that line of thinking helps small minds continue to feed their own fragile, over-inflated feeling of importance and accomplishment.

anyone that doesn't agree with this line of thinking is called naive. people that are high achievers had to do nasty, gay shit or sacrifice someone's life to get to that point.

this is easier to accept than dealing with the fact that nobody is holding you back from high achievement and that you control your own reality.

we're not denying that crazy, weird and twisted stuff goes down behind the scenes, just that people that are failing at life and blaming the outside world for their failures have a HUGE fatal flaw holding them back from achieving the success they secretly desire.

the refusal to accept responsibility for their own reality and place power outside of self is the only culprit for lack of achievement. regardless of how large someone's following is, if they're blaming others for their failure they are exhibiting a level of spiritual immaturity that (from my perspective) should disqualify them for any level of "teaching" or leadership role in society.

in other words...don't listen to anyone that's still pointing fingers out at the world blaming "them" or the illuminati for their own personal failure.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Are You Teaching Your Children?

What do you think about this fam?  Before you listen to any of the "scholars" or "leaders" on YouTube and other platforms that are out here kicking knowledge, especially in the conscious community you should qualify that person to see if they are practicing what they preach.

To everyone out here that is always sharing stuff and talking big online, to all my internet juggernauts, how are your children doing? Do you even have custody of your seeds? Are you leading by example? Are you actively teaching them this stuff you claim to understand? Do they look up to you or are your children growing up idolizing rappers and other celebrities?

I'm not naming any names or taking shots at any person in particular but I think it's crazy that you have people out here teaching and advising people on how to raise their families that do not even have their own households intact.  For example, there are guys out here telling people to get married that have children out of wedlock.  They have baby mommas and children that they never see, yet they are telling other people how to live.

Personally, I can't take anyone seriously that doesn't have their own life and household together!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Is Trump a Better President For "Black" Americans Than Your Boy Obama??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜•

I usually stay away from speaking on politics but...
Check out this Facebook post!

I usually stay away from speaking on politics but...

In less than one month, Trump has made Obama look like he did nothing. It actually looks like Obama was the one who was racist against black people. He straight up ignored them.

Most of you guys (black folks) were just happy seeing a black face in the big house. You guys watched while Obama denounced Minister Farrakhan and then his own pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was ok because he had to be for "all Americans" which basically meant he couldn't have any nuts or say anything that might possibly offend someone white.

Well Obama did everything asked of him and tons of white people hated him anyway and called him and his beautiful wife monkeys. He looked the other way when police officers assassinated innocent black people. Like literally, many African Americans felt like the last 8 years under Obama was hell. They were terrified and felt like everyday someone innocent was being lynched just for being black.

Check This Out

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