Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Is Trump a Better President For "Black" Americans Than Your Boy Obama??? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜•

I usually stay away from speaking on politics but...
Check out this Facebook post!

I usually stay away from speaking on politics but...

In less than one month, Trump has made Obama look like he did nothing. It actually looks like Obama was the one who was racist against black people. He straight up ignored them.

Most of you guys (black folks) were just happy seeing a black face in the big house. You guys watched while Obama denounced Minister Farrakhan and then his own pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It was ok because he had to be for "all Americans" which basically meant he couldn't have any nuts or say anything that might possibly offend someone white.

Well Obama did everything asked of him and tons of white people hated him anyway and called him and his beautiful wife monkeys. He looked the other way when police officers assassinated innocent black people. Like literally, many African Americans felt like the last 8 years under Obama was hell. They were terrified and felt like everyday someone innocent was being lynched just for being black.

Black people felt like it was the end of the world and did not know what they were going to do. BUT at least you got to look up at your TV set and see a black man living in the Big House. That made it all worth it, even if he did not do a damn thing for you to end your suffering. Even if he looked the other way and said nothing as innocent boys and girls were slaughtered by racist cops that walked away without being charged for their crimes.

Black people were marching and protesting all over the country. But it was all worth it right? Because Obama was black. He couldn't address the needs and concerns of African Americans because then he would piss off white people. You guys just accepted that shit.

I shol is glad Missus Hillary Clinton didn't win cause she would have really been whupping our asses. It would have been alright with most of you too because she was a Democrat, I mean demon-rat.
I did not see this coming with all of the racist hoopla that Trump allowed to fester around his campaign rallies but he is officially the man! Trump hasn't even been in office two months yet and he's already done far more for Americans than Obama ever did!

If Trump follows through on his announcement to investigate the CDC for poisoning the vaccines and purposely giving black children autism he will be the greatest president ever!

He's looking out for African Americans which is important seeing as how we are just as American if not more American than anyone else in this country. We've fought in every war (Crispus Attucks), given our blood, sweat, tears, innovation, determination to make this the greatest country on earth, and in many cases are the actual Native Americans of North America.

Look, you guys shouldn't be looking to any president as your savior, but with Obama, you didn't even press him to do anything on your behalf because it was just good enough having a black family living in the plantation house. You can miss me with that Democrat/Republican shit. You're supposed to put pressure on whoever is in office and also put money behind them to get them to make laws for you.

BTW, I don't care who this offends. If you are offended, don't let me know because I'll judge you and think that you're an imbecile (I don't want to see you in that light).

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