Sunday, June 3, 2012


Okay by now almost everyone has heard about the incident in Miami with the guy (who just happened to be Haitian) allegedly flipped out, ditched his car, clothes, wandered down the freeway that goes over the inter-coastal waterway and attacked a homeless guy and ate off part of his face.  It made no sense to anyone who knew him because he was just a normal guy.

All this went down on Memorial Day weekend which was also Urban Beach Week, which is kind of like a Miami Beach version of Freaknik from back in the days in Atlanta.


The Urban Beach Week is the largest Urban Festival in the world that caters toward the Hip Hop Generation from 21 and over. Around 300,000-350,000 participants make the annual trek to South Beach for 4 days full of fun, food, festivities, entertainment, music and more.

Urban Fest is known for this:
And This...
Beautiful Women

Miami Beach
And This Ridiculous Shit!  LOL

Urban Beach Week is Not Known for Incidents Like This (although it does seem like someone dies every year at the event)

This alleged cannibal attack really threw everyone off.  It really made no sense.  And all of a sudden the media is showing all types of cannibalism stories across the country.  It's almost as if the people in control of the media want everyone to be hyped and talking about the "zombie apocalypse".

Which also makes this Zombie Attack Prank I saw on YouTube so funny.  Why the hell would someone try this?  Don't they know Americans have guns?  And to make it even funnier this prank was pulled off in the hood.  Someone actually pulls a gun out at the 2:00 minute mark and aims it at the zombie prankster before running off.  Towards the end of the video it looks like the zombie was about to get his ass whupped, lol.

Seriously though, the headlines over the past few days sound like "The Signal" is being broadcast and people are flipping out.

 It may be a good idea to stop watching shows like "The Walking Dead" and all the other zombie propaganda, unless you feel like flipping out and completely losing it.

I mean it's really that simple.  Noone has to worry about zombies in the hood (I don't think zombies would survive too long in the hood, lol), stock up on ammo, or wear tin foil hats to keep "The Signal" from making you go crazy.  All you have to do is tune out the Armageddon propaganda and focus on your mission and goals in life.

Don't let the craziness you are bombarded with in the media take you over.

No matter what the TV is telling you that you should be thinking about and preparing for YOU need to focus on YOUR GOALS!

 Behind the scenes video for the Zombie Prank.

Check This Out

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