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I refuse to beLIEve that "All Black Everything" is just a trend!


Dudes went from being madd colorful to wearing solid black all the way down to the kicks (shoes).

There's Moor to it than that!  Moor than meets the eye.
FEAR NOT...We are gonna break it down for you and give you an IDEA of what is REALLY GOING ON.

Tried 2 tell ya what time it is.  Click Here to Get Up 2 Speed!!!!
After You Read That We Can Proceed...


Just added:  The ENTIRE Savior's Day 2011 Address By The Minister Louis Farrakhan (over four hours in length)
The Truth about the Existence Of Unidentified Flying Objects - Click here for details
Saturday, February 26, 2011 2:15 P.M. (Plenary Session) Live Webcast
The UFO session speakers include Jaime Maussan (Mexico City), Ademar Gevaerd (Brazil), Dr. Roger Leir (USA), Donald R. Schmitt (USA), Antonio Urzi (Italy), Fernando Correa (Mexico), and Steve Colbern (USA).

The recent sighting of an “Unidentified” Flying Object over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has more people seeking real answers regarding what they actually are, how they operate, and their purpose.

For decades, Minister Farrakhan has spoken openly regarding that which he was taught by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad regarding these flying objects. At the afternoon plenary session, renowned international scientists and researchers bring compelling, extraordinary evidence that will provide evidence and proof of what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught, removing any mysteries regarding their existence.

“Last year he (Minister Farrakhan) told us that these UFOs or flying objects would be seen over the major cities,” said Student Minister Ishmael Muhammad. “There have been more and more sightings reported from around the world,” he added.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Anotha banga from Supa Nova!

"STAR GATE:2012"second buzz single from SupaNovaSlom's forth coming CD "TheRemedy" dropping first quarter 2010..feat. apperences by ERYKAH BADU,The GAME and JADA SALUTE!!


Kobe Bryant is, "The Black Mamba". Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Okane Club

Okane Club
Far from the wistful ambiance of a buddhist garden with its intricate horticultural serenity or the snow-kissed mountains of pagodas dressed in cherry blossoms, I was assaulted by a caffeinated metropolis bent on out- Westing the West.
I was shuttled to the Airwait Hotel at Tokyo International where I stored my gear, showered, ironed my finest suit, put a fresh polish of shine on my shoes, wet my body with a gorgeous fragrance, and hailed a cab. I must have looked like a million yen!
I jumped in the backseat, “Jazz... party...get high... marijuana... take me!”
“Marifauna?” “Yes, take me!” The driver turned around inspectingly then sped off. Little did I know but marijuana was ultra-taboo in Japan. During the Buccaneer days the British Empire imported boat loads of
both opium and marijuana to Hong Kong as a gift of welcome, providing the perfect conditions for conquering the lands just as the party was getting started. Still, every demand automatically produces a supplier.
We drove at breakneck speed through the garishly glowing neon of downtown Tokyo. The city seemed to be wearing a petitely gaudy halloween costume of New York City with three times the populous. People atop of people blending into yet more people.
The driver took a few back alleys where the stench of meat markets ruined my previously acute appetite.
We stopped outside a black brick building, the driver ran up to some distinguished yet dangerous looking gentlemen in tuxedos. They gave me that same glance of inspection while speaking to each other in deep abrupt rumbles of dialogue.
One of the penguins knocked on the door, another tux motioned me in.
In broken English my host welcomed me to the Okane Club. Okane means money and that was an apt description. The club was an ultra-exclusive joint run by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza
My feet sunk gently into a deep paisley carpet, which seemed to be massaging my feet. Suddenly I found myself in the height of Western opulence with an all-Asian cast.
Like an outlandish and very expensive halloween replica of the finest five-star restaurants in Manhattan, the place was elaborate beyond elaborate. It was a labyrinth of every decadent delight only the fabulously wealthy could conceive, let alone birth.
The first layer was a majestically appointed French-style restaurant with dim lighting, white linens, and an arsenal of a wine list. Leather bound menus, big and luxurious as a coffee table book, rested under the arms of a small army of impeccable servers in immaculate black and white who behaved as if catering to your every whim was the sole purpose for their existence.
As I was ushered in, I noticed a whirl of whispers greeting me with an excited curiosity, “Tony Tawny? Tony Tawny!”
Tony Tawny was a famous actor of Japanese and African-American extraction whom I evidently resembled. So these sublimely coutured Asian ladies began nudging each other, eyeing me with unabashed sensuality.
I was totally in my element.
This section gave way to an ascending spiral staircase where a dance floor as hip as anything in Harlem awaited you with a fully-loaded bar for jet fuel.
On the bandstand, a jazz combo was blazing. To the rear, in the depths of smoke, was another enchanting layer.
Here, I witnessed the classical mythology of Japan. The tea ceremony of Sado was enacted on a polished tatami floor of amber. Ornately intricate kimonos adorned the geishas, who resembled tranquil female ghosts to me. They served the men tea as well as hot sake.
Only now did I really feel like I was in the Orient. The rhythms of jazz were but a forgotten hum behind the softly cascading fountains of water which disoriented me into feeling like I was visiting a Shaolin temple.
My host gingerly stopped against the back wall, knocked, and gave me an approving grin.
The door opened to a pharmaceutical everafter. The room was occupied by small groups seated on futons each supplied with a water pipe and a bowl of hash, opiates, marijuana, and anything else under the sun.
I thanked my host as he seated me to my own personal cubicle. I refused the opium and hash but joyously indulged in the marifauna.
After satisfying my jones, I walked back down to the bar area with an appetite to rival Godzilla.
The entire time businessmen and charming little starlets were receiving me like I was Tom Cruise or Tony Tawny or Orion Roberts.
One of the geishas handed me a huge leather bound menu, thankfully written in English. Another gave me a gentle hot towel service. Everyone had their own personal iron chef who stir-fried opulent delicacies to your specifications.
I ate like a king then returned to my little cubicle where a never- ending supply of enlightenment was waiting. I could of danced atop Mt. Fuji I was so high.
I was then introduced to my escort for the evening. I don’t believe in no religion but maybe I’ve ended up in some sort of sensual hereafter. A delicately exotic creature stood before me. She resembled the achingly beautiful Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang in her boundless yet youth sensuality.
Evidently she’d been specially selected for me and I did not hide my satisfaction. The tuxedo cats looked at each other happily and grunted to each other in a flurry of Japanese.
These tuxedo cats were some ultra-macho dudes. They reminded me of some Italian cats I’d met in New York.
I was their royal guest. My manner, good breeding, or maybe just good luck, had impressed them. They were going to show me the time of my life.
I communicated the best I could. If they spoke English (probably so) they spoke very little to me.
Ziyi took my hand, escorting me to the jazz level of the establishment. Here was a very refined creature who moved in graceful fluidity, like smoke. She must have been groomed from girlhood as a courtesan. Her response to the most subtle of my whims was that impressive.
Her anticipation was impeccable - she’d pour my drinks as soon as I thought about. We spoke not one word to each other, wasn’t necessary. We related on a completely sensual frequency. Like one of my fabulous babes in the city she held her own with me on the dance floor. Eventually, she made it quite evident she wanted me all to herself.
She escorted me to yet another level, where a king-size bed, plush and crimson, awaited.
There we completely exhausted one another.
When I awoke I found a new suit hung against the wall. On cue, she came in, looking just as staggeringly beautiful as she did the night before. She dressed me (the suit fit me perfectly) and we walked outside to catch a cab.
I hadn’t spent a dime on anything, this was cart blanche treatment.
She took me to one of the famous Japanese bathhouses. Never have I seen such uninhibited folks.
This was a unisex place, both men and women together stark naked. Women bathing women, women bathing men, men bathing each other.
Even though I witnessed no copulation, no one was hiding their pleasure and no one was shy. Each human body was an extraordinary phenomena to be treasured with admiration and touch. In fact, it was common for folks to pause their eyes on each others’ privates without embarrassment between them.
So when Ms. Zhang and I disrobed and walked through I heard all the curious whispers of “Tony Tawny?” in addition to the delighted exclamations of “Okee Chimpo!”
Chimpo means penis, okee means big. Women and even some men pointed at it in fascination.
My escort lowered me into a lusciously warm and sunken tub. She bathed me, massaged me, kissed me, bit me, massaged me, and washed me all over. It was rapturous. I’d completely lost myself in the expertise of her tender affection.
That night the Okane Club again opened its diamond encrusted arms and hosted me to another Dyanisian escapade of pleasures.
At last I had a plane to catch. I bid my escort ado, exchanged my appreciation to the gangsters, starlets, tuxedos, and the filthy rich of Tokyo.
The same driver that brought me here shuttled me back to my hotel, from there I was off to Okinawa.

To the East My Brother

To the East My Brother
NSA headquarters, Ft. Meade, Maryland.
Now I’m in the blush, the ultra-secret matrix, the belly of the beast. I was given yet another top secret clearance before descending down a series of elevators to my work area. Armed marines were posted every few yards. This was, and yet is, one of the most fortified buildings on the planet.
I’m assigned to a tiny cubicle in a pitch black war room illumined only by the electronic lights of maps charting the various planetary hotspots.
My first assignment was monitoring all activity coming out of Communist Cuba. The Ronic antenna was the receiver used to pick up the multiplex of signals emanating from Cuba.
It’s beyond outdated now, but this was the central device used to tune into every phone call, every Morse Code, every teletype and walkie-talkie transmission. Anything that moved through a wire we picked up.
After a couple of weeks I was upgraded to a more intriguing assignment. The cold war was thick as black ice and the Russians had a new signal called a burst transmission, which was a combination of various signals crunched into a single “burst”, a solitary “blip” hidden within more traditional transmissions.
For instance, if I typed “My name is Orion Roberts” in teletype, the letter “S” might contain an encyclopedia’s worth of information. That is a crude example of the burst transmission.
So I was trained on this huge wide-band receiver. If you think of a radio that’s powerful enough to hear not just one station at a time but every station on the dial at once, that’s similar to what this equipment did. We listened and listened to all forms of communication until we heard that blip.
When the burst shot through. We “froze” it, recorded it, then began the arduous process of deciphering the code. Another room was nothing but graphs of encoded messages which would then receive further analysis.
I started learning the Russian language, reading Russian literature, immersing myself in understanding the Russian mind. The Russians knew when we tagged them, so it became a real dogfight, a battle of wills. I applied myself completely to my work. I took it personal. The intellectual “wolverine” in me would not be defeated.
Within six months we’d broken that “burst” transmission! The Russians had to give it up.
Our success meant my team would relocate to the island of Okinawa, the biggest field station monitoring the burst transmission. There we would continue our diligent and successful work.
Okinawa was known among the GIs as the “Big Benjo,” roughly translated into “the big shit house”. Fortunately, I’d have a two-day layover in Tokyo.
Shit house or no I was on my way. Michael Thomas caught a train to see me off. Generously, I shared my last bag of enlightenment with my best friend.
Together we got higher than the moon, pulled some glamorous ladies and did the damn thing as only two cats from Illumination could do.
Like clockwork MT had found some “new” urine and would begin his basic training in a couple of months.
With stars in my eyes and a heart full of ambition I jumped on a plane to Anchorage, Alaska for a few hours before beginning the long odyssey to the sprawling complex village of Tokyo.

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"A massive star that shines with the strength of a billion suns!"

 Yo!  This joint right here is hard!  We bump this.  The Entire Hood Needs To Hear This.

-Sharif & Sakkara Ali

Supa Nova Slom is a groundbreaking artist, author, and activist galvanizing today's hip-hop generation. His


If times are hard in the United States why is it that a whole bunch of rappers are still talking about big rims & other dumbness?

I could even see if they were talking about being rich & focusing on the positive but NAW...
They are on some flossin, look what I got over here mess! (When in reality they are in just as much financial turmoil as EveryBody Else!  More on that later...)






This is not an attack on these people.  More Like A WAKE UP CALL.  We do not know these people in real life, just letting everyone know their music DOES NOT reflect what is going on in the REAL WORLD.

I mean, why are these people making mortgage payments anyway?  Maybe that reflects the mentality of the people instead of buying something outright that U can afford U get stuck with a mortgage on a property that is worth less than what your loan is for.  That's called BAD BUSINESS.

We are all about OUR PEOPLE BEING PROSPEROUS.  NOONE Should Be In The SpotLight For Loosing Their Home.

ON THE POSITIVE SIDE, All Those Blessed With Prosperity Should Be Doing Things Like This...
Check Out What Did:
Will.I.Am Saves Local Family From ForeclosureWill.I.Am saved a family from right here in Atlanta from losing their house to foreclosure. We had the recipient of the great deed on-air during the Kingdom today!!! Check the story

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If U don't know by now the poles are shifting (or have already shifted if U ask me).

Damnit!  We found a dead penguin on the beach and we live in Brazil in the tropics!  Don't beLIEve me?  Check out our video footage from YouTube below.


Watch the entire Grammy Awards 2011 Show Below
Tell me this isn't about mind control and playing out rituals!  This had to be one of the biggest WEIRDFESTS so far!
Oh yeah, I have one main gripe. This Lame-O, cornball, mister rogers looking azz fool won the award for Best Rap Album??? WTF!!

How come the rappers weren't protesting?!  What is everyone getting hush money or do they really think this dweeb is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)?!

This guy looks like the emperor from Star Wars.  Seriously, he doesn't even look like he beLIEves the hype @ all!

But, on to the show.  You can download the entire Grammys show @ the bottom.  Check out the spectacle with your Mind's Eye open!

Holla @ Me if U still think this is just about Entertainment!

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Strange story about a possible rift in time discovered in the Mid East...
Here's the link:

World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A peculiar report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest in a growing line of Western leaders to make a ‘surprise’ visit to Afghanistan this month and follows visits by United States President Obama (December 3rd), British Prime Minister David Cameron (December 7th) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (December 8th).

Only Sarkozy’s trip, this report says, was concealed as he was already in India on a state visit when ‘rushed’ by a US Military aircraft to the Afghan war zone.

What caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimāna” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimāna [photo bottom left] measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart
from its 'blazing missiles', The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular 'reflector'.

When switched on, it produced a 'shaft of light' which, when focused on any target, immediately 'consumed it with its power'.
To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimāna, this report continues, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943, like the events occurring in Afghanistan today, likewise, caused the sudden “disappearance” of US Soldiers.

The seemingly “perpetual” power source to this mysterious “Time Well”, this SVR report says, appears to be based on the technology of Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to have discovered the “Secret Knowledge of the Ancients” and from 1923-1951 “single-handedly and secretly” carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock by an unknown process that created one of the World's most mysterious accomplishments known as the Coral Castle.


A friend of mine reminded me about this episode of the outer limits recently.  Check out this article that made her think of it click here.

The Solar Flares are aiding US and the Earth in our transformation.  No, this is not the plot for a Sci Fiction story.  This is what is really occurring right now.  We are becoming the X-Men.

Everyone needs to be spending AT LEAST 20-30 MINUTES A DAY OUTSIDE BAREFOOT.

YOUR FEET NEED TO TOUCH THE EARTH EVERYDAY!  If you want to be in alignment with the galactic transmissions that are coming in via our own SUN you MUST do this on a daily basis!  Time to get back in TUNE with the Planet.


In this show we will break down key current events and explain the importance of the rise of the New Moors!

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This is a great series of learning videos on everything from the alphabet, mathematics, fruits and vegetables, different animals, the human body, to geography, and teaches a foreign language (hindi).

We love these tools!  Just wanted to pass them on.


Choo Choo Soul is another good short vid for kids.  It gets little kids up moving & singing.  Threw a few other vids on here as well. there are more videos in this playlist so don't leave after the 1st video plays!!

Remember there are 30 videos in this playlist so don't leave after the 1st video plays!!

We Used to watch Between the Lions with our Lil Ones all the time!  It's a great show, somewhat educational, and a good tool for Families raising Lil Gods in present-day world.


Wow this is great!
Definitely let the kiddies watch this!

Shout goes out to the Lambert brothers who run the YouTube channel  TechNubian1. This video is great.  Made For Us By Us.  Its good enough to keep kid's attention and teach @ the same time.  They definitely do not teach this story in school.  Matter of fact they don't say anything about the 800 year rule of the Moors in Europe.  Oh well, its up to us to tell our story and these brothers are doing a great job!

This cartoon tells how the Almoravid  Moors sent their female warriors lead by Nugaymath Turquia to beseige the Spanish castle called Valencia. Basically the Spanish tried to rush the warriors but Turquia wasn't having that.  She had her archers cut them down with bow and arrows.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Original Friend of Our Souls

The Original Friend of Our Souls
I excused myself.
I went outside and lit a cigarette. Look at me! I didn’t even offer Vesper one. But it just didn’t seem right.
I enjoyed the cool night breeze and the starry canopy above my head. Universal Awe... I never have heard anything like this. Once I heard him out I could reflect on it and put it in its proper perspective. I finished my cigarette and walked back up to his apartment for more of this conversation which had left me speechless. And I thought I’d have a mack for him.
When I reentered his apartment he was still sitting on his bed with the same serious yet serene aura. Again he smiled as I sat back down, his voice never rising above a hypnotic monotone.
“Alright, I’m ready to hear more. Please continue.” “Certainly. Before we had a physical body we had an illuminative body, an astral body. A light body akin to electricity – the uncreated force and motion of animation.
“Your real self is bioelectrical magnetism. The body you dwell in is the product of the earth and the essence does not have to be limited to the shell.
“The real you is deathless and beginningless. There is only one vibration of energy, which is forever. It is Forever Energy.
“Quantum mechanics have come up with something they call the string theory wherein they’ve isolated subatomic particle after subatomic particle only to find something eternal. This eternal something is beyond their grasp. You know why?”
What am I going to say?
“It’s because science is limited. One’s external discovery is limited to the depth of one’s internal discovery. The scientists will not take part in the removal of Suffering and Death (which finances them). Therefore they will remain puzzled. We have the technology to unravel the puzzle, to decipher the mystery. Know thyself and you will know it all!”
“Vesper, at four years old I died on an operating table. Something was put into me right then. I never gave it a name, I just knew it was real.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elixir: Universal Awe

Elixir: Universal Awe
I knew power was in the hands of the European peoples. Power was like a tennis ball passed from one group of white folks to another for as long as... well, as long as long is long. Right?
The only indigenous folks to rise up to put their two cents in the power game were the Japanese. And what did they get? An atomic bomb.
Maybe Genghis Khan or one of those ancient cats flipped the script for a minute or two but after the commercial break the powerball was back safely in a white man’s hands.
And Black people? Well, according to the history books we contributed nothing to civilization at all. We were nothing but the pawns on the chessboard of time, awaiting some powerful hand to direct us.
Religion says we were damned to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, the servants for those in power.
Hollywood says we were spearchuckers running around naked with King Kong and Tarzan, beating our drums, savages since antiquity.
Yet I knew the indigenous peoples were in touch with another dimension of power that needed not to conquer or oppress.
In college I read documented cases of Western medical practitioners in “darkest” Africa, trying to treat a “fair” patient who was on her deathbed.
Eventually, their medical knowledge ran out. Then the “heathens” volunteered their doctor. The “witch” doctor would dramatically appear in a puff of green smoke; his neck full of bones, his eyes bloodshot, his face painted and surrounded by a mane of wooly hair.
The “medicine man” would rub some bones together, blow some powder on the patient, go into a trance and chant some magic words, basically frightening the white folks to death but always bring Lazarus back from the dead.
That patient would then go on to live another thirty years after that savage African voodoo witch doctor worked his magic. And he didn’t even charge for his services!
The same thing happened in America with the Indians and the pilgrim people. The native shaman heathen would humbly save the day then cook paleface a Thanksgiving feast before they were massacred by the white Christians in the name of Jesus.
So the Blacks, the Reds, the Browns, the dark Native people possessed a very real power, mystic in nature, but not powerful enough to deal with the viscous armament of the West. Maybe this is what Vesper’s talking about. I sent the driver away, sat back down and gave Vesper my undivided attention.
“Tell it all...”
“Orion in the beginning... there was no beginning. There was something that was always here, even if it was just a speck.
“Those who direct the NSA, those who behind the scenes call the shots, those shadowy figures in the Knights Templar, the Roscrusians, the Skulls and Bones, the Illuminati, the Masons and Shriners – all of them are still in the kindergarten of life’s wisdom.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yemanjá Festival in Salvador, Bahia - Brazil 2011

Peace Fam!

Check out this footage from a local Festival that took place here in Bahia, Brazil February 2nd, 2011.  The festival happens every year on Feb 2nd in honor of the Orisha Yemaya, "Reina do Mar" (Queen of the Sea).

We can help You plan your trip to Salvador.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vespertine (excerpt 12)

With my signal analysis/wave propagation training almost complete and my head blown off by the glories of pharmaceutical enlightenment, I was more than a little anxious to get on with my journey to the Orient.
Advisors from NSA Headquarters were preparing us for the precursor to our official assignments,which was an internship in radio telemetry.
Once again we were sold on all the benefits, privileges, status, honor, and financial rewards to look forward to upon completion of our assignments. Well, I had absolutely no plans for retirement and absolutely no allegiance to anything or anyone but myself.
Before entering the military I had virtually no interaction with White people except the anonymous Caucasian who’d end up on the opposite side of my fist, those who fell victim to a brick, bottle or knife thrown their way or mine.
I knew very well that White people yielded sanctioned privilege over Black people at every bend in the road. Every pursuit in every field of endeavor was limited; our ceiling appeared to be merely the floor of White people.
Now I found myself in all relative terms the peer of the children of the country’s most privileged white people. I was the spook sitting comfortably inside the door – I wanted to study this thing. I wanted to master these people.
Quiet as it was kept, the wise and privileged White power people knew Vietnam was about to break out. They placed their children in the intelligence wing of the military; the most advantageous position to avoid any possibility of seeing combat. The draft was for the poor and the ignorant.
It’s 1962. The counterculture’s rising in wonderbread like yeast. The power peoples’ children are flirting with rebellion, marijuana, and most shocking of all - the epicurean wiles of Negro culture: our jungle music, the lascivious grind of rock and roll and the heroin blue of jazz.
I’d peeped these privileged youngsters in the dark corners of the Baby Grand and the Village Vanguard like pure white salt in a jar of spicy pepper that multiplied slowly every week.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(ponyo excerpt 11) Cryptographic Hieroglyphics

Cryptographic Hieroglyphics
Upon completion of my basic training I was off to Fort Devin, Massachusetts to be trained in signals intelligence, which is intelligence information derived from the exploitation of foreign electronic emissions.
Now I was getting into the nuts and bolts of my training. The Army Security Agency is the military branch of the National Security Agency. The ASA can be split into two distinct branches: information assurance codemakers and signals intelligence codebreakers.
Information assurance secured all internal means of communication from fighters on the frontlines to the executive branches of government up to the President. Critical intelligence can be freely discussed without fear of the communication being compromised.
The other side, my side, was the exploitation of foreign adversaries’ communications via signals intelligence. This encompassed the collection, processing, and analyzation of foreign signals.
It became immediately clear that this is how America kept its decisive edge in the world. The poor African countries and the third world nations forever are at a disadvantage because they’ve got outdated, eight-track tape level equipment compared to the technological breakthroughs of America and (at that time) the Soviet Union.

Check This Out

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