Thursday, February 17, 2011


Watch the entire Grammy Awards 2011 Show Below
Tell me this isn't about mind control and playing out rituals!  This had to be one of the biggest WEIRDFESTS so far!
Oh yeah, I have one main gripe. This Lame-O, cornball, mister rogers looking azz fool won the award for Best Rap Album??? WTF!!

How come the rappers weren't protesting?!  What is everyone getting hush money or do they really think this dweeb is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)?!

This guy looks like the emperor from Star Wars.  Seriously, he doesn't even look like he beLIEves the hype @ all!

But, on to the show.  You can download the entire Grammys show @ the bottom.  Check out the spectacle with your Mind's Eye open!

Holla @ Me if U still think this is just about Entertainment!

Anybody want to go in on what this crazy spectacle was really about?  Be My Guest!  Leave your Comments Below!

The usual pop culture crass promiscuity, transhumanism and occult symbolism is rife in Gaga's work. The eye of Horus and Anubis imagery and Masonic symbolism get featured regularly. These are now practically standard fare in the pop music industry. WTF is really going on here?

She’s apparently another Monarch mind-control product. Her work is teeming with mind control and fractured personality references.

Lady GaGa TelephoneThe telephone video with her headgear is probably her best known giveaway that she’s “connected” to outside controlling sources who can “dial her in” at any given moment.  Her video with Beyonce surrounded by men with camera heads showed that Bey is under constant watch/control.  Why are they always paired together nowadays?


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