Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Original Friend of Our Souls

The Original Friend of Our Souls
I excused myself.
I went outside and lit a cigarette. Look at me! I didn’t even offer Vesper one. But it just didn’t seem right.
I enjoyed the cool night breeze and the starry canopy above my head. Universal Awe... I never have heard anything like this. Once I heard him out I could reflect on it and put it in its proper perspective. I finished my cigarette and walked back up to his apartment for more of this conversation which had left me speechless. And I thought I’d have a mack for him.
When I reentered his apartment he was still sitting on his bed with the same serious yet serene aura. Again he smiled as I sat back down, his voice never rising above a hypnotic monotone.
“Alright, I’m ready to hear more. Please continue.” “Certainly. Before we had a physical body we had an illuminative body, an astral body. A light body akin to electricity – the uncreated force and motion of animation.
“Your real self is bioelectrical magnetism. The body you dwell in is the product of the earth and the essence does not have to be limited to the shell.
“The real you is deathless and beginningless. There is only one vibration of energy, which is forever. It is Forever Energy.
“Quantum mechanics have come up with something they call the string theory wherein they’ve isolated subatomic particle after subatomic particle only to find something eternal. This eternal something is beyond their grasp. You know why?”
What am I going to say?
“It’s because science is limited. One’s external discovery is limited to the depth of one’s internal discovery. The scientists will not take part in the removal of Suffering and Death (which finances them). Therefore they will remain puzzled. We have the technology to unravel the puzzle, to decipher the mystery. Know thyself and you will know it all!”
“Vesper, at four years old I died on an operating table. Something was put into me right then. I never gave it a name, I just knew it was real.
“As a boy I was famous for dream interpretation. But I was simply repeating what my intuition spoke to me. I did nothing. I didn’t question or doubt it one minute. I simply spoke what that inner voice said. It has never failed me. It has always been right. “I challenged my mother’s Christianity because my intuition told me something was off. When I was ten or eleven I was so depressed because no one else saw life as I saw it. But I heard a voice, as clear as I’m now hearing your voice. A male voice. He told me, commanded me, to get up and go into the world, to cry no more, that He was with me.
“I never asked who “He” was. Still, I got up and never looked back.
“Remember that giant oak tree outside Fernwood Academy? Every spring a bird would build its nest atop that tree, three or four stories up. The greatest cat in the community was the one could climb that tree and get that nest.
“Year after year we all tried to climb that tree and recover the nest but nobody could do it. With all the supermen among us, no one could get that nest out of that oak tree.
“Remember how I sat you down one day, looked into your eyes and commanded you to go up that tree and get that nest. Methodically, for a good twenty minutes I programmed you to get that nest. What did you do?”
“I got the nest.”
“You got that nest! I put you in a trance and like a robot you just did it. That’s the science of the mind. That’s where the real power lies. I knew it! But no one has ever been able to break it down to me like you're doing right now.”
“I remember all that history Orion. That’s why I knew you’d eventually come here. I knew it. We both still are in the kindergarten of life’s wisdom. I’m grateful I’ve been given something to help you in your quest.
“Your intuition is right. The subconscious mind is amenable. This is the basis for hypnotic study which, when mastered, is the 45th degree in the circle of Universal Awe.
“Hitler sought after adepts who were masters in this 45th degree.
His psychic council sat in front of huge murals of Europe. They visualized the
swastika over the individual cities, the various countries he desired to conquer.
These mystics seeded the atmosphere with the impression of victory and
eventually it was. “This is the left-handed application of this science of the mind. It is an
example of Suffering and Death, which breeds sorrow and destruction. “The subjugation of the aboriginal peoples, the shame put upon us for being blue-black originals, the free rape of the women and the effeminization of the men - this was done by the European powers representing the ego.
“Euro means ego meaning exo or external man. From the Greeks and the Romans through Columbus and Marco Polo up until the present day, the Europeans went forth to conquer. He is the ex-plorer of the wonders of creation. Yet he cannot explore without great destruction to both humanity and the ecological integrity of the earth. This is the work of an out of control ego with an inherent inclination towards Suffering and Death.
“They conquered with an attitude of arrogance and domination. Humiliating, enslaving, murdering, and stealing the whole way without beneficence, compassion, or mercy, all of which are the prime charateristics of Universal Awe, the charcteristics of the true human being.
“Therefore, the blue-black-originals have represented the subconscious mind, the interior man, the subjective man.
“It is a fact that the subconscious manifests whatever the conscious puts into it.
“This has all been an alchemical process of transmuting the maniacal ego; the evolution of those damnable qualities residing in all peoples - must be transformed into crystal-diamond purity, into perfection if man is to continue on this planet. This imbalance can no longer exist.
“This is the true meaning of Christ. When one is no longer bound (roped) to his stomach, chained to his lusts and desires, but has transmuted every imperfection to perfection then and only then is one truly human.
“But religion, as you know, has failed. All of them have a piece of the puzzle. Veda is time. Sutra is space. Torah is light. Gospel is love. Koran is cosmos.
“This is the time when the transpersonal psychology will replace religion. The science of the mind, the study of self alone is our salvation. The proper housing of the personality – the ego to the outer soul, the ascension of humanity, this evolutionary process towards perfection is our work.
“To raise a dead man, to awaken the sleeping aboriginal giant, representing the subconscious mind, this and only this will correct the great imbalance – within and without.”
“Yes!” I stood up and applauded. If I was a holy roller I would have done a jig.
Laughing Vesper continued...
“Picture a shaman out in the jungle somewhere. These mystics easily traversed galaxies. They might be in trance, in samahdi, fana or supreme consciousness for weeks. No pulse, no signs of life registering on the person at all. His attendants checking him regularly to make sure he’s still alive.
“When the great shaman returned to this plane of things the whole tribe celebrated and waited for a word from the master. The master had no words. To conceptualize Universal Awe was impossible. He could only say that it was beautiful, a mystery beyond words which cannot be described.
“Now this is true of the African, the natives of northern and southern America, the Dravidans of India, the Nanuks of China, the Aboriginals of Australia; all have this oral history amongst their peoples.
“But the European, representing the conscious mind, is not satisfied with that answer. The Western man went on a quest of external discovery. We now have a myriad of innovation and information based on the discovery of all the eye can see and all the ear can hear, articulated and calculated clearly.
“Instead of telepathy we have a telephone. Instead of remote viewing, we view with a telescope, microscope or a television. Instead of bilocation, one can travel on an airplane, a car, or a train. Instead of the Akashic records we have libraries. (Now the internet!)
“So the physic power in the human, particularly over the last two millennia, has significantly atrophied. After a couple of generations of exposure to the European man these indigenous cultures willingly abandoned their own morays for the sensuous and progressive lifestyle of these new people, so strange and pale.
“Now the two disparate natures have beautifully, finally merged. The Original Friend is the inevitable conclusion, the complete human being: one in sublime equipoise in both internal and external worlds, of both subjective and objective reality, infrared and ultraviolet- the entire spectrum of light encapsulated in flesh.
“Like you and I, his genealogy is a mixture of peoples... the resolution
of race.
“He can traverse the universe like the primordial shaman, then calculate, explain, and document his journeys like a quantum physicist. This has resulted in a technology far superior than this present Western/external world.
“Have you ever heard of the phenomena known as UFOs?” “A little. Is this related to Universal Awe?” “Absolutely. “Passing mystic states of bliss, happy feelings, all the prayers,
meditations and transpersonal psychology cannot vanish Suffering and Death. All these things are necessary for breaking the chain, yet superior external technology is needed to break its back.”
“These flying objects are no longer “unidentified”. This government has knowledge of who and what they are. The Original Friend and His Archangels (Lightholders) constructed a biosphere in the early part of this twentieth century.
“The elders and eyewitnesses say it is liken unto a crystal city, approximately the size of Illumination.
“It is both a destructive and a creative force. All the military muscle, all the atomic bombs, all the weapons of mass destruction combined have no defense against it. I cannot discuss specifics for I’m just becoming acquainted with it myself. But it is a sign of another power far above the so-called power of suffering and death.
“There has been much documentation on this. It’s classified as above top secret but maybe they’ll trust you enough to let you look into the blue books – maybe they’ll open it up to you.
“The overlords would have you believe the Wright Brothers were the first ones to leave the ground in a man-made craft. In South America, among the ancient Mayans, you’ll find hieroglyphs of people in “spaceships” donning “space suits”. This is just one of many clues left for us to ponder.
“That crystal city is a living organism in which are hundreds of smaller crafts: the so-called UFO’s. These ships move at the twinkling of an eye. They operate on magnetic grids, propelled by a force akin to the highest refined energy of the mind. They are fueled by oxygen.
“They make no noise, can move in any direction, even two directions, topping speeds of several thousand miles per hour. They move by the will of the pilot’s minds.”
“Stop! You’re telling me that U.F.O’s are not only real but that they were built by these illustrious Lightholders who operate them by some form of telekinesis?”
“Yes I am. You’ve seen people who can bend a spoon with the power of their mind. That’s just the beginning, the baby level.
“Maybe I’ve said too much. You cannot give babies meat. I’m just a baby myself. I know nothing. I’m a neophyte. Maybe I’m not articulating myself clearly.
“We all are atoms and what I’ve said wouldn’t fill an atom in the sun of this knowledge. And Orion, there is a peaceful use for atoms that will be introduced to us...”
Vesper seemed to disappear in the gravity of his own thoughts, possibly befuddled by his own exegesis. Then like drunken thunder his deep baritone burst into song,
“the holy friends are past description
their ways are manifold
every breath a prayer,
every life a door...
everywhere I look I see the Holy Friend,
universal life as universal light
Everywhere I look the friend alone exists
soul of my soul
life of my life”
“You will go now. Whether the Holy Friend will come to you and give you this wisdom is not my decision but it is my prayer.
“I’ll leave you with a word, it is the ancient name for this wisdom, for Universal Awe. Maybe in your travels you’ll meet masters and if they’re authentic they will know the power behind it.
“The ancient name...Tasawuuf. “Thank you for stopping by. Much success to you.”
What could I say? Vesper and I embraced. I went out into the Boston
night more than a little perplexed.

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