Sunday, February 13, 2011


In this show we will break down key current events and explain the importance of the rise of the New Moors!

This video was made in the Summer of 2010.  We touch on issues facing the world right now.  We talk about some of the underlying issues within the conscious community that need to be properly addressed.  We really made this video to LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!

It is soo important for people to understand the times that we are living in.

There's no more time to play games.  It's either now or never!
We are the Lords of the 7 C's.
7 Continents
7 Chakras
7 Seas
The List goes on!

As Soon As We Master Ourselves We Master The Universe!

You are free to make money with the free content of Tha 144000 videos, and you are free to share money with us.

Any money donated to us will be multiplied times ten in your own life according to the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF PROSPERITY (That is why billionaires form charitable organizations and GIVE AWAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS).


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