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Elixir: Universal Awe

Elixir: Universal Awe
I knew power was in the hands of the European peoples. Power was like a tennis ball passed from one group of white folks to another for as long as... well, as long as long is long. Right?
The only indigenous folks to rise up to put their two cents in the power game were the Japanese. And what did they get? An atomic bomb.
Maybe Genghis Khan or one of those ancient cats flipped the script for a minute or two but after the commercial break the powerball was back safely in a white man’s hands.
And Black people? Well, according to the history books we contributed nothing to civilization at all. We were nothing but the pawns on the chessboard of time, awaiting some powerful hand to direct us.
Religion says we were damned to be hewers of wood and drawers of water, the servants for those in power.
Hollywood says we were spearchuckers running around naked with King Kong and Tarzan, beating our drums, savages since antiquity.
Yet I knew the indigenous peoples were in touch with another dimension of power that needed not to conquer or oppress.
In college I read documented cases of Western medical practitioners in “darkest” Africa, trying to treat a “fair” patient who was on her deathbed.
Eventually, their medical knowledge ran out. Then the “heathens” volunteered their doctor. The “witch” doctor would dramatically appear in a puff of green smoke; his neck full of bones, his eyes bloodshot, his face painted and surrounded by a mane of wooly hair.
The “medicine man” would rub some bones together, blow some powder on the patient, go into a trance and chant some magic words, basically frightening the white folks to death but always bring Lazarus back from the dead.
That patient would then go on to live another thirty years after that savage African voodoo witch doctor worked his magic. And he didn’t even charge for his services!
The same thing happened in America with the Indians and the pilgrim people. The native shaman heathen would humbly save the day then cook paleface a Thanksgiving feast before they were massacred by the white Christians in the name of Jesus.
So the Blacks, the Reds, the Browns, the dark Native people possessed a very real power, mystic in nature, but not powerful enough to deal with the viscous armament of the West. Maybe this is what Vesper’s talking about. I sent the driver away, sat back down and gave Vesper my undivided attention.
“Tell it all...”
“Orion in the beginning... there was no beginning. There was something that was always here, even if it was just a speck.
“Those who direct the NSA, those who behind the scenes call the shots, those shadowy figures in the Knights Templar, the Roscrusians, the Skulls and Bones, the Illuminati, the Masons and Shriners – all of them are still in the kindergarten of life’s wisdom.
“The international bankers, those families who finance both sides of international conflict, those who loan money to governments including this one – all of them are little boys compared to one holding the light of Universal Awe.
“The above mentioned are simply enjoying the crumbs from our table.
“The present Western civilization, with all its glory, was built and sustained with just thirty-three degrees out of the three-hundred and sixty degrees of Universal Awe.
“On occasion someone broke out of that limitation into the esoteric; the mystic knowledge of the subconscious mind. This is the study of the Gods, the study of the mind. It is the apex of all study.
“The subconscious mind, its amenable, plastic. Once a person is adept at directing ones’ own subconscious, that one can operate on the 45th degree, which is the fourth dimension of consciousness.
“Hitler and his henchmen tapped into that 45 degree. Don’t believe
the Allied Forces of America and Great Britian stopped the mad quest of Hitler for world domination. It was the Supreme Being whose Archangels (human beings), lightholders; it was these that produced the most devastating blizzard, a snow storm the likes of which had never been seen. Hitler’s army was unable to recover from such a tremendous loss. “The Masters of Universal Awe thwarted that evil and are more than
equipped to deal with his brother demons too. “All these history books and their counterparts in religion give you a six thousand year scope of human life. No! We have a historical record into the billions years!
“Our secret society is pulling from billions and billions of years of human endeavor, progress and experimentation.”
“Billions of years? Are you serious?”
“As cancer. Hints of this can be discovered in all indigenous cultures as well as in all the religious fables. All the revered scripts and fairy tales, all the cosmogonic myths are puzzle pieces giving clues to this great mystery of the origin of the species.
“But guess what Orion? It’s us. We are the answer to the mystery. We are the missing capstone of the pyramids
“The Dalai Lamas, the Yogis, the Saddhus, the Buddhas, the Hindus, the Zen, the Sufi, the Coptics, the Cabbalists, all the mystics have an oblique awareness of it. They all have their piece. “But the folklore of our hometown prophesied of a great king arising to return us to greatness, to power – He’s come and He’s the architect of this modern flow. He is our master. He is a real live man in whose hand is that thread to weave all the puzzle pieces together.
“This is the greatest Luminate to appear in our billion-year timeline.” “Where is He? Where can I meet him?”
“When it’s time He’ll introduce himself to you. Look, everything you
think you know must be erased from your mind. Throw it all out, it’s trash.” “So the origin of the species... you’re telling me there’s another theory
apart from Darwin’s theory. I’ve never accepted that trip anyway. And the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, talking reptiles. That’s just as silly as the ape- man theory.”
“Yes, it is silly but remember they’ve only got thirty-three degrees of the circle. What do you expect? But we can know the origin of it all because we were there.”
“There? Where?”
“Billions of years ago, we were the only people there... then. The niggers Orion. You and me.
“Modern science has conclusively proven that our seed-root (the Blue-Black man) is the master copy; the original from which everyone else is a facsimile.
“Brown cannot make a Blue-Black-Indigo man but a Blue-Black-Indigo man can produce a white man. Ask Leakey or Mendel and they’ll both tell you.
“There is no such thing as race. There is only one Human Family, like a diamond or a rainbow reflecting various hues in a prism of colour, it is one light. We are that light within which exists the bud of it all.
“Mother Harriet Tubman established an underground movement transplanting the slave to freedom all over this country. This is the mental resuscitation, the spiritual resurrection. It’s wisdom, supreme wisdom, which is slowly, methodically, removing every link of limitation from our minds. Not just from the slavery experience, but from all suffering, all injustice experienced within the entire scope of human existence.
“Every pothole in the consciousness of humanity must be removed. All errors, all lies, every flaw - it’s waste Orion, which must be removed if humanity is to survive.
“We cannot continue to subsist like this. All of the Aboriginals, on every continent, lie in the dust. It’s not just us. And those John-John Hyinasport boys you speak of, don’t let their trinkets of supposed wealth fool you, for they have benefited deliciously from the suffering of the Human Family.
“The culmination of this three-hundred and sixty degrees of wisdom is the restoration of us back to ourselves; to end suffering and death. That’s the exclamation point of every prophecy: peace.
“Will peace ever be on earth? Yes, when Suffering and Death is destroyed then will there be real and everlasting peace!”
“Go on!”
“Those who direct and finance the NSA, finance the KGB, the Israeli Mossad, those in whose best interest it is to escalate wars, strife and conflict have been, but are no longer, the rulers of the planet. They are gods.
“Gods is a term simply denoting power and authority. It doesn’t necessarily denote anything good or positive. They are the gods or better yet the Organized Evil.
“Without the strategy of divide and conquer; without opposing ideologies such as communism and democracy; without division, class and race; without rich and poor they have no power and cannot rule. They rule only by deception and division.
“Organized Evil: this is the left-handed side of Universal Awe. All the lowly qualities that lie at the pit of human consciousness are exploited by the Overlords of Suffering and Death. Still, there is only one power, which is Universal Awe. Organized Evil is simply the negative application of this one true and living power.
“The original and the facsimile are one. Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. Seeds of Suffering and Death exist inside every human. It if did not, it would not be. It’s the shadow self of the original given expression and purpose.”
“Vesper, I want to believe this.”
“Orion, Universal Awe cannot be believed, it can only be experienced. Our Master has given us the mathematics, the specific calibrations,
to rise above all limitation. I’m being trained in the way to absolutely transcend this level of the mundane; the ego-structures of Suffering and Death, the opiates of this world.
“The Science of Universal Awe, the science of the mind, will make you free of every tyrant, within and without. The greatest tyrant being your own tyrannical ego, the fantasies of your lower self, the internal forces of Suffering and Death existing within us all.”
“Vesper, I believe that! I recently achieved my own psychoanalysis via marijuana. I saw my own limitations, I saw the potholes in my own consciousness.”
“Congratulations. Marijuana, opiates, cocaine, LCD; none of these pyschotropic chemicals can be taken without some detriment to yourself.
There have been many explorers of inner space. Many who have gone deep into the inner self with the assistance of such chemistry. A window of the soul indeed can be opened in such manner.
“In the state of Washington experiments have been conducted with isolation tanks wherein people are submerged in water, in utter darkness, after taking so many cc’s of LCD.
“They go way out into the astral. When these cosmic astronauts are carefully brought back to this plane of things, they all say the same thing: someone was already there, witnessing them.
“They all recognize that no matter how far “out” (in) they went, in their observation they were being observed. These witnesses are the keepers of the soul, the guardian angels. They are the true friends of the human as well as the truly human.
“In the Science of Universal Awe it is taught that this is the realm of Ultraviolet: complete convergence of the ordinary and the extraordinary, microcosm and macrocosm, conscious and subconscious, original and facsimile. There reside the Lightholders who have already mastered and vanquished Suffering and Death within themselves. Yet only recently has a Lightholder appeared to completely disappear into the Original Light, the Black Light, the very Atom of Life from which we all spring. He is known as the Original Friend. He has the power to destroy all of this, to uproot Organized Evil and create something completely new.
“Universal Awe is the primordial ocean of life. Our grand master, the Original Friend, has ceased to be a mindstream but has become one with the mind ocean of which we all are waves.
“The mind ocean has no shores, no harbors; therefore The Friend manifests through numberless eons in numberless universes. He is bound not to ancient nor present time, therefore The Friend is always present. From this Primordial Ocean springs the phenomenon of sages and sacred traditions.
Universal Awe is the very marrow, the DNA of everything. A peaceful ocean surging just beneath the chaotic surface of human experience.
“Universal Awe is not a religion but that from which religions are made. All the great empires and governments, all the great events of consequence are waves which rise and fall atop this ocean.”
“To be restricted to a race, a religion, a country or nation after a rendezvous with Universal Awe is like sitting down to a meal of salt rather than using salt to season one’s meal. The Original Friend is a master chef deftly using all these disparate ingredients in preparation for a sumptuous feast. And guess what? He wants us, the niggers. He wants to serve us first at his table.”
My head was spinning. I needed a break.

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