Friday, February 18, 2011


"A massive star that shines with the strength of a billion suns!"

 Yo!  This joint right here is hard!  We bump this.  The Entire Hood Needs To Hear This.

-Sharif & Sakkara Ali

Supa Nova Slom is a groundbreaking artist, author, and activist galvanizing today's hip-hop generation. His
music is uncontainable to a single genre as it incorporates elements of hip-hop, crunk, funk, rock, and R&B. His CDs and DVDs collectively have sold over 100,000 globally. The son of best-selling author and legendary wholistic health practitioner Queen Afua, he is a second-generation wellness advocate and self-proclaimed "Chlorophyllion". He has guided over 1,200 youth through his Hip Hop Meditation Cyphers, been a spokesperson for the Association for the Study of African Civilizations, founded The Unify The Hood, Heal the Hood Organization, and produced the internationally acclaimed DVD "Wholistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation".

Supa Nova Slom has worked with some of the largest names in entertainment including Erykah Badu, Common, Ice-T, Jay Electronica, Chuck D, and many more. Highly endorsed by numerous high tier celebrities, Supa Nova Slom has long set himself apart as a superior lyricist and extraordinary personality. His name literally translates to "A massive star that shines with the strength of a billion suns." Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he is one of today's most prolific hip-hop artists integrating positive street, political, cultural, and wholistic health messages into a sonically diverse repertoire of music that is sure to have something for everyone whether its bounce, sexy, conscious or raw and rugged. His new album, "The Remedy", due out later this year has already created internet buzz sensation with its much talked about videos. The highly anticipated project features Erykah Badu, The Game and Jadakiss.

"The Remedy" is the culmination of Supa Nova Slom's eclectic music career, which has spanned a decade and a half. It offers a diverse collection of refreshing music with tracks such as the sexy seductive "Midnight", the funky pop hit "Take You There", and the street anthem "G's Up Salute". Supa Nova can also be heard as a special feature on prominent social icon Bill Cosby's CD "State of Emergency", which released in late 2009. Beyond his musical artistry, Supa Nova is currently preparing for his 2010 authorial debut on Grand Central Publishing. His upcoming book also titled "The Remedy", features testimonies by Tyson Beckford, Melyssa Ford, and Hype Williams.

"We are in a time when rappers and hip hop artists are being targeted for their lyrical content, but the core issue lies within our communities. There is always a cause and effect; so, if we want to encourage rappers to change their lyrical content, we must, first, as a collective, be accountable for our influence and encourage social change on the home front—within our hoods and our communities. We must elevate the consciousness of the people, overall, further inspiring constructive change in the future direction of hip hop. Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood." –Supa Nova Slom


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