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Brotherhood: Orion and Michael Thomas

Brotherhood: Orion and Michael Thomas
I first saw Jack Johnson when I was maybe six or seven. He’d slip into town, without observation and set up at Rosewood.
Rosewood Academy was quite famous in Virginia for both its sports and dramatics departments. Our entire educational career from the third to twelfth grade was at that school with a class of twenty-five or so students.
We had a very dynamic auditorium, which Jack Johnson utilized each fall. His production began with a theme song he’d put on the phonograph:
“Lucky ole son, Give him nothing to do But roam over heaven all day...”
That was his theme. Jack Johnson was a small wizard looking cat who didn’t have a race.
He could go amongst any group and fit in. He always wore a dark grey suit, white shirt, and tie which never got soiled; an achievement since he’d always be seen walking out of the mountains. He looked like he was in his thirties and despite his small frame was strong as an ox. He was a very unusual looking cat who spoke in terse riddles you’d have to rewind a few times to decipher. He had this sweet smell about him too.
He’d walk out as “Lucky ole son” wound down. He’d look up and dramatically shout “Amarjah! Give me power! Amarjah, give me power!”
Then he’d run across the street to a graveyard with everyone chasing after him. There a six-foot shallow grave would already be dug with a pine box at the bottom. Jack jumped in and called for two people to put the lid on the box and nail it shut.
“Dirt come to breath, cover body!” His words mumbled together in a dialect of English unique to himself.
The two helpers climbed out and shoveled dirt back atop the crypt. A big mound covered the grave and he’d be down there nailed shut. Just as we made our way back to the auditorium a helper cued his theme song...

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Elixir of Ponyo (excerpt 2) - Illumination and the Legend of Ugoma

Illumination and the Legend of Ugoma

The Black people of Illumination were never slaves. My brother did the research and no one from Illumination was ever bought nor sold. Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s trip, was approximately twenty-one miles away. They had slave records. We didn’t.
I grew up in a distinct culture free from the submissive fear and self- hatred still plaguing the Black psyche.
I grew up in Jim Crow. We had clear lines drawn and there were consequences if those lines were disrespected. Hear me clearly, those lines were drawn by us. No one told the Illumination Blacks what to do, how to do, or when to do it.
Just as we caught hell for stepping into the White neighborhoods, we exacted much hellfire on those unwelcome in Illumination, which was any White person.
Obviously it’s different today, but back then everything was Black and/ or White.
I grew up enjoying the sweetness, love, and unity of a very close-knit extended family. My dad, my mom, my granddad and grandmom, my brothers, my sister and cousins all were one big team within a team called Illumination.
Like all indigenous cultures memory was the library, census bureau, and department of vital records. History was orally transmitted from generation to generation.
My great-grandmother said she was a Malaglasy Indian. The Malaglasy or Malagasy are the people of Madagascar. Madagascar is an island on the southeastern coast of Africa, resting on the Indian Ocean. The Malaglasy are a mixture of Black Africans, Indians from the subcontinent of India, Chinese, and Polynesian. Thanks to the transatlantic slave trade we can add Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English blood to the mix.
The folklore goes like this: A whole village was taken from Madagascar by slave pirates. This village was led by a mystic shaman named Ugoma. That may or may not be his real name but I know he was real because I’m real. The richness of my life is a direct result of his wealth, his inheritance...
So when the barbaric slave traders came to this village, which we’ll call the village of Nur, Ugoma negotiated with the barbarians himself. This culture lived in the subconscious, so Ugoma had already seen in night visions (precognition) the horrible intentions that these people had for the village of Nur, who were under his care. He saw through their lies and promises of
wealth in some westward, far away land. This was a very sophisticated people and the slave trade was foreign to

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the world is going crazy, no doubt, and this is due to ignorance of the people.
human beings are evil by nature, not all, but most of them ..
to this we must act together, educating people from the wisdom, knowledge, always with the values of loyalty, honesty and reality.
utopia? most people say it but they are actually acting like fakes who do see this as a utopia
Lets act and show 2 the world the true
is what matters in this world.


Drunken Monk from spain blessing all the world!

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(excerpt from The Elixir of Ponyo)
If consciousness is a timeline, what then, is the theology of time? Why does infinity flirt with temporality?
Could one dance outside and inside of time? Could one dance inside and outside human and divine? Why the dividing line? Maybe there is no line, could it all be in our minds?
Eternity forcefully penetrated my concept of temporality in my seventh initiatory year in the Science of Universal Awe.
Now I know there are real live men and women existing outside time, operating in a fashion some call divine. Flesh, blood, bones, and mind.
The Great Halijee is one such man. He is my master. Not a slave master, but a master of circumstance, a master of life, now a master of death whose life is lived solely to give life. Heard of him before I don’t suspect, but its possible, maybe you’ve be elected...
History has no need for him yet he can claim direct responsibility for many climatic shifts in global culture this past century. He’s been the starry star in many a dream...
All cosmogonic myths, folklore, fables, and fairy tales, hieroglyphics and Holy Scriptures have whispered about such mysteries, which sound like fantasy in present reality. Still we all are actors in this drama.
The writers, producers and directors in the drama are called Lightholders. They are the light of the worlds. They are the matriarchal marrow of existence. They can easily look back 100,000 years and forward 25,000 years as present as they are now, there.
They can communicate effortlessly across continents with thousands of persons at once while eating dinner (when they decide to eat). I know this sounds fantastical, but such fantasy, for me, has become reality. We call this reality “Universal Awe”.
My name is Tabriz. I will be your host for this magical mystery tour, this quest for the Holy Grail: the elixir which sanctifies existence.
Me? I’m just a wild-mannered barbarian, a ruffian. I jest. Actually I’m quite a cosmopolitan cat. The entirety of my brief life has been an exploration of the above mentioned themes.

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144,000 CRAFTS

WE ARE HERE! Think I am playing if you want to; but me and my comrades know for sure about what is going around the globe! I got cats in NY that I know sending me messages thru face book wiling out; talking about "what is this crap in the sky!" My big bro calling me telling me about his experience.

YEA! This shit is no joke SUN!

It's has been plenty hoopla in the media as well lately about sightings of UFO's all over the world.

Yeah man. Higher powers or people that think they have higher power; the "so-called" elite groups have known about this for AT LEAST since the beginning of WWII; if not then, waaaaaaaay before lol. Ask Adolf Hitler and other peoples like Ronald Regan, Ivan van Sertima, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Galactic Federation of Light, and Dr. Malachi Z. York. They will explain these events to you!

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