Friday, December 3, 2010

144,000 CRAFTS

WE ARE HERE! Think I am playing if you want to; but me and my comrades know for sure about what is going around the globe! I got cats in NY that I know sending me messages thru face book wiling out; talking about "what is this crap in the sky!" My big bro calling me telling me about his experience.

YEA! This shit is no joke SUN!

It's has been plenty hoopla in the media as well lately about sightings of UFO's all over the world.

Yeah man. Higher powers or people that think they have higher power; the "so-called" elite groups have known about this for AT LEAST since the beginning of WWII; if not then, waaaaaaaay before lol. Ask Adolf Hitler and other peoples like Ronald Regan, Ivan van Sertima, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Galactic Federation of Light, and Dr. Malachi Z. York. They will explain these events to you!

People have been telling us for years on top of years for at least the last century; if not before. There has been UFO disclosure forums with officials from U.S. Corporations confessing in private after they have been discharged from these corporations and giving mass population the truth about the extraterrestrial life on and inside of this planet. There are even simulations in the media about life as such of other planes and and other planets. You know what shows and movies I am talking about, Star Wars, Star Trek, ALF, Stargate SG-1; com'n, do I have to keep going?

So, how can you even doubt this! And people have the nerve to come up to you and ask you, "do you believe in that crap!?" No! STUPID, I don't. The shit is right in front of you! So you can determine your own and blatant truth.

There's no need to have fear about the situation(s), even though that is what the westernized world thrives off of. Certain people will tell you that these being are here to make the planet moor sustainable for humans and other creatures.


signing ou..

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