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Abd El Hakim Awyan (Hakim for short) is an indigenous wisdom keeper, recognized Elder of the Awyani tribe (Eye clan of Egypt), and Keeper of the Keys.  Hakim grew up near the pyramids of the Giza Plateau and The Sphinx.  Hakim is a griot who learned the oral tradition of the ancient Egyptians.   Hakim is a master of the ancient Al Khemitian wisdom tradition.  He obtained degrees in Egyptology and archaeology, and over sixty years of professional field experience.  As Hakim taught us, “Egypt is not part of the Middle East. Egypt is part of Africa,” and he was proud of the living African oral tradition, which he so lovingly shared.

Abd El Hakim AwyanHakim decoded the origins of ancient Egyptian symbols through tracing the linguistic roots of words. Trained as an archaeologist in Scandinavia, Hakim was able to bridge modern archaeology with indigenous wisdom offering a well-rounded perspective on ancient Kemet.  Hakim was one of the first official Egyptologists and he proudly guided groups of tourists to sacred sites and to the Egyptian Museum for 5 decades.  His legacy continues as many of his children are also wisdom keepers.

Hakim did not subscribe to the idea of linear evolution.  He taught, from oral tradition that everything occurs in cycles or stages.  There were periods of high science, spirituality, as well as ages of decline and ignorance.  His traditions taught him that humanity extends back thousands, if not millions of years.  Hakim was able to recount the last 65,000 years of history for all the tribes of the world.  He represents an unbroken line of griots extending back indefinitely.

stephen mehler hakim awyanMany people travelled to Egypt to work with Hakim, learn from him and conduct research.  He became legendary for his expertise.  In addition to his recognition as an Egyptologist he also gained distinction as a guest speaker in a series of documentary films called The Pyramid Code that used pioneering ideas, backed by real scientific research, and some imaginative thinking to bring a new light to Egypt’s amazing technologically advanced and enlightened past.  Hakim also mentored lecturer and teacher, Stephen Mehler, author of books such as Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology, which redefined the field as Khemitology, not Egyptology. 

Indigenous wisdom keepers all over the world believe that the time we live in was predestined thousands, if not millions, of years ago as a time of awakening on Planet Earth. Several ancient civilizations including the Mayans, Native Americans, and the Khemitians (Ancient Egyptians) all coincided on this fact.

This awakening concerns the merging of the higher dimensions with our own.  As a precursor to this promising event, we are undergoing an extraordinary rise in vibration which is expanding the consciousness of everyone here.  These events are causing a wider acceptance of spirituality and a larger interest in all paranormal activities.  Hakim asserts that we actually have 360 senses, even though we currently only use 5 of them.

Hakim and Mehler worked together to help get the message out to the world.

Joining his education, field experience, and inner guidance, Hakim was able to reveal that the ancient Egyptians, or Khemetians, as he called them, were far more technologically and spiritually advanced than “his-tory” has given them credit for.

Hakim was invited to be an ambassador of peace, and lectured and shared his wisdom at many venues in many different countries all over the world before he passed from this life, or wested, as he would have said, in August of 2008. Hakim started an information revolution that continues today.

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