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Before you read this post I feel that it is important to say this.

I do not in any way support or agree with the ceremony involving Bishop Eddie Long.  I want to clarify that because Eddie Long is in no way a good example of a black man.  It is a heinous and disgusting act to place a person like Long who abuses their position as a spiritual leader in a position of prominence.

The purpose of this post is to show that there is more to this situation than meets the eye.  It is way bigger than race or culture.

This shows that the people who made this decision are devious and interested in embarrassing Black Americans by placing honors on the worst example of our people.  Not to mention the "Jewish" converts to the religion of Judaism are actually pretenders who act as if they do not know that black people are the real Hebrews.  Enough on that.  There are plenty of resources online if you want to find out who the REAL Hebrews are.  Click this link if you are interested in researching that.

There are plenty of GREAT examples of powerful black men who are doing positive things to make the world a better place.  Any one of these men would have been a better selection for this type of ceremony.  However this post is meant to explain the real meaning behind that ceremony and how it can be applied to the time we live in.  The people who decided to carry out this ritual with Eddie Long did not want to choose a shining example of a black man who deserved to be placed on his throne.  Their motivation for doing this was self-serving, devilish, and ultimately about self preservation.

The energy that is rising up within us and the entire planet is aligned with the Original King and Queen retaking their rightful throne!  Everyone has to move in accordance with this kundalini energy that is rising up or find themselves obsolete and left behind.  The planet is not going to wait any longer.

The people who have dedicated their entire lives to studying Kaballah, high up initiates from the Order of the Golden Dawn, and other organizations like the Rosicrucian Order have foreseen this time coming for a while.  They have been trying to figure out how they could survive and thrive with this upcoming shift.

This is all about you.  Everything from here on out is about you rising up.  It's not about the Illuminati or what anyone else is planning because ultimately everyone is inside of creation and has to follow certain rules.  Black Americans have to rise up and take their rightful place at the head of the world.  Even people who want to embarrass and make fools of black people have to be in alignment with the Black Man rising or they will become obsolete!

Even this scenario of the Black Man rising to return to his throne as ruler of the world is symbolic of something that is taking place inside of everyone, regardless of their race.  Read further to understand...
Wow, this was amazing.  Especially if you take a deep look at it and put your feelings aside.  That was a powerful ritual.  A messianic rabbi just crowned Eddie Long King!  The rabbi said that the land of Israel was within Long and that he went through slavery and was returning to the throne.  That means so much on so many levels.  This physical ritual was played out on camera for many to see but this is really about what is taking place within you.

You must place the king back on the throne within yourself.  We are coming into a new age and it is time to upgrade.  Symbolically the Black American has gone through the process of ruling the world to becoming subject and detested by all.  Few people seem to understand this but the people who are now called African Americans where once the shining light of the world.  The Black American has been humbled and even forgotten that they ever ruled.  The new ruling class is afraid of the true king remembering who he/she is.  They present a false reality to the world with fake histories and many other lies to keep everyone from realizing the truth of the matter.

This current set up was not built to last.  It was only a temporary phase or period while the true king wakes up and regains consciousness.  Once the king retraces his steps and remembers how to rule anyone who opposes will have to get out of his way.  Anyone who is wise would align themselves with this energy!  Just like messianic rabbi Ralph Messer did when he anointed Eddie Long as king and wrapped him in the Torah (he apparently pissed off the ADL, lol).  Even good ol' boy George Bush had a smile on his face as he showed Barack Obama around the White House for the last time.

It's not about race because this process is actually occurring within us all!
As above, so below.  Or in this case as within, so without.

The Creative Force/Collective Consciousness/Most High lives through all of us.  Every man, woman, and child is a king that is the creator of their reality.  However the king within everyone is not sitting on the throne.  It has forgotten who it really is while the emotions of the individual run the show.

So in other words, everyone has a higher self and a lower self.  Within the higher self lies the creative power and divinity.  The lower self is actually a creation that was developed in order to help protect you while experiencing life in the 3rd dimension.  The emotions that trigger adrenaline and other hormone releases help keep you out of harms way.

Over time this lower self developed a want and need to survive as well.  When the higher self became more entrapped in the flesh the lower self began to assert itself more.  This is what has been going on for the last few thousand years.  Our lower self, fears, insecurities, and other emotions have been running things.  The creative power within us can only create more of what we feel and believe as our reality.

So now you can see why the true king within must return to the throne.  We are entering an age where change is inevitable.  There is nothing anyone can do to stop the king from taking back the throne.  We are getting a cosmic boost from the Milky Way as our solar system is about to pass through a photon belt that is lined up with the star in the middle of our galaxy.  The entire planet is getting an upgrade.

So while this is going on within us, we can also witness in the world this change taking place on the physical level as well.  What better example than to look at the symbology behind the 1st African American president of the United States, Barack Obama.  He ascended to the presidency in a country where black people were actually enslaved.  We are descendants of the same people who ruled the seven seas, the Moors (Lords of the 7Cs!!!).

This ceremony with Bishop Long was incredible.  Listen to the words used by the rabbi.  He went to great lengths to make sure he blessed him on behalf of the Jewish people of Israel in front of a majority black congregation.  I could care less about people making Illuminati implications.  I AM the Illuminati.

This is the order of the day.  Once you place your higher self back on the throne within your mind all other aspects of you will accept this and agree that is the best way to experience life.  To live without applying this knowledge is to experience hell.  This isn't about the Illuminati, black people over white people, Barack Obama or Bishop Eddie Long coming to save us.  To be honest with you I don't think I want Eddie Long coming anywhere near me, lol.

Tha 144,000 movement is about taking the positive out of every situation and applying it to your benefit.  Every event, big and small, is symbolic of something that is taking place within you.  The only reason I made this article is because this is what black people are talking about in America.  I AM presenting a perspective that is not being discussed in mainstream media.

It's All About You Rising Up!

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Below is video footage of the ceremony with Bishop Eddie Long being crowned king.

Check out this metaphysical breakdown from Naazir Ra about Bishop Eddie Long being crowned king as well.


  1. Very true..the message is coming tru loud and clear..its time for us take our rightful positions..time to get it Royally Right!! ashe!

  2. Nonsense.. absolute Vodca! First and foremost, black and white folks are not equal! For the simple reason; white folks are not 100% human, they are a mix of human and animal, hence their hair type. Alos all this nonsense about Isreal and Jews, most of the the current jews in Israel are aware that they have no conection to the jews of the bible but are eastern europeans that converted a good few hundred yrs ago... so please enough of all this rubbish.

  3. Peace and blessings foreversakred! It is definitely time to rise up!

  4. Peace anonymous, I have been aware of everything you mentioned for years. Matter of fact my wife and I made videos about all of this stuff and put it online for free so that others could build off of that and take it to the next level. Look at Tha 144,000 video tab at the top of the page.

    Been there, done that. This is higher up knowledge to get all of the thinkers THINKING!
    We are on to the next one!

  5. Peace Sis, I understand completely where you are coming from.

  6. What god and christ do you believe in?


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