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This young master is a great example of applying universal law to achieve your desires.

Olawale Mohammed "Brian" Belo (born 10 July 1987 in Nigeria) 1st came to the public's attention by winning the eighth series of the British version of Big Brother.   He is the 1st and only series winner who did not enter the House on the series' launch night.  All eleven other winners entered the contest on Day 1 of their respective series.

Even though Belo was only 19 years old when he arrived at the house he stood out as being emotionally mature. Belo aided fellow housemates by using self-hypnosis to focus on their goals. He also frequently discussed his faith in Cosmic Ordering which he believes helped him to be a contestant and eventually win Big Brother UK. Although he professes to have read everything on the subject, during the live streaming feeds, he would often sing the praises of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Cosmic Ordering.’  When the Big Brother housemates were shown a clip of his bedroom, the book was visible on his bookshelf, notable for its celestial cover.

Cosmic Ordering is based on the Law of Attraction, and contains many ideas on visualization. The main one being that you have to be clear on what you wish for in your life, and focus on it. By focusing on your thoughts and desires, and with some Cosmic help, you will achieve all your goals.

After he won Big Brother, during his interview Brian Belo told Davina McCall that after reading about Cosmic Ordering he was inspired to write down his 3 core wishes.  The pertinent wish was to go on “a great adventure.”  He believes his Big Brother experience was his great adventure.

Following the Cosmic Ordering pattern Brian Belo wrote down the three things he wanted to achieve and asked the Universe to make these come into reality.

Brian said, "I asked the Universe to come on Big brother. Look - it came true. I think I've done myself proud to get this. But I'm a bit freaked out about being back in the outside world."

Belo is the youngest winner of the program, and is the only black winner so far.

It's all an inside game.
You achieve as you believe.
You have to be able to accomplish whatever you desire in your own head before you can make it manifest in the physical.
If you believe you can do it, nothing is impossible.

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