Sunday, November 28, 2010


I know a lot of yall aren't going to want to hear this.  I'll be honest I don't like to hear criticism myself either but sometimes the truth hurts.

I came to an Awful conclusion while watching the movie Good Hair by Chris Rock The Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, and Grandmothers, in other words, the 1st teachers of the Black communities are the most fake, hypocritical, blind, brain washed beings on the face of the planet (still love yall tho, LOL).  And if you feel attacked or offended by this blog post then yes I am talking about Your Ass!

I'm not writing all this and sitting over here with a perm, LOL.  Here is a pic of me and my youngest daughter.  I will not be putting chemicals in my children's hair either!
Everyone else wants to be US!

Here we have a sesame street puppet singing I don't need a trip to the beauty shop because I love what I got on top. I really love my hair with self pride. (I love that video!!) This is great for our babies to see and hear for once in their lives.

 But You  fuck all that up at the end of that song when your baby looks up @ your azz.  Why everything you do in your life contradicts everything that you say?

You say: I love myself, I am beautiful, I love my black men, I am strong, my children come first...naw bitch your perm comes 1st!!!

Your weave comes 1st, you can't go to the pool or the beach, your man can't touch your hair, basically you cannot enjoy life!!!  Nobody knows WTF you really look like.  To all you Christians, God said "Come as U are."  Why is that so hard to do?

Wanna hear a fucked up story?  We used to live in Memphis, Tennessee.  We took our children to this little park in Midtown with a water park playground.  All the kids there are having fun, running through water sprinklers, slides and stuff like that.  A group of black women show up with little girls (We are gonna say black & nigga in this story even tho we know we are all Moors so just deal with it).

Back to the story.  The little girls weren't allowed to go play until the women tied plastic shopping bags around all of the girls heads.  It was fucked up because everyone stopped what they were doing to watch this crap.  It was all different races of people there so everyone is looking and wondering why the hell the little girls had to have plastic bags on there heads before they could go play in the water.

Now as niggas (lol) we know the black woman can't let her get perm wet.  That's fine if U wanna fuck yourself up as an adult.  But we have a problem with U (black women) putting this self-hate complex on the children.  U are telling the girls and boys that they cannot be who they are naturally.  Your telling them that their hair is ugly in its natural state.  I'm talking to YOU MOM, GRANDMOM, AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!

Look @ these yt folks.  They are looking @ us like We are some damn Fools!!!  The black hair care industry is HUGE and Recession-Proof!!!  They all said it, NO MATTER HOW BAD THE ECONOMY (and the black community) IS DOING BLACK WOMEN ARE GONNA GET THEIR HUNDRED DOLLAR PERMS & HAIR WEAVES!!!

You heard that right?  Doesn't matter if U lost your job, your home, your car, it could be war outside, martial law, fucking zombies eating yo next door neighbors but U best believe yo woman is gonna get her hair did!!! That's when women get like Malcolm X cause they gonna get their hair done "By Any Means Neccessary"!!!

yt folks calling themselves survivalists, preparing for the Apocalypse, are stocking up on weapons, food, perishable items, starting gardens, and overall just getting prepared while black women are stocking up on perms, gel, weave, and wigs.  Shit is ridiculous!  SMH...

As a trendsetter I think its great to have different looks, but don't use that to cover up your real self.  And dont try to over spiritualize your way outta this either (to all of U Super-Duper Conscious folks).  I already know some know-it-all is reading this singing "I Am Not My Hair" by India.ArieGTFOH (Get The Fuck Outta Here) with that shit!!!!  Okay so you are not your hair.  You are a soul.  WTF.  No you aint, cause your soul picked the hair & skin that it is in so sit on that India.Arie & anyone else saying that dumb azz shit!

And I'm sick of hearing black women say "It's my hair.  I bought it!" That is their response to someone saying that their weave isn't their hair.  Yo that is some old white supremacy mind control bullshit.  Cause the colonialist bought the land, so they owned it.  After they took advantage of people, killed, robbed, and raped then they bought the land for like five cents and said some shit like "I bought it so it's mine."

Stop Saying that.  That shit is played out! Its not cool to be anyone but yourself!

I love this line by Paul Mooney on the movie Good Hair "When our hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed!  They can't handle us in our natural state!" 

Good Hair

We are too dynamic, vibrant, and explosive! Its time to be yourself!!!  The women are the 1st teachers for our children.  It is soo important for us to get ourselves together and come up off of this bullshit!

Another thing.
Black Women, how come we can put most women into a category easily.  I mean why is it that most women don't like each other and why is it that they can be sized up so well?

The system is set up to control the woman's mind more-so than men.  How is this?
One way this is possible is when the man is away from the crib, whether he is a good dad/husband and taking care of the family, if he is a mess out chilling all day in the streets, or if he is out fucking off with other chicks he is physically out of the house while the woman is more than likely @ home watching TV or listening to the radio.

Had a perm, chopped it off, grew dreadlocks. Now I rock a fro.
While she is doing this she is getting into these characters that they are watching and following everyday.  So the media is creating these women.  Movies, soap operas, talk shows, the list goes on for days.  This is why women can say I don't have women friends or I don't like women cause they already know the type of bullshit that they be on...

We need to overcome this mess.  Stop allowing outside influences to dictate how we treat ourselves and each other.  It's time to stop this cycle right now with us.

We are Tha 144,000!  The New Moors.  We aint fucked up about none of this shit.  We set the standard!  If anybody don't like it they can kiss my azz!
Peace, Love, & Continued Sucess
Together We RISE, Divided We Fall
And I aint Falling No Mo!!!

Sakkara Ali

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  1. A few good points, but I will say this. As far as the whole water park thing goes with the hair in plastic bags, the little girls probably didn't have perms which is why they had to have their hair covered. Permed hair can get wet with matting together. Once natural black hair gets wet, it starts to coil immediately and if it is not combed through and braided it gets matted together. Even as an adult they were a few times when I was out and my hair got wet and I couldn't comb it through and by the time I got home, I was so frustrated trying to comb it through, I ended up cutting it off. And another thing, most Black women get perms and/or weaves because that's what most black men like and are attracted to. I'm just saying....

  2. I was there.
    They had perms.
    There is a way to comb thru natural hair. If you do not know how to do it, yes it can be frustrating.
    All black people don't have the same hair textures. What works for you may not work for someone else. I personally don't comb my hair everyday. Only time I do is when I'm washing it.

    Black men want black women. All they see is perms so thats what they want goddamnit!
    I'm just saying...

  3. This observation is so true! I was one a perm wearer, weave rocker! I'vebeen natural for about a year! I'm actually rocking locks now! It's way more easier to manage, a lot cheaper and far less time consuming!
    I've always been a confident person but ever since I got rid of the self-hate hairstyles, I've never felt so free and liberated! I feel so confortable with myself! In addition I noticed a lot more men attracted to me! I even had men trying to pick me up when I had my hair in a matted thick fro! I didn't change for a man but for myslef! When I realized the state of the economy and how busy my life was getting I realized all that time and m oney I spend in my hair is just not worth it!

  4. Natural hair does not coil together and mat after being wet unless your hair is not in good condition. Natural hair after being pressed with revert back to it's natural state and that is not of a steel wool pad. Relaxed hair reverts back to the curl-less, restructured state. The melanin hue sister is asleep thinking that what Allah(God)has blessed here with is not good enough because of a psychosis. It was designed this way. One of the reasons the European named locs (prepared stated of your antenna's to Allah) Dread Locs, the European dreaded to see us coming and because we were the people with the locked hair. They gave it this name the same as NBC. Society has to keep your mind in the frame of being inferior to European because they have no force behind their power, except ours. And that is done by getting us to imitate them instead of being the gods and goddess we are, so we get played out to position. And no the brothers don't know what they want if they want straight hair. Just shows how brained washed they are. I cut my relaxer out seven years ago, and I'm sexy 24 hours a day. In the middle of the night and I happen to glimps myself on the way to the bathroom in the mirror, yeap I'm still sexy. I am a licensed cos instructor and stylist, and yes they want to be a white woman and every women and or man who dislikes what Allah gave you dislikes themselves and is telling Allah she made a mistake. The raft is yours ;o)

  5. Bre, try to recognize when your brain is not on the level of the author.

  6. Black natural hair is way more attractive than a weave. I know it may be hard to go natural at first but every Black woman should try it at least once. I've heard of some Black hair types being hard to comb BUT I think it depends on the comb. You got to use the right pick/comb and it is best to comb your hair when wet or with a conditioner. I use Mane and Tail shampoo and conditor and leave in conditioner. Then I use Blue Magic to make my hair look shiney and it keeps my hair in place. These products are good for locks too and is available at Walgreens Black hair section.

    You dont have to wash your hair everyday but its up to you to experiment and see what what works best for your hair type. I tried a variety of products until I found a few that work for me because my family didnt know how to manage my hair so I had to learn on my own.

    When ish hits the fan I imagine locks or twisties would be the most attractive, inexpensive and easiest solution anyways. So better prepare!
    Tell me this isnt the best you've ever seen the Jacksons!

    btw, Sharif and Diamond your family is beautiful! Your kids look like the both of y'all. lol

  7. As long as black women are trying to operate from a male-centered philosophy and approach to life, they will always transform themselves to be whatever men want them to be no matter how pathological. When women follow their own leadership their behavior and self are no longer in conflict with each other.

  8. Wow, Sharif. You're brave for this one. I love your bold and explosive thinking, though. It's refreshing.

  9. Peace Andre,
    I can't take credit for that post, my wife did that one, lol. I agree with her though for the most part.

  10. Bending down to your level> Aint this a bitch you say I'm full of shit becasue I relax my hair? Because I don't rock a natural crown! Well dig this if you want to judge folks on what they put into their hair instead of what comes out of their minds then thats on you. Is it self hate to use soap to wash your body, use deorderants, sented oils, lotions, or even shave your arm pits. These thing aren't natural. Oh you might say these thing are a part of the up keep of ones hygiene. Stop it! it's still chemicals so called natural or not. If the ingredients has been processed it's no longer natural. Who are you to tell someone to kiss you ass if they don't agree with your opinion on how one should wear their hair. You sound as crazy as you look with that mixed breed shit you rocking on your head. I forgive you though I know it's the "yt" arrogance in your blood that makes you express yourself like that. When I was given free will so was everyone else. ~~~Jackie~~~ (yeah Jackie no I haven't taken another name yet because I don't hate Jackie.)

  11. Wow baby (@Sakkara)! U really touched off some nerves with this post!

    It never ceases to amaze me how women will die defending perms! Take that shit to the grave with ya!

    Personally I could care less what you do to your hair! If you wanna put chemicals on your head go for it.

    Don't take this personal though. We don't know you Anonymous, lol. It's okay. Oh I guess your name is Jackie. Let it out! This topic must have made you hot but it's all to the good. KEEP RELAXING YOUR HAIR! We have our opinion and you have yours.

  12. Ok here I am sharing my opinion on how being true to who you are naturally is beautiful and here comes this mind controlled chemical bomb with all this crazy shit. ???. For the record what comes out of your mind is all over you from head to toe. So once a person becomes conscience of who they are they shed a lot of the fakeness and impurities as well as racial stereo types of how you are supposed to be to “fit in” to the white world. Whit knowledge of self you will learn that we have our own world and the only thing that we as a people have to do is be who we are naturally... Don’t ever get it twisted. That perm is a drug just like crack. It releases toxic chemicals in to your brain that makes you look and feel a certain way and without it you think you are ugly and you become unhappy. Why Miss Jackie would you even come out of your face to say craziness like staying clean is unnatural and self-hate? It is not what you do but how you do it when it comes to cleanliness. We have and always had ways to clean ourselves naturally. The shit that you buy that’s marketed to you that are mass produced and made in the factories owned and ran buy corporations are not good for you or anybody else. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are obviously very Ill from all the chemicals that you are putting in to your body. You said I look crazy with my mixed breed hair. Lol I am a Black (Moorish) American. My family on both sides are form the Caribbean and they both are black (moors). My Haitian side looks just like my Puerto Rican side with some dark skinned and some light skinned people and if you put all of them in a room together in their natural state you would not be able to tell a lot of them apart. On that note show and prove to me any black (Moorish) American that is not mixed somewhere down the lines... While you are over there running your mouth you could be mixed with more shit then any one else and not know it because you don’t know who you are. But that might be too deep for you since you had to come down to my level. Lol speaking on levels what level did you come all the way from just to make this comment? But go head Miss Jackie you don’t have to forgive me because I haven’t done any body wrong. And you must forgive your self before you can forgive anyone else. And that’s real talk! Peace I wish you and your family Love, Knowledge and Growth!

  13. Wow, With all the messed up factors going on in the black community... Women and kids killed left and right by black men. Women raped, kids sexually assaulted, black folks falling behind in education and careers, the economy, the dismal graduation rate in higher education, poverty, hunger... reading level. etc... We are talking about how somebody wears their hair? Excuse me? What the hell? This sad tired old hair song is old. We really need to focus on other things that move the black folks forward as a group and focusing on how somebody wears their hair is not going to do it.

    That move Chris Rock made was for shyts and giggles, I didn't take it seriously at all. I'd like to see him go after the rappers and all the money they spend on shallow things like gold plates in their teefuses, bling, bling, fancy cars etc...

    We need to focus on black people owning businesses, inventing things like the owner of facebook did, graduating college, stop going to prison and men and women making babies that end up abused and neglected. How a woman wears her hair has no bearing on these any of this. Let that old song go.

    Regardless of how someone wears their hair, that doesn't change the many mitigating factors that keep black society as a whole down. Folks have the right to wear their hair however way they want and black men and women need to get off that tip of riding women on how they choose to wear their hair as though a sister wearing her hair natural hold some sort of special 'black card' that a sister who relaxes her hair don't. Pluueeze. Let's focus on real factors that matter and let all this superficial shallow mess go. Hair falls out, people lose it, go bald, etc.. Can we get real?

  14. Diamond: "That perm is a drug just like crack. It releases toxic chemicals in to your brain that makes you look and feel a certain way and without it you think you are ugly and you become unhappy"

    Wow really?! How someone wears their hair makes this difference? So Michelle Obama who is a Princeton and Harvard grad a successful lawyer has toxic chemicals on the brain according to your logic...huh?

    Oprah Winfrey, one of the most successful black business woman and entrepreneural figures in the 21st century has toxic chemicals on the brain due to relaxers,
    Madam CJ Walker, who first invented the pressing comb and became the fist black woman millionaire had 'something on the brain' because she invented a tool for women to straighten their hair? Wow! Well if relaxing hair makes me become successful like Oprah, Michelle, Madame CJ Walker, and a plethora of other black women who are all high achievers and all do well in spite of straightening their hair, then sign me up and let me straighten my hair just like they did lol. I'm all for taking that straightening drug. lol.

  15. Lmao Who are you the Perm police???? LOL but I get paid every time you have something to say so defend that perm girl it makes you beautiful and And I really appreciate your honest opinions. Peace Growth and Reflection!

  16. Diamond: "Lmao Who are you the Perm police????"

    You must be the nappy police Lmao. As a matter of fact I don't wear a perm, never have had. I wear my hair natural. But I do have very successful friends who do relax their hair. I have white friends who put perms in their straight hair to get waves and curls. I have friends who wear their hair natural yet die it red/blond so give their look a 'pop'. What is your point in saying you 'get paid' how is that relevant to the 'perm discussion' or is that a snippy comment you made, just to have a comeback since obviously you didn't refute anything specific I said in my comments. You just came back with some inane snippy comment about getting paid? What was the point in that? An attempt to get back at me for offering a controverting opinion and because I refuse to co-sign to the negativity that is shown from one sister to others who choose to wear their hair differently? How is that productive?
    How are YOU growing and reflecting if all you can do is make snide comments, and put down other women because they make choices on how 'they want to wear their own hair' and it disagrees with your own personal choice.

    Do you put down women who choose to pierce their bodies? wear rings in their noses and ears,? What about women who put 'chemicals in their hair to change the color?

    How about women who put 'chemicals on their face' to change their looks? (make up is considered a chemical too). How is it you pick and choose what beauty regimens to go after women with and what is your point in doing it? Is it to enlighten, or just to 'attack women'? And again, have you reflected how that is 'important and productive?

    What have you done Diamond off cyberspace to further the advancement of black women? Talking about perms ain't cutting it.

  17. @Anonymous Jackie don't take it personal! Trust me, we don't care whether you or your friends perm your hair or not. You don't have to defend the perm!

    Let it go...
    We don't like the perm...
    obviously you like the perm.

    I'm cool with that.
    How many times you gonna go back in forth over this perm thing?

    It's over, perms are dead! The rest of the world just ain't figured it out yet.

  18. LOL!! Miss. Jackie what do I mean when I said I get paid…Well This is my Web Site. LOL I am not a bum. LOL! I don’t see anything special in nothing that you have said. All I can say is I wish you the Best and do your own research and find your own way. And to any one reading this here is a link you can go to. Don’t take any body’s words for fact look it up and share what you find with the community. Luv Peace and Blessings!

  19. I think the common misperception is black men want perms so that's what black women get. And sure there are a lot of self-hating brothers out who seek just this.

    But the truth is, we so rarely see our black sisters rocking natural hair that we really don't have a basis for comparison. I looooove natural hair, when I see a chick with a fro or some locks it just.... *does* something to me. And they always have that swagger about them, like that knowledge of self, that *real* strength, the kind that resonates from their core, not the "independent woman" false narrative that's part of what's been destroying our black communities.

    But this is what the system wants. It's all part of the plan to keep us divided, hating ourselves. Pick up a book called "Black Hair" and every woman on the cover has her hair straightened. Look at the cover of Ebonys and Jet from the 60's and not only is the hair straightened, but I think I even saw one where it was bleach blond. Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa from Cosby show) saying she couldn't get a role after the show went off because Hollywood insisted she cut off her locks. (Saw her on TV recently with new show, *without* locks. Guess she couldn't ignore the stomach rumblings any longer.)

    And I know y'all remember when that rep from GLAMOUR said so-called "political hairstyles" like AFROS were a no-no in the office. As if, y'know, letting a person's hair grow the way it grows means you must be making some kind of anti-establishment political statement. Ask yourself then, if they perceive this as a challenge, then to what? The same system that makes you think your hair is wrong. It's an overt challenge to a covert attack. It's almost like the establishment tipping their hand. We can't come out and say we're psychologically assaulting you, but your wearing your hair that way frightens us because obviously our propaganda doesn't work on you.

  20. "magazine called Black Hair", that is. But I know y'all already knew this.

    Also, a conversation I had with a co-worker once: She kept telling me about the problems she was having with her hair. So I was like, "Well, why don't you wear it natural?" "I don't like to put a straightening comb in my head, i'm not good with it I might burn my ears." "Naww," I say, "I'm talking about natural, natural. Like a fro." She looked at me like I had two heads, with a third one just about to come in.

    I mean, in her frame of view her real *natural* hair isn't even natural, it's not even a part of the discussion. I found that telling.

  21. @The Doc
    Yeah that shit is truly sickening. The only thing we can do is break the chain and reproduce, lol! We have four children who aren't getting that brainwashing mess as they grow.

    The worst, self-hateful messages we get usually come from our own family and community. If it wasn't for Chris Rock's movie most white folks wouldn't even know what "good hair" is.

  22. I too addressed this problem about sistas wearing weaves. They go to Koreans stores purchased their hair that came from Indians then go to Hair Salons where Africans sistas braid it. None of that money is being circulated in our community. Also, the fake hair the one made from chemicals causes cancer and baldness. This summer I noticed sistas, young and old, faking it. Makes me want to holla. I also believe its causing alot of sistas to just lose their minds. It has been an increase in stupid crimes committed by young girls. I also take notice that all of them are wearing weaves.

  23. @moormagic
    I agree!
    This is madness
    Preciate the feedback. People really need to read this entire page and get right!

  24. Here is some good information regarding long natural hair -- The article is entitled, "The Truth About Hair And Why Native/Indians would keep their hair long" and can be found at the website By the way I am not the Anonymous who previously posted, wasn't sure how to post so went with the easiest way. Information Is Power.

  25. Black Sista Goddess with Locks!November 11, 2011 at 3:19 AM

    This is why I won't cut my locks!!!

  26. Preciate you sharing the links!
    Much love. There is no longer any excuse to refuse to go natural. There are plenty of styles and info on how to care for your natural hair out there.

  27. I have natural hair for over 25yrs plus, i've had locks for over 10 years and now I have a natural afro that I wear in many different styles and i love the versatility and options of having natural hair. After having natural hair since a child I know it's personal choice. Black women come in all different sizes, shapes, hues and styles. Who is anyone to tell someone how to wear their hair, how to dress, what to eat, what to think? I'm so tired of the so-called "conscious community". I've been there done that awhile ago. The whole vegan organic, natural thing. Just because that works for me or you doesn't mean it's working for everyone and everyone evolves at their own rate. Be compassionate to sisters with perms or weaves and maybe just maybe they will listen to what your saying instead of cursing them and calling them full of shit and other choice words you used to describe them in a negative tone and light.

    When I was younger I really use to think that the women that had locks and wore the African clothes and took African dance class, ate vegetarian were so cool and down for the people and I got to see as I grew that you cant judge a book by it's cover! Sometimes those are the very sister will chew you up and spit you out and throw you under the bus and a sister with a perm will help you and give you information and uplift you. So please don't be so naive to think that every single Black women with a perm or weave is self hating. And like I said I am natural and loving it but I understand it's not for everyone and that people can and do change when they are ready. Peace.

  28. Peace, you are absolutely right sister.
    Much love

  29. We have to love ours sisters up out of perms. It has been so ingrained within us to reject who we are naturally that some of us will not make this transition easily no matter who is effected by our choice not to. This doesnt mean we are selfish or self centered it just means that some of us do not want to imagine the reality we must embrace when we do go Au Natural.

    It will take time, information, energy and most of all love and patience for us ALL to feel comfortable enough in our own skin to be who and what we are supposed to be by nature.

    There is truth to what you say but we must not be hard on each other we have to be understanding. We must all meet on common ground so that we might advance TOGETHER.

    Peace and love GODDESS

  30. i am white i dont care how u wear ur hear , i dont understand why u would give a shit what white people think..
    isnt that racism reversed...
    white people cant handle us naturaly ?? sounds racist 2 me
    me i dont care how u dress look color or whatever , i just care how u act...


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