Monday, November 22, 2010


What's the deal with Kanye West?
 Let's talk about him for a second.  He always manages to grab headlines and get bad press for speaking his mind.  Love him or hate him, he is the only rapper/entertainer at his level of super stardom who says or does the things he does without worrying about the consequences.

When Hurricane Katrina went down none of the big bad gangsta rappers had anything to say.  Only peep heard around the world came from Mighty Mos Def and Kanye West.  Sure Jay-Z (Yahweh to Kanye's Jesus/Father & Son) agrees with what Ye said about Bush now.  Shit, if he didn't he's not real.  But it's like a gazillion years later so it doesn't matter.  Ye does this shit all the time.  Kanye's outburst made white america uncomfortable as hell.  I don't think Ye gave a fuck either.  He's always making them uncomfortable.

That Taylor Swift shit where he went up to get the award for Beyonce was some real shit.  Another uncomfortable moment for white america.  Oh well, we are the elephants in the room that everyone is trying to ignore.  Even though Beyonce tried to distance herself from Ye (she gotta do that bullshit she aint free) they was probably all sitting together at one point thinking how the fuck they gonna give this no-talent ass robot bitch that award.  Kanye is the type who will get gangsta when necessary and worry about the consequences later.

Basically Ye knows he is royalty.  I'll go even further than that and say he knows who he is.  Check out this flick.

That shit was not an accident.  He's got the Horus chain on.  Real gold, like royalty and he made sure to take a picture in front of the Egyptian/Kemetian sarcophagus. 

You might see his behavior as cocky and obnoxious but he just knows who he is.  His behavior shows he is tired of holding his tongue and going along with
this charade that the whole world is under.  We live in a false sense of reality that is coming down quickly.  Cause to be honest with you We have a lot in common with Kanye over here.  We have four little kids who act the same way.

The world is changing and the Lords of the 7C's are waking up and not content with being in any position except for the top, upper echelon.  We are the royalty of the planet.  Get the fuck outta here with that weak shit.  Anyone who can't understand Ye's behaviour by now suffers from a mindstate of servitutde.

Sharif Ali

Kanye West - Power (The Imagery Alone is Ridiculous!!)

That’s the realist shit I have seen in a while…lol Word up,  It is Extremely captivating and artistic it keep our children’s attention  and they are 8,5,3,and 1 years old. They sit still for no  “and the moral of the séance, just kids no paronts”.  That right there let me know that the Old Moors don’t have the vision any longer.  The New Moors are the ones with that majik!  WE got that Fire!

Speaking on that Fire.  In the Mini movie, video, Dream Fantasy story Ye showed the Phoenix as his girlfriend.   And she was trying to be down and understand this world.   She was lost and confused and deep down inside she disliked it.  She realized the truth at the dinner table when the turkey was placed in front of her.

The truth set her free she then knew she must Burn To RIZE upRIZE Black Girl!  When we RiZE Our nation RIZes as well!!!  I love the RED smoke signals to.  That smoke called to us warriors and the ancestors who have been watching from the side lines.  All the Legbas, Eshus, Changos, Oyas, Eiansas,  SetKhemets,  I can go on for days.   But you get it.  It is time to form one body so that we can see everything through one eye.

All Of the Lights!  Once we have seen it all we can return to darkness where we can then create again.
Create without question without all of the bullshit because we learn from our mistakes.   So if we don’t burn now we will be like the statues frozen stuck in this shit for many moor life times.  This opportunity only comes around once every blue moon which was last go figure! (Click here for moor info on that) Look at it, It is beautiful!  This was taken from Salvador BR at 8:30 p.m. by me. 

But Yah Yall RunAway As Fast at You can dont playalong with this shit anylonger we have an out so it is time that you focus on that.  Loving each other come together and  get away from all this dumb shit we are better than this and WE need to shine!  Our Energy is burning up this reality Rebirth Phoenix!

You see The black women the Phoenix saw with her 1st eye that this world ate birds.  This world was set up to eat us alive if we didn’t “get it” and that pressure made her “get it”. You get it? Lol, Give thanks today and on thanksgiving night when the bird (the Turk) gets put in the center of the table stand up and say fuck all yall and burn down!
Peace Sakkara Ali

Kanye West - Runaway

Goddamn that Runaway video was sick.  And Ye told yall to Runaway...It's about to get crazy!!!
Is anyone out there listening??
Oh yeah and look @ the jewelery pieces he is rocking.  Noone made him wear the Horus chain and pyramid rings @ the BET awards or whatever awards it was.

He's putting it in ya faceLook @ that shit and tell me he doesn't know whats up!  I understand regular church folk getting mad and confused about this stuff.  They don't know anything!  Of course a regular Christian would demonize a black man/Moor for recognizing his own roots because religion keeps them fearful and stupid.  Hell even the yt boys David Icke and others are joining in on demonizing Jay-Z, Kanye, and the rest.

They know better though.  Those robots know that Egypt was one of our civilizations.  Everyone seems to know that we built the pyramids and all this shit except for us!  But @ least Kanye knows.  By him wearing this stuff out in public he is exposing millions, maybe even a billion or more people to it.  And the imagery in his videos are ridiculous.  You conscious people should know better by now and chill out.  WE R THE ILLUMINATI MY NIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE! Check this video Kanye made addressing some of the recent issues regarding him. Ye is definitely on point!

Show Kanye some support and cop his new album!!!

People actually think Kanye is in the Illuminati, lol.

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  1. my man, great article....Kanye knows, that's why he gets the press he does. We are RIZIN'....

  2. Most def, he is in the know!
    Nothing can stop us from rizin!
    The media is hatin because they are jealous

  3. you're wrong, so so wrong..
    all that he is sayin is that he is captured by this "system" he's a part of it and now he doesn't wan't to be anymore. you're half way there, so don't fuckin mess it up by your racial identity!
    peace and thanks!

  4. in all honesty the hidden christ is within. god is within. the bible and all other books are actually using symbolism to help everyone, regardless of race recognize how to go within and extract their own creative power. this is why jesus says in the bible that all men will be able to do the acts that he did and greater. he also said "ye are all gods".

    this article was written over two years ago as another take on all the illuminati conspiracies aimed at famous people like kanye.


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