Sunday, November 21, 2010


1st blog post!
Basically to let peeps know who we are...
The best way to explain is to recommend you to view our vids.
Check out our myspace & youtube channels:

Myspace used to be cool, lol.  We got the whole vids up there unbroken up.
But basically we are descendents of the original people, or the parent race of all creations on this planet.

WE ARE SENTIENT BEINGS...meaning we are fully aware beings that the original creative force behind this universe, and all universes is able to incarnate in and experience life.
Our Pineal Glands (i.e. Seat of Allah/Thrown of God) are uncalcified.  They are open and active.  Just like the solar flares that the Sun is sending towards the Earth right now our pineals are active and buzzing constantly like radios or satellite dishes.  We are constantly receiving solar flares/electro-magnetic pulses/info from the cosmos that is transforming us and helping us to rise up to our incredible full potential.

So to everyone who wants to know what is up with 2012 and everything else...
Keep ya eyes on this page!
Our time to rise is now!

Sharif Mika'el Ali
Tha 144,000

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