Sunday, November 21, 2010


Everyone that asked why we covered our faces in Tha 144,000 vids shame on U.  This is not a gimmick!!! It's all the way live over here!!  Yall don't even know what time it is.  Now U see Kanye with that shit! Look @ everyone in the video. We hold influence!!! Ask ya'self what time it is!! We Ready Over Here!!  This is the Crusades (WAR)!

Back in August '10 me and Sakkara recorded a video called LORDS OF THE 7C'S to let everyone know what time it is!
We tried to tell y'all that Jay-Z was on some "otha" shit when he debuted that video "Run This Town".  To see what I'm talking about check out our vid breakdown here and get up to speed.

"My whole goal is to reintroduce magic to hip-hop," Jigga said of
Electronica. "We watched this wizard do his thing. Y'all supported him.
And he's an official Roc Nation signee."


 J-Hova is trying to reintroduce Magic to Hip Hop!!
We tried to tell yall...Jay-Z said "All Black Everything!!" on the song "Run this Town" get off of that Jay-Z Illuminati shit



We are the illuminati. That's right I'm the illuminati my nig!

Rhianna looks a lil' like Sakkara here with tha mask.

I don't know Jay personally but in the same way that he has influence over a large percentage of our people, WE (underground/cutting edge/conscious Godz) have influence over him and others as well.  Hell, rappers and famous people watch videos on YouTube too just like everyone else.  Plus, this phenomenon of awakening consciousness is not limited to the internet.  It is VERY REAL.  The Original People are waking up.  People all over the world are raising their consciousness and we are changing our reality.

This doesn't mean Jay-Z is gonna start rappin about spaceships or some other weird shit but he's doing his part to help change reality and push OUR AGENDA!  The news that he just signed Jay Elec is huge.  Big Time!  For the people who are griping and complaining about this, on some 'Jay Electronica is selling out' shit.  Y'all need to chill!!!  We are changing our reality.  We have influence.  People all over the world are looking @ us!  Stop having that victim mentality and take control of your reality!
Like Jay said who gonna run this town WE ARE!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out this interview on Mtv:
Nov 16 2010 12:56 PM EST

Jay-Z Calls Jay Electronica 'A Student Of The Game'

While promoting his new book, 'Decoded,' Hov talks up latest Roc Nation signee.

By Kyle Anderson
Last week, Jay-Z added another MC to his Roc Nation label roster when he signed New Orleans-born rapper Jay Electronica. Electronica has been building major buzz over the past year thanks to tracks like "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C," both of which became Internet sensations. While Electronica's approach to rap is quite different from Jay-Z's (relying on more esoteric production styles and vastly different flows), the label boss says that what drew him to his latest charge was his drive and passion for hip-hop.

"It's obvious that he really genuinely loves it and is a student of rap and the game," he said of Jay Electronica during a conversation with Sway about Hova's new book "Decoded," which hits stores on Tuesday (November 16). "You can't write those sort of songs or come to that sort of conclusion without having a deep love for what you're doing and a deep understanding and a deep drive."

Jay Electronica has clearly left an impression on Jay-Z, as the latter had a similar level of awe in his words when he introduced Electronica as his label's newest member during an event at New York's the Box on Friday night. "My whole goal is to reintroduce magic to hip-hop," Jigga said of Electronica. "We watched this wizard do his thing. Y'all supported him. And he's an official Roc Nation signee."
 click here to see the entire article

I'm not trying to make some big case for Jay-Z just keepin it 100.  Some'n else is going on.  None of us are inside his head.  He's a biz man and plays his cards right.  He knows about the coming change and we all know who is coming back on top (US!!!).

There was some incident not long after that "Run This Town" vid where Jay-Z was accused of not letting robots (yt people) into his party over in Europe!  Talk about "All Black Everything", to quote Jay-Z.  He smoothly dodged that potentially bad media blitz. (No White People Allowed In Jay-Z’s VIP Area)

He's in another interview saying that Kanye West shouldn't have apologized to Bush, lol.  Check that out here.  Hell, Jay-Z is even hinting @ running for president (Click here for article).  He says that he  has set a timetable of 8 years for his goal.  Before you laugh, remember how Obama just popped up out of nowhere and became president.  He was a senator and before he finished his term he became president.

Remember too, Jay is up on all this info the Conscious Community is dealing with.  He's been up on this stuff from back in the day.  Shit he used to rap about it.

Jay-Z is Yahweh.  He tells you to call him JHova as in Jehova or Yahweh, the God of this age/epoch.
Feel free to comment whether you agree or not but IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE, NOT TIME TO WHINE!!!
Goddamn, I like dat.  I need to trademark that.  Don't steal it or I will find you!

Kanye's video "Runaway" was off tha chain!!!
That deserves a post of its own right there!

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