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Greetings to the 144K!!

I want to thank Sharif for inviting me to blog on this site.

I’ve been unofficially blogging on forums for a few years, trying to get the message of Truth out to the public. My online character has been vehemently attacked by what I call ‘not sees’. My sources have been attacked and ridiculed. Even though ALL of my sources are from what? Mainstream media of course!! Because who in their right mind can argue with that? Apparently, systematic idiots can and do.

But, those days are behind me now as this blog is a different venture for me. I hope to bring some enlightenment and gain some enlightenment as well. But, most of all in these great times of tribulation I hope to share the message of Truth, Love, Hope and BALANCE to my people! We are not alone in this world even though we may be outcast in this immoral inhumane society.

At this time I want to acknowledge and honor all of our ancestors, who have fought and have been murdered just for sharing the Truth with us. The war on our minds has been waged from the day we are born!!!

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Many of OUR people have tried to save humanity and just as many have been murked for it, so take this into consideration when judging Black/Brown peoples!!!!

This system was never meant for us to succeed. It is a system that is tragically flawed and corrupt and was systematically designed to insure our epic fail.

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The Mark of the Beast is MONEY!

Michael Jackson prison version of "They Dont Really Care About Us" which was banned!

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