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Wasalaam Alaikum

This website is packed with info for YOU!  There are plenty of FREE items on here that you can download.  We have a series of videos on here filled with knowledge and info on a variety of subjects impacting OUR SOCIETY called “Tha 144000”.

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This Incredible Life Changing System has Self Hypnosis Statements recorded in the Brainwave Frequency where your Subconscious Mind is most open to suggestion.  The ebook explains in a detailed, straight-forward way exactly how and why this system works.  Instructions are included as well as the mp3 audio files.  Once completing this program you will be a New Person.    

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We put a lot of work into making this site one of the BEST internet portals in the UNIVERSE!  You can show your gratitude by planting seeds of prosperity with us by making a tithe in Full Faith and Love.  As said in Malachi 3:11 about the fruits of your ground, God will see to it your Happiness, Good Health, and Wealth in Abundance.

Are You Ready to Get "in the loop" and alignment with the Prosperity and Abundance that awaits you as a child of the Most High?  Read on to understand what exactly is keeping you from experiencing your full potential and greatness.  This is VERY IMPORTANT!  If you are not tithing then you are not in accordance with the Universal Law of Prosperity (Laws of Ma'at).
We Must Follow the Universal Laws in Order to experience the Endless Abundance that Exist for us to Claim in the Universe!

To Better Illustrate the Miracles of Seed Money and Tithings Click This Link To Download This Ebook For FREE That Explains Seed Money In Action: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YR9Y9N4J.

All tithes and seed money that you plant with us in Faith and Love will be multiplied times ten in your own life according to the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF PROSPERITY (That is why billionaires form charitable organizations and GIVE AWAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS).

In the B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) it is said that giving is a major part of Receiving Abundance, Success, and Prosperity.  Lets start with the Book of Genesis 28:22 "of all that you give Me, I will surely give a tenth to you."

The Most High is the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).
Set yourself up in universal alignment with the Most High and give as soon as it comes to you the same 10% today, tomorrow, and forever.  Your blessings will flow in as simple as that!

Your system must be based on your Faith.  If you are afraid that you need to put up money for a rainy day you will always need to use money for that purpose.  This is called a SELF-FULFILLING Prophecy.  You will Receive as you Believe.  Jesus said, "According to your faith be it unto you." (Mathew 9:29)

Have Faith that you are connected to the Source, the Most High, and remember to always tithe 10% first and foremost.  This is a "leap of faith" to overcome the resistant thoughts and allow Spiritual Abundance, Prosperity, and Well-Being into our lives.  Your Faith, Love, and Knowledge of Self should be unbreakable.

Speaking on tithing in Malachi 3:11
"I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground."

This is Very Powerful and sounds like Our Insurance Full Coverage Plan from GOD on Whatever we do and have while working in unison with the Universal Principle of Tithing.

Everyone wants to know why 10%. What is the whole ten percent amount about?  The ancients believed 10 to be the number of increase.  It is about making the Revolution, the Continuing of the cycle from 9 (which represents completion) back to 1.

10%, (1+0=1).
1 is the New Beginning of the never ending cycle.

Every time you tithe 10%, give in the Love and Faith of the Most High.  God will come back around to you 10 times.  As you receive and send your tithe out with Faith in the Most High the cycle keeps spinning like a wheel.  This is emulating the spinning, wheel-like structure of our DNA (on the macro-cosmic level), the solar system, and to a greater extent, the entire galaxy (on the micro-cosmic level).

In other words tithing helps you get into Universal Alignment going within your molecules and also to the outer universe.  This same spiral structure, also known as the Fibonacci Spiral, is one of the most basic mathematical designs of everything in the universe.

Now you can understand why you must tithe and see for yourself just how Awesome and far reaching it's effects will be in your life.

"The Spiritual, Physical, and Financial Blessings of God will be upon you, your household, and everything you set your hands to do as you faithfully Honor the lord in Tithes and Offerings."
Excerpt from Tithing Gods Financial Plan by Dr. Norman Robertson.

Any money given to us will be multiplied times ten in your own life according to the UNIVERSAL LAWS OF PROSPERITY.

The LAW OF TITHING/GIVING is Very Real and one of The Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity in All Aspects of Your Life.
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May you be blessed with Health, Wealth, and Prosperity!

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