Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thoughts On Tamir Rice | Black Genocide | Modern Lynching | Lebron James

Lebron can't save you
  This is my rant on the ruling that the officer who murdered a child who had a pellet gun in cold blood would not be charged for his death.  Most of it was taken from my Facebook posts on an article complaining about how Lebron James did not speak up on this topic.  Read all the way through to the end to get a full scope on this situation.

This was a lynching, plain and simple.  It was terrible, but these things will continue and only get worse if we African Americans don't step up and change our reality.  Nobody is going to help us.  Black Lives obviously Don't Matter to the establishment or anyone else.  They don't even matter to the black community enough for us to put aside our differences and use our financial weight to change things for the better.

That is a horrible situation but the 1st thing that came to my mind was why, in the current state of affairs that we live in, would black parents allow their child to be outside by himself with a bb gun? We know that the police and nuts like George Zimmerman are lynching us. It shouldn't be like that but it is. No father around, that is too bad. The mother cannot criticize another man for a situation that she allowed her own child to be placed in.

I think black people try to put pressure on celebrities to take the pressure off of themselves to actually do something about the situation we are collectively in. Granted the athletes do have power & influence, but that is shameful to look to anyone outside of your own household to speak up for or do anything else for your own family. With that said, its a huge slap in the face that the officer is not even behind bars for murder.
Just because he wore a mask doesn't mean he's a superhero

This doesn't let the cop off the hook but Tamir Rice's mom dropped the ball and had him growing up in a fucked up situation.  She had several children with different baby daddies and Tamir's father apparently was not in the boy's life.  Basically, they weren't model parents and that is not the proper situation to prepare a Black child for growing up in an increasingly hostile environment in America.  It's not their fault that the cop was a racist bastard and a criminal, but it's not cool for Tamir's mother to try to shift the blame to Lebron James for not speaking out on the death of her son.  She should have known how racist this society is and that it is dangerous in this climate for a Black child to walk around with a pellet gun by himself.

Nobody is ready for that discussion. Point the fingers in every direction but at yourself for problems in your own household. That's like trying to shave a mirror instead of your own face.

Are we really surprised by this horrible murder?  In America, the first "Police/Sheriff” squad was founded after slavery ended in the South.  The police, were not about equal protection of the people then or now.  For the most part, sheriff became the new title for what previously was known as the overseer. The police were about keeping Blacks oppressed and whites safe. The slavecatchers became police officers with a task to keep Blacks in their place.  That place being at the bottom of the social structure of this great nation.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's Up With The Black Man In A Dress Movement | Jaden Smith Wears A Dress

I want to say I don't care about the crazy mess that I see in the media because I'm only focused on my own family and my goals but I do think this is REAL suspect.  I just don't get why Will Smith would allow his son to take part in this homo-erotic ritual.  Regardless of how this image of his son in a dress gets spinned and twisted it's still a big part of the agenda to feminize the image of the black male.

Look, a few months ago there was this big announcement that Taye Diggs would be playing a cross-dressing faggot in some play.  For some reason, it was determined by media big wigs that this was a BIG deal and it got coverage by all of the major media outlets, which led to even more attention to this topic due to backlash over Diggs decision to play this role.

Basically, the media is telling the entire world, whether true or not, that black men are cross-dressers, suspect, and gay.  In other words, not real men.  If you are a black man in a profession that needs attention to thrive, like an actor or rapper, this is what the media is telling you that you have to do to stay relevant.  Taye Diggs has been in plenty of roles, which do not receive this much attention across the board, that is, until he decides to put on a dress and act like a homosexual.

I've seen pictures of Will Smith's son wearing a dress before, but now, he has officially been made the FACE of Versace's women's clothing line.  I don't know if this has ever been done before in the fashion world, but to me this seems like a joke, and slight on black people.  Why do we always willingly become the butt of these jokes meant to make us appear to be buffoons to the rest of the world? 

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