Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's Up With The Black Man In A Dress Movement | Jaden Smith Wears A Dress

I want to say I don't care about the crazy mess that I see in the media because I'm only focused on my own family and my goals but I do think this is REAL suspect.  I just don't get why Will Smith would allow his son to take part in this homo-erotic ritual.  Regardless of how this image of his son in a dress gets spinned and twisted it's still a big part of the agenda to feminize the image of the black male.

Look, a few months ago there was this big announcement that Taye Diggs would be playing a cross-dressing faggot in some play.  For some reason, it was determined by media big wigs that this was a BIG deal and it got coverage by all of the major media outlets, which led to even more attention to this topic due to backlash over Diggs decision to play this role.

Basically, the media is telling the entire world, whether true or not, that black men are cross-dressers, suspect, and gay.  In other words, not real men.  If you are a black man in a profession that needs attention to thrive, like an actor or rapper, this is what the media is telling you that you have to do to stay relevant.  Taye Diggs has been in plenty of roles, which do not receive this much attention across the board, that is, until he decides to put on a dress and act like a homosexual.

I've seen pictures of Will Smith's son wearing a dress before, but now, he has officially been made the FACE of Versace's women's clothing line.  I don't know if this has ever been done before in the fashion world, but to me this seems like a joke, and slight on black people.  Why do we always willingly become the butt of these jokes meant to make us appear to be buffoons to the rest of the world? 

As a collective we are the most masculine men on the planet and I don't buy into the pseudo new age philosophy of this being a form of expression that we must accept.

I remember being weirded out by the metro-sexual character Chris Tucker played in the 5th Element film that came out when I was a teenager, because his wardrobe and mannerisms were so far out and it was unrealistic at the time for a man to dress like that and still be considered a real man.  Fast forward to today and it seems like this is the image of what the media is programming us to accept as cool or hip from the black man.

Rappers like Young Thug refers to his male friends as bae, lover, and hubby without any shame.  He just casually explains away the rumored gayness by saying it's just the language or slang that he uses.  On top of this the rapper wears little girl's skirts and fingernail polish.  I don't understand how its possible for him to be popular and have influence in hip hop, but he's one of the hottest rappers out right now.

Hip hop is really powerful because the music programs, or influences the way that people think.  It doesn't just affect the youth as many people over 40 also are influenced by and emulate the slang, fashion, choices and other things that rappers display.  Pretty much anyone who wants to feel relevant and hip is subject to the sway and influence of hip hop music.  Now with so many rappers being pushed and encouraged to act feminine the effects are trickling out into the masses and young black men are emulating their favorite rappers.

Don't get me started on Empire!  It's now officially the gayest show on television.  Their ratings have been dropping amid complaints from several viewers that they don't like the overt homosexual agenda being shoved down their throats but the show is still on the air.

It's no secret now that Hollywood and the music industry will go to great lengths to feminize the black man.  This is done all under the guise of forcing us to rethink the idea of what is normal, to challenge fashion concepts.  It's pure bullshit and I don't accept this crap.  I am not buying dresses for my sons to wear, nor will I be putting one on myself.  It's not cool.  I am not going along with the program!

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