Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Are So Many Black People Scared to Get Money And Accumulate Wealth?

Ladies & Gentlemen, here's an example of an idiot with a backwards mentality. If you ever wondered why its so difficult for black people to be just as successful as other nationalities you need look no further than foolishness like this within our own community.

So many of us are scared to step out and Be Powerful and Dominant in the world! Scared to leave their mother's nest to Go Out and Conduct Business and Generate Wealth in the world. We have noone to blame for our current conditions besides ourselves. Yes the police are harder on us and yes it is open season (like duck hunting season) on black men and women.

Don't forget, but do not use this as an excuse to fail!
BUT, we have the ability to protect ourselves economically, physically, and mentally from any and all attacks we may come up against. Maybe this is left over residue from witnessing our businesses and
homes burned down ala Black Wall Street, Rosewood, etc...

BUT it's 2015 and there is no longer any reason to be scared!!!! Go out and make money, fiats, currency, whatever the hell you want to call it, GENERATE WEALTH and stop being a nervous, scared little pussy.

How Dare You Have The Audacity To Have Your Own Business!

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I guess we just shouldn't do anything.  How dare me or any other self-aware black man or woman have their own products or services to sell...How Dare We!!!

kissinger depopulate useless eatersThis is the reason why we recorded another Tha 144000 video after retiring from that YouTube bullshit.  It's still a lot of coons walking around with sleep in their eyes.

Some of these coons claim to be all enlightened and pro-black but in all reality they are pro-bullshit because if you aren't generating wealth you are just another consumer, a useless eater.

The useless eater is here to be used, abused, and slaughtered by the administrators that run society.  When it is deemed that there are too many useless eaters they have to be sent to the slaughterhouse or
else they will run amok.

Maybe this is too much.  Maybe this is going over people's heads but IDGAF!

The Older Generations Dropped The Ball...

I saw this video of an older dude (who is on my friend's list) talking that smack about making money and it sounded so corny and wack to me.  I was like damn, these old ass niggers are the reason why everything in our neighborhood is owned by Koreans, whites, Chinese, Iranians, Indians, and everyone else except for a few hair salons.  Y'all old ass niggers were scared to get out and conduct business and generate wealth.

Now that's the old guard.  On to the new.  Push those fucking coons and their mentality off of a cliff.  They outdated with that Poor Righteous Teacher shit.  It's time to trade that old ass hardware in or take it to the junkyard because nobody else has any use for it.

You people under 40 years of age better not be saying anything this foolish.  You are setting yourself up for a lifetime of slavery if you continue with the nonsense.

Y'all gonna be slaves and you will be put to work if you are scared to be successful and follow your passion in this life.  I will gladly put anyone talking that weak ass shit to work and make them my slaves.

This obsession with failure is only a way to avoid rising to the challenge of being successful and making something out of themselves.

Here's my advice:

Stop acting like a bunch of nervous ass, hoe ass, bitch ass, punk ass, weak ass, terrified little boy looking-ass niggas. Damn, y'all made the Memphis in me come out.

Fucking make money, and a lot of it. Buy off the police and politicians like everyone else does. Ol' hoe ass boy. Step yo game up or keep getting your ass kicked by everyone else in the game!

You weak as fuck out here, can't even protect your family and shit. Don't have any wealth to leave behind for your children. Goddamn mane. This shit is pitiful.

Can't hide behind any excuses for being weak..whether it's fake consciousness, blaming the white man, the system, or anything else for your lack of authority over your own existence.

There is no longer ANY Excuse to be broke, No excuse to be in a position where people can just kill us and get away with it, No excuse for not owning at least half of the stores in our community, No excuse for not putting at least some money in a black-owned bank, and NO excuse for not having some wealth for OURSELVES and to pass down to our children!!!

If you find yourself saying bullshit like what was in this picture wake the fuck up and GET MONEY NIGGA!

You're not cool, enlightened, or smart talking this weak ass, broke down bullshit.

Solution Time, Change Your Mindset, Alter Your Reality

Now for everyone that isn't scared of the New Age and that's ready to come up out of this fearful period that has up until now been lead by negro remnants of the Willie Lynch/Jim Crow era we created a program, The 40 Day Master Plan to help you reprogram your mind for success.

It is imperative to put in time and effort towards rewiring your mind to seek opportunities instead of excuses to fail, draw out the hidden potential within you, and also stop viewing the world as being against you and your success and happiness.  Whether you use the program we created or not, TURN OFF that bullshit!  Do Not Listen to people talking about failure, doom and gloom, or anything else that cannot help you realize your potential and build wealth.

Check out this video and peace!

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