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Thoughts On Tamir Rice | Black Genocide | Modern Lynching | Lebron James

Lebron can't save you
  This is my rant on the ruling that the officer who murdered a child who had a pellet gun in cold blood would not be charged for his death.  Most of it was taken from my Facebook posts on an article complaining about how Lebron James did not speak up on this topic.  Read all the way through to the end to get a full scope on this situation.

This was a lynching, plain and simple.  It was terrible, but these things will continue and only get worse if we African Americans don't step up and change our reality.  Nobody is going to help us.  Black Lives obviously Don't Matter to the establishment or anyone else.  They don't even matter to the black community enough for us to put aside our differences and use our financial weight to change things for the better.

That is a horrible situation but the 1st thing that came to my mind was why, in the current state of affairs that we live in, would black parents allow their child to be outside by himself with a bb gun? We know that the police and nuts like George Zimmerman are lynching us. It shouldn't be like that but it is. No father around, that is too bad. The mother cannot criticize another man for a situation that she allowed her own child to be placed in.

I think black people try to put pressure on celebrities to take the pressure off of themselves to actually do something about the situation we are collectively in. Granted the athletes do have power & influence, but that is shameful to look to anyone outside of your own household to speak up for or do anything else for your own family. With that said, its a huge slap in the face that the officer is not even behind bars for murder.
Just because he wore a mask doesn't mean he's a superhero

This doesn't let the cop off the hook but Tamir Rice's mom dropped the ball and had him growing up in a fucked up situation.  She had several children with different baby daddies and Tamir's father apparently was not in the boy's life.  Basically, they weren't model parents and that is not the proper situation to prepare a Black child for growing up in an increasingly hostile environment in America.  It's not their fault that the cop was a racist bastard and a criminal, but it's not cool for Tamir's mother to try to shift the blame to Lebron James for not speaking out on the death of her son.  She should have known how racist this society is and that it is dangerous in this climate for a Black child to walk around with a pellet gun by himself.

Nobody is ready for that discussion. Point the fingers in every direction but at yourself for problems in your own household. That's like trying to shave a mirror instead of your own face.

Are we really surprised by this horrible murder?  In America, the first "Police/Sheriff” squad was founded after slavery ended in the South.  The police, were not about equal protection of the people then or now.  For the most part, sheriff became the new title for what previously was known as the overseer. The police were about keeping Blacks oppressed and whites safe. The slavecatchers became police officers with a task to keep Blacks in their place.  That place being at the bottom of the social structure of this great nation.

Look the police shooting was wrong. Hell in Jonesboro, Arkansas years back two white elementary kids actually shot up the school and killed students and teachers. They were both apprehended unharmed. The key is they were WHITE. Black people are being lynched. If you are aware of this, would you let your children go outside with a bb gun by his or herself? If you don't think that is bad parenting, you are a being foolish. It's one thing to teach the children to shoot real guns but in this climate they don't need to be outside by themselves playing around with bb guns.

Nobody is letting white supremacy off of the hook for this one. But I still don't see how a parent could not be aware of the racist climate that we live in. You teach your children to look both ways before crossing the street for a reason, to watch out for other drivers. There was no way Lebron was touching this situation. He probably had people around him that advised him to stay away from it. The boy was wrongfully murdered but his mother did not set him up to succeed in life from the gate. Him being outside with a bb gun probably wasn't even an issue to her. That doesn't even sound like a decision that a sound mind would make regarding their child.

Even if the boy had a real gun the police had no business shooting him.  Ohio has open carry gun laws.  BUT knowing the false state of white supremacy that we live in why would a sensible thinking parent allow their child to go outside alone with a bb gun? It doesn't let the police off the hook but it was poor parenting and just like sending your child off to wolves who have shown over and over that they will kill you w/o fear of going to prison. We have to be on point and households that are not lead by parents who are responsible and socially aware are at a supreme disadvantage. There are white militias out here and they are not playing games. We are the only ones still dancing and acting like everything is all cool. People that don't take this stuff seriously are like livestock to be slaughtered out here because white supremacy is no joke.

As for Lebron, he needs to raise his own children. That is pretty much it. He has spoken out on social topics affecting the black community to NO AVAIL! You don't remember his stance when Trayvon Martin was killed or Eric Garner?? We are fickle and will immediately throw him under the bus and act like he and others in his position are sell outs for playing the hand as they best see fit. This is politics and its not my place to say what the next man should do. I don't think any of these celebs should do anything for the Black community because we as a whole won't do for ourselves. We're switching the blame to anyone who is visible instead of looking in the mirror.

It's our own faults that we (African Americans) have a total GDP over $2.2 trillion, making us one of the top ten richest nations in the world and we do not even have our own military or private security firms to protect our own interests.  Why is it that we collectively have more wealth in this nation than Jewish Americans but don't have the ownership, security (they have their own police forces in NYC), distribution, or clout that they do?  No group of Black people in the world have access to as much wealth as we do right here.

We can't blame it on anyone but ourselves.  We have several Black-owned banks, we work in all sectors, have enough brainpower, knowledge, and understanding to protect ourselves and prosper.  What is the problem?  Why the hell are we so quick to blame anyone who is out in the open like Lebron James?  There's Black men who make more money than him and even ones with power and influence that you don't see because they aren't in the papers.  We are just singling him out because he is famous.

I wonder, is everyone else just better than us?  At this point it doesn't even matter if white people hate us or try to hold us back because we are powerful and wealthy enough to prosper without them.  If we pulled our resources out of all institutions that supported white supremacy we would cripple the nation and send ripples throughout the globe.  This would have a FAR greater impact than trying to shame an athlete for not speaking out in this one instance.

Lebron probably decided he's tired with y'all after speaking out about Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin to no avail.  We did not back him up or put together any iniatives similar to the old Montgomery bus boycott that would have sent an economic message to the establishment.  That is definitely not on Lebron or any athlete to make happen.  Some of you think he's Jesus or something.  He's out here entertaining people on the basketball court.  He's not Muhammad Ali either.  If anything is going to change, we have to make this stuff happen.  We don't have any leadership.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren't going to do it.

If we can't convert all of this wealth that we have into something that works to our advantage then we deserve to get taken advantage of and slaughtered by the people who are our open enemies.  We have to stop letting the Black dollar slip out of our hands and finance white-owned businesses, and pretty much bankrolling entire nations such as South Korea that makes billions off of black hair care products.  The situation we are collectively in is pitiful, especially considering the resources, knowledge, and expertise that we have within our community.

I'm not pointing the finger at Lebron.  It's on me and the rest of the adults reading this to either take control of our destiny or pass down the same legacy of shame and bondage to our children that we inherited from our parents.  At the end of the day, money talks and its probably going to take a lot more police killings and race-based killings like the church shooting in Charleston before we get pushed far enough to put our differences aside and pull our economic might out of the system that makes no qualms about keeping us oppressed.

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