Saturday, February 12, 2011


Wow this is great!
Definitely let the kiddies watch this!

Shout goes out to the Lambert brothers who run the YouTube channel  TechNubian1. This video is great.  Made For Us By Us.  Its good enough to keep kid's attention and teach @ the same time.  They definitely do not teach this story in school.  Matter of fact they don't say anything about the 800 year rule of the Moors in Europe.  Oh well, its up to us to tell our story and these brothers are doing a great job!

This cartoon tells how the Almoravid  Moors sent their female warriors lead by Nugaymath Turquia to beseige the Spanish castle called Valencia. Basically the Spanish tried to rush the warriors but Turquia wasn't having that.  She had her archers cut them down with bow and arrows.

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