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Voodoo Sucks | Seriously It's Wack, Outdated | More Rants

Voodoo is no more enlightening than any other religion.  It sucks on so many levels.  The worst part is that black people are the main ones who shouldn't be practicing it.  I'll explain why.  One more thing before I explain.  I'm catching flack for writing this.  My wife is Puerto Rican and Haitian.  Voodoo is part of her culture and she will find this offensive.

Voodoo is a religion of conquered people.  It didn't work in the past.  The crazy thing is that some modern-day descendants of slaves actually hope to empower themselves by trading the shackles of mainstream religion for a system that failed their ancestors.

I understand why you want to escape the church and break away from Christianity.  I get it.  Voodoo is so wack though.  It has no practical use and keeps black people in a weak mind-state that helped get them into their current conditions.  Case in point.  A few years ago, this voodoo priest dude got upset at me over some petty argument and threatened to send the Orishas (voodoo gods) after me.  I laughed at his ass, told him he was a joke, and to do his worst.

Its now 7 years later and they didn't get me.  This is sad people.  This is an example of the mindset that got African people conquered.  On one hand this voodoo guy was acting like an emotional female but that's a whole other story.  The main point is the reliance on something outside of you that has no real power.  Voodoo only works because you believe and/or fear it.  That is called a placebo effect.

I don't believe in that bullshit and neither did the European who kicked the African's black ass.  The white man was like, "Oh you're going to put a curse on me if I rape your village?  Well we have guns and we'll just place trade embargoes on your nation that will curse you for generations to come.  For real."  Whose voodoo was more powerful?  Not that bullshit, place a coconut on your alter, slaughter a chicken crap.

None of the gods from the voudun pantheon seemed to care enough to assist their practitioners while they were being enslaved, raped, families broken up, getting their asses whipped for learning how to read, and hung from trees.  They didn't offer any help while the land and resources were stolen from their loyal followers.

This is the Orishas

I mean they borrowed a page from MLK and straight turned the other cheek while all this shit was going on.  In the meantime followers had to make sacrifices, kill goats, chickens, sometimes people, do all types of weird shit, sing, dance, have all these elaborate ceremonies, and leave food out to appease these dudes (ahem, gods).

What's the freaking point of all this mess?  It is straight backwards to go towards this religion when it did nothing to help the practitioners empower themselves economically or politically.  None of the nations where a large percentage of the population practice it openly or on the low are in good shape.

What I'm saying is this, if you need a religion you are probably better off sticking to the main three (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) Voodoo is wack!  You have to go through a middle man, the voodoo priest, who usually is no more enlightened than the next man.  It's not free.  You have to pay, and the gods are harsh and unforgiving, lol.  They are some cold motherf@#$%s man!

Religion isn't for me.  I'll take what I can use.  If you know god is within you then there is no need to sacrifice a chicken or any of that other silly mess to get things done.

Why do black people keep romanticizing with the losing side?  Seriously most people from Africa are distancing themselves far away from that voodoos shit and the animistic religions.  They are getting baptized faster than you can say holy water.

A so-called "conscious" brother will say, "You see brother, it's because they are turning away from their own heritage and taking up the oppressor's religion."  In reality they are looking at the conditions of their country and seeing that the previous shit did not work.  They look at the people who run the world and attempt to emulate.  They also were conquered and in many cases had the religions forced on them.

That is not always the case though.  Nigeria has like 80 million Christians, and these are recent converts.  They aren't turning away from their heritage.  That voodoo shit did nothing for them.  It didn't keep them from getting their asses kicked, being colonized, or falling into massive levels of poverty.  Why the hell would you embrace the same system that has helped you to fail?

Seriously, if you woke up today living in a country like Sierra Leone where most of the population only has access to electricity for one week out of the entire month would you want to continue the traditions that allowed you to get in your current conditions or would you adopt the customs of the most successful people on the planet?

Okay so you were colonized?  How the hell did you allow it to happen?  What system did you have in place?  Throw that system out because it didn't work!

I know a lot of "conscious" people will not like to hear this because they are looking for a "magic bullet" that will get the white man's foot off of their neck.  They have a tendency to look back East towards Africa in hopes of literally finding some magic that will eliminate the physical work necessary to improve their real world conditions.

It's not going to happen.  The magic didn't work.  What do you expect when nearly a third of voodoo practitioners are caucasian?  I'm not knocking it.  Nothing against caucasians.  I'm just saying it's kind of silly for black folks to expect some kind of liberation from it.  Not only did voodoo not free you but it helped to incubate the type of mindset that got your people into this mess!

I just came across this comment I left on this brother's blog a few months ago and thought I would share.  I know there are some people out there who may benefit from this.

Don't waste your time with this or any other mess that did not work!

This is an open discourse so feel free to comment and share your opinion.  I don't know everything so please enlighten me if you disagree.

15 have you in circles

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Shared publicly  -  Feb 3, 2014

I can honestly say you aren't missing anything. Santeria/Candomble is no more enlightening than Christianity or any other religions.  I've gotten up close and personal with Santeria, as my wife is Puerto Rican/Haitian from Brooklyn, and Candomble from living overseas in Brazil.

It's great to study and learn the vestiges of African culture leftover, and in some cases hidden, within these religions.  Other than that I do not believe there is any spiritual enlightenment to be had that is greater than what you can experience within the confines of Christianity.

Case in point, in some ways Voudun is more oppressive as it keeps the practitioners looking to the priest to act as an inter-missionary between them and the pantheon of gods.  They have to pay someone to sacrifice a chicken or goat in hopes that it will appease the orishas in their favor.

There is no unity church or new thought movement in Voudun that encourages practitioners to look within for their connection to the Creator.  In that way it is kind of behind the times and may not be able to keep up with the changing desires and capabilities of the world.

Guys like the late Rev. Ike, Joel Olsteen, and T. D. Jakes are able to interpret the scriptures in ways that help meet people's modern needs.  Their numbers are growing while Voudun is experiencing small growth among mostly whites who see it as a novelty.

That's just my take on it.  But you know there is wisdom hidden within Santeria.  The main 7 orishas represent the 7 chakras within our body, right on down to the colors they each represent and everything.  There's really no need to go through the whole initiation process and all the stuff they have set up for practitioners because all of that stuff is just set up to make money for the priests.

Animal sacrifice is definitely outdated and does nothing to further your own enlightenment or strengthen your connection to the creator.  Now that I've witnessed all of that stuff I can say I've seen it but I'm not really impressed.  I don't feel like it helps but actually keeps you further away from the Creator because your distracted with all the mumbo jumbo going on.
What do I know about Santería? Not much, except that it is extension of a West African Yoruba religion, and that African slaves in places like Cuba and Brazil (Candomble), had to take this religion underground, i.e., camoufla...

On the other hand, check out what this high Priest in Palo Mayombe had to say about this very blog post on Facebook.  Outside of Louisiana and parts of the Deep South, he's spot on about Voodoo having nothing to do with most blacks in America:

Markus Rodrique In a sense. I don't deal with these type of people though. They are the slaves of the redneck white man who also is pure trash. I wonder what these blacks are going to do now that white Americans are becoming more and more like niggers. who will they look up to "racially" when the white man's day is completely done since they can't really value themselves and cannot tap ancient powers.
Kenneth Skinner That's a point. Unfortunately many are afraid of their out shadows. Many preach the work "know thy self" which is bullshit cuz self analysis ,responsibly and ect are often negated to many folks. Ppl dont want to look at their reflection or study or Dis-cover whats within
Markus Rodrique Both black and white niggers are very stupid! lol


  1. briefly sane fellowApril 4, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    I agree bruv the majority of human systems are just slightly different flavors of spiritual, mental, societal, and psychological slavery. Our spirits seek unity within, but its been known for millenia that the lazy will seek confirmation of their spiritual needs in hollow external forms, shows of "faith" to others. You are right and exact. some might be better off worshipping the mistakes they've made in life.

  2. Wow, you dont understand it at all. It's obvious that you didnt care enough to actually research it and instead buy into the bullshit eurocentric point of view of this.

    1. Did you actually read this article or did you just see the title and get offended?

  3. Religion allows a person to place their own yolk around their neck or set their own limitations as to how they will live. Christianity teaches that there is a God who loves you and is quick to burn your ass in the fires of Hell if you act up. Can fire really burn a soul? Isn't that like setting fire to lightening?


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