Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Jr Was a Warrior! Respect Due

Happy MLK Day! Check this out for the real deal history lesson on this great man. (since some of y'all are shitting on MLK)

MLK Jr. may have been pushed towards ending segregation BUT trust me, that is the soft, candied up version of what he was fighting against. For the most part, freedom fighters like MLK Jr. and Malcolm X's fight was to end Jim Crow. By Jim Crow, I'm talking about terrorism against blacks, including lynchings!

As messed up as things are right now, they were way worse. MLK and others were not sell outs like some fools say. These people put their life on the line to try to end the terrorism that we were going through. It's still fucked up but man, we've come a long way. I talked to my granddad and he witnessed some super fucked up people hanging from trees. Lynch mobs, these good Christian white folks were hell on our asses.

Even though it's still open season on blacks and regular bum ass white people like Zimmerman and foul, nasty cops can just kill an unarmed black person (even a child) and not even get charged with murder it used to be way worse. I'm not talking about a hundred years ago either. Only 50 years ago we were getting straight up murdered, burned alive, and even hung from trees for no reason by regular, Christian white folks. Some of you, and for the younger people, your grandparents, witnessed this mess.

They actually did accomplish a lot. If you plucked one of them out of Jim Crow era and placed them in the present where they could lose their job and livelihood just for saying the word nigger, their head would explode. Still got a long ways to go but I'm just saying, dudes weren't really all about integration, that's just the white man's version of the Civil Rights Movement. Why would they reveal how horrible they really were? MLK and other's lives were in constant danger. Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and everyone that stood up for their people was hated by America.

MLK Jr. was assassinated, just like Malcolm X. MLK started to regret some of the things he did, such as leading blacks to integrate into white mainstream society. He had the audacity to meet with Elijah Muhammad too, big no no. MLK was also talking about black folks getting broke off some bread to from the government. Big no no. The real sell-outs were the black people close to him that helped the government to assasinate him.

The mellow soft version of MLK is fighting segregation. Why the hell would they teach yall he was really fighting Jim Crow and terrorism against blacks? Innocent children, men and women were killed for no reason. White people were hanging our ancestors from trees and fighting over their body parts as a trophy. No they don't teach this in school at all.

MLK, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and many others put their life on the line to end this terrorism and they deserve respect. IDGAF if MLK Jr. cheated on his wife. Yall are crazy if you think white people just stopped killing us because they felt like it. Black men fought to the death, literally getting into fist and gun fights with them.

If you've never heard of Jim Crow and did not realize how terrible it was for black folks, you have to be honest with yourself and admit that you don't know anything about history. They did not teach you this in mainstream society (school institutions and mainstream media), so its not your fault I guess. They don't teach you that white Americans killed black folks and got away with it.

I'm the biggest anti integration revolutionary m'fer in here. I moved out the country years ago on some fuck America shit and stayed away for five years. I am wiser now and know not to disrespect any ancestor that fought against Jim Crow. Anyone talking this MLK sellout mess needs to do a little more independent research. You are mistaken. The US hated MLK, Malcolm X, and Muhammad Ali the same. They weren't even safe to speak about until they died or in Muhammad Ali's case got older and had Parkinson's disease. There's really nothing that can be said against this. The fight was against Jim Crow, terrorism against blacks. That shit was terrible.

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