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 UPDATE: This is no longer going on, however the brother who offered his services does have a system that can be implemented to assist you in acquiring funds for your business.  Email me if you are serious and would like more details.

I recently spoke with a brother who helps people get money for projects, finance events, find sponsors for their organization, and generally sponsor businesses to help assist you in your endeavors.  If you would like more information email me at

I will put you in touch with Mr. Sabir, Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation, so that he can help you accomplish your goals.  Read what he had to say below:

"Ultimately, if you need money for any project, I can help you. You don't even need a product. If you're trying to help a neighbor, I will put that into the contract description for sponsoring you and getting you additional sponsorships.

By... design I can not be taken advantage of in a negative way according to the status and conduct I have addressed in the acts of competition and selfishness due to the use of money. My requirement eradicate these motives.

If I can confirm that you have spoken to four people to announce that they have a Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation that can get them the amount of funds that they need and more, then I will work with you and assist you."
-This is your Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation

Details Below:

If you need sponsors for your organization, your next event or project then you need to know that you have a Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation on your side. I will get you the support that you need.

I have sat on business panels and participated in project meetings for over 20 years in order to become familiar with sudden endings and shut-downs due to the failure to meet financial requirements or necessities. There is a reason why certain individuals or organizations can not get money as grants, from banks, from family and friends. That reason is because the creators of the monetary system designed the circulation of money to serve individuals who were chosen to be a family of elite associates. Money is not designed to STAY WITHIN any other family, culture or circle of association without an orchestrated plan to do so. Others are forced to conduct themselves negatively by competing against one another instead of supporting one another while selected rulers planned to perpetuate a cost-of-living simply to impose a challenge upon neighbors who would be inclined to help others.

In 1870 when the 15th Amendment guaranteed the right for all citizens to vote, the Southern states imposed a poll tax under the idea that Nubians and even other Caucasians (Irish) were not meant to have money. The 24th Amendment eliminates poll tax in 1964, but by then they had already orchestrated a way to keep taking most if not all of the money you would acquire, away from you.

I want to sponsor as many business as I can in order to show that the monetary system [which is a system guided by European elites who sacrificed their own offspring to economic bondage in order to gain the ability to direct, control and restrict nubian people on an economic level] is now ineffective. You will allow me to orchestrate a way for money to continuously arrive to you from people willing to support you. I have two requirements that will keep you from competing amongst one another and from thinking only of yourself.

1. You must have spoken to four others who can use support, sponsorship or money and they must be listed on your application.

2. You will support one business, organization or person that I recommend. I will not make more then one recommendation.

How do I orchestrate?
1. The four people that you speak with and introduce the opportunity of being sponsored/supported through my orchestration, will be listed in your file as a reflection of your effort to help others become aware of the benefits offered through the Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation. These people will not become supporters/sponsors of yours. Your file will be credited with four other people for that purpose.

2. Your file will then be credited with four others. Two of the four will become your sponsors/supporters, while the other two will become the sponsors/supporters of the associate who told you about the Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation.
I suggest that you support the person or business that you have been recommended to sponsor in the amount of fifty dollars. Although what is more important is getting the circulation started. When I recommend that you support a particular person or business, do not hesitate and make your contribution ASAP!  If all that you have available to contribute is one dollar, five or ten dollars then make the contribution.
As you see my recommendations for your initial contribution to the person or business that you will be supporting was suggested to be in the amount of fifty dollars or whatever you could do. I would also like to bring to your attention that once you have received two-hundred dollars in support yourself, at this point you will realize that support will continue to come. Here is another moment where I recommend that you contribute two-hundred dollars to the same person or business organization. Given a years time, try and contribute twenty-five hundred dollars.
For each supporter that you are credited with, the orchestration will credit you with two more supporters. This is a simple explanation for #2 regarding "How do I orchestrate?"

If you have two supporters, you'll soon have six. If you have six supporters, you will soon receive eight additional supporters. And because of those eight additional supporters, you will soon have 16 additional supporters. In a years time, it is possible to end up with over one thousand supporters.
I certainly have plans to build self sufficient cities. Starting with:
1. Advance water recycling reservoir
2. Self sustaining utilities and energy
3. Hydroponics and herb farming
It will not cost a dime to live in these cities.
Today, as deputy orchestrator of monetary circulation I can sponsor nubian activity by orchestrating a connection from business to business, person to person to the point of building our own cities, using our own water and energy sources, food and medicine where the COST of living is BASED ON OUR EFFORTS TO MAKE EVERYTHING AVAILABLE that we will need straight from our IMMEDIATE ECO-SYSTEM.

For example, if our lands do not produce vitamin E, we need to be willing to be vitamin E deficient, making sure that we do not exchange things in order to receive vitamin E - NOT WHILE BASED ON THE CONCEPT OR REALITY THAT WE NEED IT. It would be best that indiviuals relocate to the areas that have what they need. If we began exchanging out of necessity then we begin to grow into dependency. This is how money reared it's ugly head and incited people to neglect one another. Neglecting yourself means neglecting your ability to make things available. Making things available is the truest value there is. You can't put a price on it. This planet offers a lot. We need to take care of one another as we are able to make many things available for one another around the globe. We should not be paying for it.

-This is your Deputy Orchestrator of Monetary Circulation signing out.

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