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Hey I recently shared some resources I have come across over the past few years living abroad with a brother living in the UK.  Just wanted to make a blog post for anyone else with similar concerns.

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Between You and Bilal Mubarak
Bilal Mubarak February 10 at 10:21am
As salaam alaikum brother, how is brazil? is there a strong muslim community there? would you recommend brazil?

Sharif Ali February 10 at 3:21pm
Walaikum Salaam brother.

Brazil is great, especially where we live in the state of Bahia, which is 85-90% "black" population.

There is a strong islamic community here, there was even a Muslim brother who ran for office a few months ago. Quite a few people live and do business here from the continent of Africa. I have some resources for you here:

Here is the Islamic Cultural Center website:
It's a cool place, many of the brothers there speak English as well. They also have classes in the Masjid in English as well as Arabic. 

Here is the contact info for the center:
Rua Dom Bosco 190 Nazaré,
Salvador, Bahia 40050-530, BRAZIL
Phone: 55-71-32411337
Fax: 55-71-32411337

There is also another Islamic Center. (I have never been there)
Here's the info:
Address: Arab Islamic Cultural Beneficient Center
Rua Meca S/N - Jardim Central,
Bahia, Salvador CEP: 85864-410, BRAZIL
Phone: 45-573-1126

You asked if I would recommend Brazil. Definitely, its a great place to visit and also a great place to live. The cost of living is much lower than in the USA (my home country) and the UK while the standard of living is on the rise! There are also many economic opportunities to anyone interested in investing in the top emerging market in the world. In particular in real estate.
Here are two different internet radio shows hosted by Shyaam the Liberator with guest Brother Sharif Ali (me) speaking about international investment abroad with a focus on Brazil. I will list the links below:


Click that link or listen right here: 



Click that link or listen right here:

Last but not least, be sure to check out my blog which may answer any future questions you have regarding Brazil.

I also have a post on there about Islamic history here in Brazil:

If you have any further questions feel free to email me on facebook or at my email:

Those were some great questions. I'm glad you asked. If you don't mind I would like to make a blog post about this.

Sharif Mika'el Ali
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I can also help you plan your trip.

I can offer guides and plans for those interested in investing abroad.
I also can help assist in acquiring a permanent investor's visa for Brazil (I have one for myself and my family), acquiring reputable local real estate agents (with CRECI certification), and all other business related activities here and abroad.

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