Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What is Wrong with this picture? Martian sky blue

Here is a repost from my old Myspace blog

What is goings on here? These rocket scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories/JPL put up these photos from the Martian rover a few years back.

Nobody seemed to notice that Mars looks a hell of a lot like Arizona! The rocket scientists did not seem to care about covering up the truth that day.

Nasa rereleased this same photo with a very unlivible looking red tint to it. They add the color to the photos after the fact. Plain and simple.

Just a thought to throw out there. Don't know where everybody's head is at but the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that there are people who lived on Mars and guess what...they don't look like yt!

Peep the movie Mission 2 Mars. The Moor, so called black man is the only survivor. He figured out the code being sent out from the face on Mars was actually the DNA sequence for us. This is why the yt astronauts who tried to approach perished.They needed him to survive. Very real message in that film.

Could go on about that but I wont for now.
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