Friday, May 27, 2011

So U Like 2 Be Tied Up Huh?

Yo this is a great comment I read on facebook!  I figured I would repost it b4 it disappears into facebook oblivion, lol.  I put some pics with it to help illustrate the point.

The original post was about Rhianna's crazy S&M fetishes.  Here is the link:!/philthmore/posts/116908908393066

"1480, Spanish Inquisition. Black men, some are deported, some placed into servitude, some contracted to translate all scientific texts into Latin. All forced to convert to Christianity. Black women are taken for sex trafficking or for royal entertainment. El Encomienda.

The dualistic origin of the dances, the Flamenco (assassination dance) and the Tango (roleplay of the aggressive pursuer vs the female who refuses the advances), which later influenced South American and Caribbean music and dance.

And, by the Church, these Black men and women were labeled as What?

"Alumbrados vennero perseguitati in quanto Conversos (giudei convertiti al Cristianesimo) o Moriscos (Mori convertiti)."

Translation: Illuminati came persecuted as Conversos (Jews converted to Christianity) or Moriscos (Moorish converts).

Illuminati slut, indeed. Some things never change."

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