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People already making sustainable communities.  What are you waiting on?

Look at how many sustainable communities "other" people have up and running: .

Black Oak
Check out this list of black ecovillages getting started.  Look them up.  Maybe you can help or link up with like minded individuals (network) and start your own near your current city/town.
Form African American centered communities:

Kujichagulia Villages - - IL

Khalifa Estates - VA

Kimble Farm - LA

You can find more in formation on these communities at:

The Washitaw (black) tribe are also working on a sustainable village.

Alternatives: - African village in SC
Noble Uguru (he's on Youtube and Facebook) has also set up a community.

Also check out Free From Chain's website.  They are a family living in New Mexico with experience in living self sustainably.

We know of one here in Brazil in the state we live in. 
Comunidade Solaris

The Atlantic Rainforest is out here.  Everything grows in abundance.  Here is graviola, the new miracle food, growing naturally in Bahia.


  1. Thank you for passing it on. We really need to create and/or help create something beautiful (sounds corny but "beautiful" is the only word coming to mind and how I see the potential) (create independence and sustainability); as for the area, it's hard to say, I'm sure Brazil and other parts of South America are beautiful however the US has some perks still left. One thing for sure is that I and/or we need to make up our mind and put forth some work/manifest an independent beautiful enviornment. The greatest resource would be people willing and ready to do it (like minded individuals).

  2. Good stuff, thanks for the info. I want to share this on my blog.

  3. Definitely spread the word!
    Feel free to share anything you find on this blog, specially if you link back to us!


  4. You two should visit some eco villages in your area and see how you like it. That's what I'm planning on doing here however I still think I'd maybe prefer to go elsewhere. If you go let me know how it is.

  5. We will try to put together some video footage

  6. That's a good idea. I had a brand new video camera that stopped working after about a year, I may get it fixed, if nothing else take some pics. Trying to contact "Free from Chains" however their Skype doesn't work. Trying to get them on Twitter.

  7. I got a chance to Skype IM with one of them yesterday. Little to no electricity right now however they're working on it. Hopefully I'll be able to visit within the next month or two.

  8. My sister and I are very ready to go. Have you thought about starting with a farm out there and building from there (at least 100 miles away from the ocean just in case of catacylsmic flooding). It would be great if the couple in N.M. were willing to go.

  9. Happening rampantly in this country, not just conspiracy (I'll leave it alone again after this):

    Fox 35 – California -

    Kens 5 – San Antonio, TX news -

    KOVTV – California - – 3 part series

  10. We are considering all options. No matter what goes down, we know that we are gonna be alright! When you are ready to visit get in touch with me. We put together trips and tours!


  12. I noticed you took the invite off on the other site. I went back last last night to look at the two links. (Posted on both links in case it doesn't show up on one, that tends to happen).

  13. Peace We do help facilitate tours here in Bahia, Brazil for Individuals and Groups as well. Check out our sites: and

  14. Also check out the cheapest travel prices you can find online that covers everything even passport/visa.

  15. I spoke with the guy from FreefromChains and he said he'd be interested in moving to Brazil however he also spoke about moving around some also. We're going to visit there in a couple of weeks (NM). Let me know if you visit a village there and/or would still be interested in starting one.

  16. Definitely keep in touch and we'll keep you posted! We are interested in building with A-Alikes.

  17. I remember you telling me about an ecovillage in North Carolina. Were you talking about The Tamare Project ( I contacted these people. They seemed interested at first however did not follow through with anything. I'd like to say I'm wondering why however, all I'll say is, if they're already not recognizing the truth from the lie and/or handle business/people this way I may be better off.

    Anyway I found another AA village that I think may be in Jamaica however all they post is their email address. There's a 50/50 chance I'll get a return email so you may have better luck. They look like people ya'll could "build with".
    Site where they sell:
    Their ecovillage:

    Let me know if you find out where they are.

  18. I appreciate that info. I will look up the other ecovillage.

    I have never met the people from the Tamare Project. I can't really tell you much info about them other than what I already stated.

    Peace, Love and Blessings


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