Tuesday, May 10, 2011


To anyone looking for some coon-free music.  Def check out this digital mixtape from Just Incredible’s Dark Matter.  I'm listening and the 1st track is nice!  Straight up.

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As a part of my One Month of Buying Black experiment, I started scouring the net for Black Conscious movies (made, produced, and distributed by Black men and women), music, and online shows and I have already come across some great men and women who deserve a lot more recognition than they are getting.
People complain all the time about the garbage produced in the mainstream media that depicts Black people as hypersexualized, materialistic, buffoonish, masochistic, and violent, but we still consume it. It is foolish to tell our young people to embrace knowledge but at the same time reward ignorance with our patronage! We should all start putting our money where our movement is and rewarding great Conscious culture warriors!
To help them gain some exposure, every Friday will be Conscious Culture Fridays here at United Black America. We will profile talented producers, artists, and companies that are delivering coon-free material and all around fly ish.
dark matter 300x288 Conscious Culture Fridays: Just Incredibles Dark Matter Mixtape
For our first installment, let me introduce you to Just Incredible’s Dark Matter. I first met him on Twitter
((@JKred115)) and even though I usually dont pay any attention to artists peddling mixtapes, I decided to give his a listen. The first track I listened to was As Far. It was like a glass of ice cold sparkling water in the middle of a 100 degree Atlanta summer…for my ears. I immediately turned off 107.9 and proceeded to rotate Dark Matter’s mixtape for the rest of the day.
I loaded up the player here for you to hear my man out, but make sure you show him some support by downloading the whole tape at http://www.datpiff.com/Just-Incredible-Dark-Matter-mixtape.211493.html!

As early as 6 years old, Juston Paul (a.k.a. Just Incredible), was an entertainer. Family photos capture the young Harlem-bred M.C. with a microphone that documents the start of his love for hip-hop. Being outspoken was his gift and a curse. Despite detention being his common place in school, his reckless behavior allowed him to manifest into what some would call a “lyrical genius”. From school plays to speech contests Juston was a natural entertainer and preacher.

His quest for knowledge led him to become a youth pastor at his local church, Immanuel Church of God and Christ. When Juston was 14 years old his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and died later in that year. This is when the harsh realities of life came to the forefront of Juston’s music. Inspired by his surroundings he began to absorb the feelings of the ghetto and incorporate them into his music. The streets also became Juston’s biggest critic.

He began to battle local artists from the five bureaus of NY. This toned his lyrical skills and made him a clear and growing threat. Juston worked with the likes of Max B, T-Rex, Murder Mook and has been in cyphers with vets like Fred the Godson and Charlie Clips, to name a few. His music is a mix of esoteric wisdom and street smarts. This can be heard all throughout his recent debut mix tape “Dark Matter”.

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