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We received an email from a sister on YouTube not to long ago asking some key questions that a lot of people may have.  Not saying we have all the answers but here is our take on things...
Peep the convo.

From: Calmmint          4/17/2011
I have been looking into vids on utube n been noticing a lot of vids on babylon being US and people need to leave the country. IS this why ur family moved to Brazil I have been paying attention to events n world news n i see things lining up but no one knows specifically how much longer it is going to be before they completely execute their nwo plans. 

Help me to get a understanding i keep getting mixed reviews some think the scriptures r spiritual others feel it is both spiritual n physical to come out of america. Isnt the nwo global so why would any other place be safer. Do they want to clear out the land for themselves to inhabit like they did israel. 

This is a big step to make leaving comfort zone n moving somewhere els where u r not native to. did u all get your citizenship or still have a visa. I appreciate the feedback bcuz my husband doesnt take this topic serious although he is aware but is in denial of the actual events playing out. I know they mean buzness when i seen the fema camps n coffin vids, n chemtrails being sprayed. how do u know that we r in the end times bcuz of world events n scriptures? What if the world leaders r making prophecies come to past to scare us to thinkin end so they can usher in nwo religion etc. how can u be surer that the world leaders wont harm people 

where u r located? help me get some clarification please i have listened to alot of vids on this matter but it is hard for me to accept the fact that it is time to move although i have dreams of floods family at park or on vacation n tryin to save them, also i have a desire to live free w/mothernature garden, nice land weather etc.. peace n love thank u for listening

also i have read the black roots science n it makes since to me what do u mena about 144,000 do u think u r original people that came here to earth? do u believe that the whole us will be destroyed?

From: Tha 144000 (YouTube)            4/20/2011
thanks for reaching out. To answer your questions yeah we believe the US is the "mystery Babylon" from the bible. I don't think everyone needs to leave but I do think life is about to drastically change for people in the US specifically. We were led to Brazil. Too many coincidences in our life pointing to Brazil for us to ignore it. The coming change in the US also affected our decision to leave. We were mostly sick of life there and ready for a change.

The exodus is both spiritual and physical. The main exodus should occur in your mind, which it sounds like you have already done or started. The physical exodus does not have to be you leaving the US but you changing your actions to reflect your new mindstate. All that prison planet stuff and martial law talk from david icke and others mostly applies to the "rest of america" because black folks have been under martial law for at least 200 years in the US. We have been through holocausts, murder/lynchings, rape, had our land taken from us and still get messed with by the cops for no reason. White folks mainly are the ones concerned that they will have to go through some of the horrors we faced. THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T SURVIVE IT! We made it and we are now rising up! It's not time to be afraid or worried.

It doesn't matter what these guys are planning b/c it is too little too late. Its all about us and what we are doing! Its cool to keep up with whats going on but do not get caught up in it. Thoughts are real. The whole universe was created with thoughts and watching the news and all the other doom and gloom stuff will only create a sad, miserable future for the person watching it. Focus on your agenda and remain positive. Know that the universe works on the Law of Attraction and that whatever you think and believe will be! Listen to your inner voice and you will know exactly what to do/where to go.

Yes I believe I am of the original people of this earth and know the whole US will not be destroyed. Your mind is powerful. If you believe and know that you are special and protected/loved by the universe then you will be fine. You will attract whatever you believe in your mind into your life. I am not planning on suffering, struggling, fighting and carrying on with this bullshiot way of living any longer. I am a Lord. The royalty of the planet. I know this and am bearing witness to the changes in my world because I have acknowledged this as my truth. I am free. Where we live at we wouldn't even know about all the bad news going on if it wasnt for the internet. Most everyone in our radius is happy and hopeful about the future. We feel the same way and we created our world so that is what we are surrounded by.

The biggest changes one can make in their own life is within their own mind. This is the new age we are coming into. Everyone who is going to make the shift will gradually come to these realizations as well as we all begin to consciously co-create our world.

Check out this link from our blog. We packed it with vids, many that are not on our youtube. They may answer some of the other questions you have.

From:  Calmmint                   4/28/2011
You answered my questions fully and i appreciate you responding back with clarification which let me know that i need to stay focus and stop paying attention to these man made distractions. It is easy to get distracted with the current reality of this world. But I need to keep in mind who has the ultimate control. You are a smart person and I am glad that I contacted you to help me get back on track. Your answers were positive n that was a good sign for me bcuz that brought me back full circle of the ultimate importance of life is not to live in fear. I thank you for providing a positive response. And I will check out the vid you suggested.

From: Tha 144000            4/29/2011
Check out this vid!

NU AGE PHILOSOPHY from Sharif Ali on Vimeo.

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  1. It took me years to learn on how NOT to obsess over how it's all going to end...I'm just worried about today and how I can improve myself mind body and soul wise;)

    Hell yeah! You can't let any of the mess going on around you bring you down! Just create your sanctuary within your own home. That's all that matters


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