Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Muslim Women Unveil, And Explain Why. Is this a sign of progress or rebellion?

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Know4LIFE Editors note: What is the headscarf?  Is it just an article of clothing or something more?  Is the headscarf a mandate by man or by God?  Muslim followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad understand that the headscarf is more than an article of clothing, it is protection for the woman in a world gone mad with carnal lust.  Western society gives women (and men) the perception that women are freer than they are in Eastern societies to a certain degree they are.  The question is free to do what?  Are they freer to submit to the Will of God or to do what they feel is right?  Is that freedom manipulated?  When you compare the stability of family, we see the family structure in western society eroding.  More and more women are unable to find a mate and when they do it ends up in divorce. So how free are women in the west, America in particular?  When it come down to it, women in both the East and the West need to be MORE respected, protected and elevated in society.  As the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, "A Nation Can Rise No High Than the Women" because "The Women is the 1st Teacher" therefore, "Where there are No Good Women there are No Good Men."

A generation of Muslim women is taking off the headscarf, or hijab. For many, their choice is an attempt to balance their private lives with a very public symbol of their religion.For centuries, Islamic scholars have said that Muslim women must cover their hair. But many Muslim women don't.

There are about 1 million Muslim women in America; 43 percent of them wear headscarves all the time, according to the Pew Research Center. About 48 percent — or half a million women — don't cover their hair, the survey found.  : NPR

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  1. If you ask me, someone tricked the women into thinking they are more free by trying to "fit in" with western society.


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