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This compilation is created by: Real HipHopHead

Released (and up-to-date as of): March 31st, 2011
Includes Proper ID3Tags and Artwork - iPod Ready


The next GOD MC. Most of you are already familiar with him; and have been anxiously awaiting the mythical Act II. This is a massive compilation of all of Jay Elect's best work, including features (with exclusive abridged versions). Hit the jump for all the details, tracklist and download link.

For those who don't know: Jay Electronica is the most recent Roc Nation signee, joining J. Cole on Jay-Z's new label. Best known for his single's Exhibit C and Exhibit A, many heads mistakingly think that he doesn't have much else out there. This 60 track compilation shall demonstrate otherwise. Jay first garnered attention from the underground with his masterful track, Act I: The Pledge - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, near the end of 2007. Looping samples from the movie of the same name, and using no drums and no bass, it is 4 verses laid over one continuous track with sound clips and intros. Lyrically, Act I is one of the greatest things I have EVER heard. I was blown away by my first listen, and have been a huge fan ever since.

While many people do not realize it, Jay has had a few other projects as well. Style Wars EP was his original release, all the way back in 2007, and in 2008 he also dropped the mix tape Attack of the Clones

This compilation also includes many exclusive abridged (shortened) versions of different tracks, particularly those where Jay is featured on another artist's song. See below for the details.

EDITS: Some of these songs have been abridged (as noted in the tracklist). The very first track, Act I: The Pledge, is 6:26 seconds long and contains just the four verses of the original which is about 9 minutes normally, with the intros and sound clips. It is beautiful to listen to the four verses back to back without interruption, and by far my favorite way to listen to it. I also have taken the snippet release for Dear Moleskin and mixed it with a live version to get the best full verse track we can at this point. Songs where Jay is featured, such as Live It, The Day, Cool Relax, Walking, Love Czars, Posers, and Close Your Eyes have been cut to just Jay's verse and the chorus. And The Ghost of Christopher Wallace is a little over 2 minutes long now, with Diddy's pointless 4 minute rant completely cut out. A few other songs have been trimmed at the end to make it all fit!


Disc 1: Run Time - 79:38 Minutes

01. Jay Electronica - Act I The Pledge [Eternal Sunshine, Rules, Voodoo Man, FYI] (Abridged)
02. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A
03. Jay Electronica - Jazzmatazz
04. Jay Electronica - Exhibit C
05. Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson's Revenge
06. Jay Electronica - Renaissance Man
07. Jay Electronica - @FatBellyBella
08. Jay Electronica - Departure
09. Jay Electronica - The Announcement
10. Jay Electronica - The Day ft. Mos Def (Abridged)
11. Jay Electronica - So What You Sayin'
12. Jay Electronica - Victory Is in My Clutches
13. Jay Electronica - A Prayer for Michael Vick & T.I
14. Jay Electronica - My World (Nas Salute)
15. Jay Electronica - Shiny Suit Theory ft. Jay-Z
16. Jay Electronica - Dear Moleskine [Full Verse] (Snippet mixed with Live)
17. Jay Electronica - Cool Relax ft. Naledge (Abridged)
18. Jay Electronica - Extra Extra
19. Jay Electronica - Bitches And Drugs
20. Jay Electronica - The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (Abridged)
21. Jay Electronica - Live It ft. Yelawolf (Abridged)
22. Jay Electronica - Attack of the Clones
23. Jay Electronica - I Feel Good
24. Jay Electronica - Suckas
25. Jay Electronica - A Million in the Morning
26. Jay Electronica - Dimethyltryptamine

Disc 2: Run Time - 79:50 Minutes

01. Jay Electronica - Exhibit B (Exhibit A Remix) ft. Mos Def
02. Jay Electronica - Posers ft. The New Royales (Abridged)
03. Jay Electronica - Abracadabra
04. Jay Electronica - 2 Step
05. Jay Electronica - Something to Hold on To
06. Jay Electronica - Untitled (Ruff Act II - Unreleased) ft. Muhammad Ali
07. Jay Electronica - Hagler Demo
08. Jay Electronica - Dealing
09. Jay Electronica - Who's Gonna Save My Soul ft. Gnarls Barkley
10. Jay Electronica - Prowler 2 ft. Ski Beatz, Jean Grae, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def
11. Jay Electronica - Annakin's Prayer
12. Jay Electronica - Retro Electro
13. Jay Electronica - Close Your Eyes ft. The Bullitts & Lucy Liu (Abridged)
14. Jay Electronica - Girlfriend
15. Jay Electronica - Hard To Get
16. Jay Electronica - Googly Eyes (Live)
17. Jay Electronica - Defcon 4
18. Jay Electronica - Just Begun ft J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def
19. Jay Electronica - Not Too Far From Nothing
20. Jay Electronica - Uzi Weighs a Ton
21. Jay Electronica - Love Czars II ft. Sa-Ra (Abridged - Verse Only)
22. Jay Electronica - Walking J. Period (Remix) ft Nneka (Abridged)
20. Jay Electronica - Uzi Weighs a Ton
21. Jay Electronica - Love Czars II ft. Sa-Ra (Abridged - Verse Only)
22. Jay Electronica - Walking (J. Period Remix) ft. Nneka (Abridged)
23. Jay Electronica - Higher (Abridged - Verse Only)
24. Jay Electronica - Prelude To A Freestyle (Rough Quality)
25. Jay Electronica - Be Easy
26. Jay Electronica - Colors (Verse)
27. Jay Electronica - Not a Disturbance
28. Jay Electronica - Spark 'Em Up
29. Jay Electronica - When the Levees Broke

The first track of Disc 1 is my abridged version of Act I: The Pledge. In case you'd like to hear the song in its entirety, I have included the full version, as well as each of the four parts individually as bonus tracks. Today I also found a previously unreleased feature, so I dropped that in the Bonus Tracks folder as well. 

Bonus Tracks

Jay Electronica - Act I (The Pledge) [Un-Abridged]
Jay Electronica - Act I Part 1 - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Jay Electronica - Act I Part 2 - ...Because He Broke the Rules
Jay Electronica - Act I Part 3 - Voodoo Man
Jay Electronica - Act I Part 4 - FYI
Jay Electronica - Shucken' An Jivin' ft. Big Dame & Tone Treasure

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