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MELANIN 9 - 144,000 ALBUM

Melanin 9 - 144,000 (2009)

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01. 144 Intro
02. Dark Matter feat. Cyrus Malachi & Masikah
03. Paintbrush feat. Cyrus Malachi & Masikah
04. Strange Fruit
05. Uphold The Wise feat. Blasphemy & Cyrus Malachi
06. Childhood War
07. Table Of Elements feat. Cyrus Malachi
08. Lost Planet (Remix)
09. Ultramagnetic feat. Nasheron & Jehst
10. Illusions feat. Masikah
11. Soul Windows feat. Cyrus Malachi & Bronze Nazareth
12. Higher Learning feat. Phoenix Da Icefire
13. Hidden Dangers
14. Saffron
15. Dark Matter (Remix) feat. Cyrus Malachi & Masikah
16. Maeth feat. Young Rootz & Nasheron
17. The Journey Home feat. Yasine
18. Soldierz Illrythmics

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Rap, as the spoken word element of Hip Hop culture can be used for many different reasons. Some use it to rock the party, some use it to talk about how “nice” they are and a select few use it to spread knowledge. On 144,000 (originally released in 2008), Melanin 9 has chosen to use this album to tackle the concepts surrounding the aforementioned number – which is a significant number in various religious movements as well as a cycle of time known as Baktun in the Mayan calendar.

The dark but lovely production will draw and hold your attention instantly. The majority of the original cuts are produced by Jon Phonics and the chemistry displayed between emcee and producer are of Guru and Premier proportions. They compliment each other beautifully. One example of the chemistry induced quality on offer here is 'Strange Fruit', where M9 displays an incisive analysis of social commentary with a crisp delivery over paranoid piano stabs spitting lines like:

“Follow me to a place where a face don't smile/There's no hope or youngers on the block running wild/Single parent mothers struggle to support their baby/Their father's either dead or in jail or gone crazy/The media exploits black death with no solution/This is a place where love is just an illusion... the slums”

The bangers continue with the Beat Butcha produced 'Soul Windows' featuring Cyrus Malachi and the Detroit Wiseman, Bronze Nazareth. All three rhymers come correct painting some vivid reality with their words and show that no amount of physical distance matters when minds are aligned. The biggest song on the album has to be 'Higher Learning' which lifts the grim and grimy feel of the album for a moment with shimmering synths and drums that feel like an open palm slap. Both M9 and Phoenix Da Icefire get busy detailing their quest and desire for deeper knowledge while dropping some science of their own.

Ultimately, the perceived weakness of this album is also its greatest strength. Whilst some listeners will see the structure, theme and execution as maybe too dense, wordy or abstract, it is these same elements that will keep diligent heads coming back for more. Those who want their music dumbed down will either need to smarten up or look elsewhere as this is not for you. 144,000 is an album that needs to be digested and dissected in order to be fully appreciated. Those who make the effort to do so will be rewarded with the enjoyment of a great listening and life experience. - Reviewed by Christopher Mitchell

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